Band of the Day: (7.13.10) CIVIL CIVIC

13 Jul

BOD: (7.13.10) CIVIL CIVIC

I took myself off the comfortable path of retro 50’s pop, The Pet Sound, beard bands and jumped over back to 2009 where retro minimalist 80’s rock was on the rise. The XX stormed onto the scene, sold out to The Olympics and left our ears searching for animal harmonies. I was searching for today’s BOD and couldn’t help jumping back to 80’s retro rock with clap machines, tight drums and kick ass clean bass riffs. The limited vocals don’t bother me, actually I’ve had them on all morning and I find that I am far more productive without vocals. Hence the long blog posting. Civil Civic bring clean KROQ sounds with limited vocals, but incredibly strong, tight 80’s riffs.

I won’t dump Civil Civic into the 80’s “tryin it again” pile, I will tell you that they’ve reinvented the sound and it makes me feel good. Not everything is derivative of the last and someone can make great music without being accused of being a thief. Here’s to being an innovator. The boys are from The UK, they claim Big Brain Electronica…much agreed

Follow them:

Civil Civic site

“Run Overdrive”/”F*ck Youth”/”Less Unless”

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