HEAR IT: (7.14.10) HARLEM – “Someday Soon” & ” Friendly Ghost” & “Caroline”

14 Jul

HEAR IT: (7.14.10) HARLEM – “Someday Soon”

The Pixies, maybe, I just like the feeling I get when I hear this track. Just spend 2 minutes with it and you’ll be begging to hear it again. Quick drum beats and spectacular hooks.

A tribute to Casper the Friendly Ghost….seriously, just a fun f’n track. “I want to disappear all the time…” we all do.

“Caroline” comes from the Free Drugs 🙂 record. Gives you the sense that were still good before they signed the big Matador deal. 1:50 good…

Just try not to love this band. It’s impossible. Even liking the band…nope, you’ll love em. Trust your friend and give em a try.


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