New.Band.Day is:
A new band every day for you to try. We’ll do our best to give you their info, links and a reason to listen.

Your new favorite band is here and we want to share it with you. There’s nothing better than hearing that band for the first time. It’s like love at first site…we here call it “Love at First Sound” if you don’t hear, you’ll never know. We’ll scour the web, magazines, shows, etc, to give you the artists and the tracks. We love music, but we have a very hard time finding places we trust to give us great new bands. So we started our own. I hope you’ll put your trust in us and we promise to only post what we feel is the Best of the Best. NBD is launching a new service. If you know your cities music, then become a Local Music Excavator. Email me to find out how.

Each year we give out The Hummingbird Awards. The definitive list of best new artists and bands each year. See the list of past year winners here.

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NBD Editor – RussE
Global Music Excavator – The Arizona Turk KemalS
Global Music Excavator – Music Muse JessJ
So Florida Music Excavator – MoodVane
Baby Band Leader – TeddieJ

Looking for more Music Excavator’s. If you know your city’s music, then send me an email and you can become an Excavator for NBD.
If you have questions, updates, etc. email us at

2013 Recap:
The 4th Annual Hummmingbirds just finished here is the final list and our best of!
The Best 13 New Bands of 2013: Bill Ryder-Jones
The Best of Lists

2012 Recap:

The 3rd Annual Hummingbirds were completed on 12.28.12. Great year for new music.
Best New Artist: Toy
Editor’s Picks Best Songs, Albums
Arizona Turk’s Picks: Best New Albums and Songs

2011 Recap:

The Second Annual Hummingbirds. 2011 Hummingbird Award Winners 1-13 Best New Bands of the year. Our #1 for 2011 Other Lives
2011 Editors Gems (Top 10 Tracks and Albums)
2011 AZ Turk Gems (Top 10 Tracks, Albums and Artists)

2010 Recap:
Each year we hand out the Hummingbird Award to the Top 20 New Bands of the Year. The First Annual Hummingbirds2010’s Winners and #1 Artist: Tallest Man on Earth
2010 is posted here

Arizona Turks Top 10 Gems (songs)
Arizona Turks Top 10 Gems (albums)
Music Muse Top 20 Gems (songs)
Editor Picks Top 10 Gems (songs)
Editor Picks Top 10 Gems (albums)

8 Responses to “Us”

  1. Tami November 6, 2011 at 5:58 AM #

    hi!! just want to tell you about an Argentinean musician. check it out maybe if you like him you could do a review from his first album!!!!
    you can listen it and download here
    cheers from argentina!!!


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    […] nights. I needed some ambient music, so I scurried through my care package from my good friend The Arizona Turk and noticed the new Eluvium record. Similes is the fifth album from Portland, Oregon ambient […]

  5. Band of the Day (11.1.10) Crocodiles « NewBandDay - November 1, 2010

    […] Love and Rockets and even a little Echo. In 2010 they released Sleep Forever and our good friend Bristian reminded us of our most giant band crush…with two great tracks. Love them like we do. Please […]

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