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Band of the Day (10.26.11) WATERS

26 Oct

Port O'Brien flooded with WATERS and the sound is magnificent

BOD (10.26.11) WATERS

It’s easy to say that bands these days are derivative. I hear so many people refer to bands as “Sounding like…” or “These guys are so derivative of…” that too easy. Making music isn’t easy and if you’re a talented artist and you do the work, then you shouldn’t have to suffer from comparisons. It’s hard not to, we even showcase our “Sonic Soulmates” because it makes it more palatable for the listener, but I have to admit that it bias the listening experience. You instantly think of the artist referred then the artist playing. The reason for this diatribe is that our BOD WATERS just doesn’t conjure up that easy comparison. Making our job so much easier today. Van Pierszalowski formerly of Port O’Brien, which is no more (so sad), traversed the coasts from Alaska to Oslo back to SF and he’s created more aqually awesome music. You could say that his reverb heavy garage rock sounds are college radio friendly, but I tend lean towards his softer approach that still cranks out troubling guitar riffs and distorted ear piercing sounds. He’s getting all the play and his vocals hover around Yo La Tengo. Grab the new record Out In The Night and make your day with new music.

Hometown: Oslo, Norway; San Francisco, CA; Brooklyn, NY
Members: Van Pierszalowski
Sonic Soulmates™: Yo La Tengo?
“For the One”


Band of the Day (10.20.11) Apparat

20 Oct

Apparat is 2011's Washed Out but Better!

BOD (10.20.11) Apparat

Really there are days, weeks when I just get bored listening to the same old drivel. I try not to remind myself how great it used to be…when one band from one new area from say Toronto, led to a slew of fantastic artists. Wow, that was just last year. Sometimes, I just have to remember that great music isn’t easy to find. I feel like our excavators have exhausted The Swedes, The Canadians, Chicago, San Francisco, the well seemed dried up. But then, I found a this lonely ‘ol lost track from Apparat, dream pop artist who had two records on Shitkatapult now on Mute. His new record The Devil’s Walk is great commute music. Calming dream-pop that conjures up 80’s revivalists like Cocteau or Roxy and then layered in a little James Blake. I feel good about today’s selection and I think you’ll find love in Apparat.

Hometown: Berlin, Germany
Members: Sacha Ring
Sonic Soulmates: Four Tet, Cocteau Twins, Sigur Ros
“Black Water”

Apparat Home

Band of the Day (10.11.11) Library Voices

11 Oct

Don't Be Alarmed, People Still Go to the LIbrary and They Still Whisper

Band of the Day (10.11.11) Library Voices

I still have the urge to post more information about our “Already Profiled” bands that have new records. There are so many, it’s hard to keep up. We can’t forget about the new ones, we really can’t. Today’s band is a Canadian delight. Now that we’re finally over the maple leaf obsession, we get a band from Regina, Saskatchewan, CA dead center of Winnipeg and Calgary. Some of the most beautiful country in the world, but it’s damn cold. The band Bon Iver’d up in a small town of Kronau (population: 209) to record their sophomore record and it’s quite good. The band has not been on the golden road to Oz, their trailers have been robbed, their instruments and studio destroyed in a flood, but the seven piece Reginates are aiming for their own US rocket ship. The record hits next Tuesday and we have a track or two below. Think of the bell clanging female backed Los Campesinos combined with 80’s horn driven favorites like Bruce Hornsby and then sprinkle in some good ‘ol home cooked Canadian bacon like Stars and The Dears and you have Library Voices. Love ’em and you will be hearing them all over soon.

Hometown: Regina, Saskatchewan, CA
Amanda Scandrett – keyboards /vocals
Paul Gutheil – saxophone / vocals
Michael Thievin – drums
Brennan Ross – Guitar /vocals
Carl Johnson – lead vocals
Michael Dawson – keyboards / vocals
Eoin Hickey-Cameron – bass guitar
Sonic Soulmates: Los Campesinos, The Dears, Stars, The Range with Bruce Hornsby
“Generation Handclap”

“Traveller’s Digest”

Follow Them:
Library Voices

Sophomore Strength – Best Second Records of 2011 Must Buy Vinyl List

10 Oct

The Sophomore Strength

Sophomore’s Rule

2011 is shaping up to be the year of second records. Or at least the “Next” record for many of our NBD favorites. Seriously, I think this new age of releasing EPs has helped turn these bands into better album makers. These records are great! Seriously better than we expected. Just download the new Girls record and you’ll hear for yourself. That’s right, albums from our favorite “Already Profiled” bands. Below find the links to these artists and the link to their new records. And yes they are in order of our favorite. Support the bands and their plans! If you click through to a Facebook link, it’s only because we featured those artists on our FB page before we launched the blog.

1. Widowspeak – The new album is here and it’s VERY VERY good. The two tracks on their profile are included on their self-titled record.

“Puritan” – If haven’t been listening then are you okay? Because everyone’s talking about Widowspeak.
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2. GirlsFather, Son, Holy Ghost is so good, I think I’ve listened to it about 1000 times. The bad is maturing and you can hear it in their sound.

“Vomit” – Heard this once and I’ve been listening to it on repeat for months. I hate repeat, but I don’t hate this track.
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3. YuckYuck S/TEverybody has them on their list now. It’s cool. At least we can say we profiled them over 18 months ago. Love these guys because they bring back what I loved so much about The Smashing Pumpkins, dual overlayed guitars and the Sonic Youth obsession. These Canadians may be the lone leftovers of last year’s obsession with the maple leaf. Great band!

“Georgia” – Wow. 90’s rock. Sonic Youth meets The Pumpkins meets Screaming Trees meets flannels and boots.
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4. Balam Acab Wander/Wonder – Alec Koone has been our obsession for some time and this full length is so worth the vinyl.

“Oh Why” – Haunting for your October chill. Just a great track.
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5. CultsCults S/T – These tracks ended up in our inbox about 16 months ago. They were sly and anonymous, but everyone seemed to get the same mail. We called around and everyone said the same thing “Did you hear that track” we were all in shock, and we wanted more. Well we got a record and it is just as good. So good.

“Oh My God” – Yes it’s that good.
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6. Washed OutWithin and Without – Chill summer music, perfect for the beach or a romp under the sheets. So shows the album cover. We loved him back in 2010 and 2011 has been a break-out year for him.

“Amor Fati” – Spacey dreamy track from one of our favorite digs.
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7. Toro Y Moi Underneath The Pine – I’ve spent the better part of 35 years focusing on music and what I like. My tastes are my tastes, but I’ve never been more moved when I heard TYM for the first time. Now he’s three LPs and a few EPs in and his maturity is showing.

“Still Sound” – Another groove from our favorite winter sweater boppin’ fave.'
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8. Nurses – New album Dracula is so friggin good. The Muse and I saw this Portland trio open live at the haunted Brookdale lodge in Santa Cruz for last years NBD #1 artist Tallest Man on Earth. The track is below and it’s good!

“Fever Dreams” – Hard to describe this track. Just listen
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9. Real EstateDays Really one of our favorite finds from 2009 that carried over to 2010 and has stayed with us. The album comes out next week, but we know it will be great.

“Green Aisles” – Can you see the excitement. Well you can at least listen to it.
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