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Band of the Day: (7.30.10) FUTUREBIRDS

30 Jul Athens is back


Oh Athens, how I have missed your music scene. You’ve pumped out some splendid bands, artists, sounds but where have you been? The B-52s, REM, The 40 Watt Club and UGA were hubs for new sounds. Hibernating perhaps? Well if this is your creation after all those years, I am impressed. FUTUREBIRDS are splendid and unique. In an age of derivative dribble, we get a clever marriage between melodic PET SOUNDS and folky twang. Thank you for waking up and adding to our ARK of sounds in 2010.

The boys and one very attractive lady listed below, as seen on their Facebook, are FUTUREBIRDS

Paytonius Bradford: cognition cap
D WAHLMACK: elevated aquatic jumping device
C W ” Mr. Moccasin” King: grease-stained monkey wrench
“Regulaytah” Thomas Johnson: plays the field
B MAH ! ! ! : THE J.O. BUD
J Holt: halo mission (when she feels like it)
Dahnnis Love: seated pick axe

So it’s an amazing array of instruments played by talented musicians all coming together for one sole cause…great music. The spacey folk is so good and unique, please please listen to “Johnny Utah” it’s sooooo so nice on this hottt summer day.

Hampton’s Lullaby, is available on Autumn Tone records.


“Johnny Utah”

“Dirty D”


Band of the Day: (7.29.10) Frankie Rose and The Outs

29 Jul The hidden secret behind so many indie bands is OUT

BOD: (7.29.10) Frankie Rose and The Outs

If you’re a fan of Vivian Girls, Crystal Stilts and the Dum Dum Girls, then you’re a fan of Frankie Rose. Her stick thumping was and is the driving force behind them. Now, she’s stepping off the stool to get behind the mic to help lead The Outs. Who knew she had these chops? Her voice is airy and reminiscent of the leading ladies of 60s air pop. With one album out and another on the way, the all female quartet of Frankie Rose and The Outs are well on their way to being in…

Listen to “Little Brown Haired Girls” from their upcoming album due out this September. Also, “Thee Only One”, a 7″ released late 2009, explains why Frankie Rose & The Outs deserve the nod to be Band of the Day

“Little Brown Haired Girls”

“Thee Only One”

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Band of the Day: (7.28.10) AMEN DUNES

28 Jul Damon McMahon crushes your soul softly.

BOD: (7.28.10) AMEN DUNES

Damon McMahon a Brooklyn, NY native, may have followed the lead of Bon Iver, but there’s something special here. Much like Iver, he recorded his first record trapped in a Catskill’s cabin. Though I think trapping yourself in the Wisconsin wilderness in the middle of winter is a bit more rugged, we’re not comparing REI membership cards here. McMahon is another virtuoso, in that his sound belongs on some dusty 60’s vinyl recording. Reference The Zombies classic “The Way I Feel Inside” to give yourself the a frame of reference for his sound. It’s clean but isolating. You can almost hear the surrounding nature of his environment. Following yesterday’s romp and stomp soulful Jim Jones Revue, I find Amen Dunes to be a relaxing come down from that crazy evening. May even be the break-up artist of 2010.

Since DIA, Damon has since moved to Beijing and his isolated sounds have expanded a bit. Murder Dull Minds EP was released yesterday and it’s Asian influences are haunting. It’s scary how deep we’ve been asked to enter into Damon’s pain, but he such a fantastic musician you can’t help but listen on to the next track. HEAR “Diane” to see what I’m describing. I stick to my earlier description that this is a timeless piece of music and am thoroughly impressed by Damon’s ability to make his sound both classic and modern. HEAR “Murder Dull Mind” to really get the best of what Amen Dunes can offer. Beautiful track.

Amen Dunes “Murder Dull Mind” This is a great great track.
Amen Dunes “Diane” Haunting sounds from the temple.

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Band of the Day: (7.27.10) THE JIM JONES REVUE

27 Jul


I’ve been waiting two weeks to post the BOD story about The Jim Jones Revue. I swear the first time I heard them I thought someone ripped some vinyl from a 1965 classic that was missed by the masses. I listened again and didn’t hear any popping, I just heard something new that should have been and could have been the best rock/soul record of it’s time. So It’s now time we declare this as the best rock/soul record ever??? I don’t know if we can say that, but seriously, I love it and think you will too. Please be careful if you listen to it on headphones, be prepared for it to hurt your ears.

A little background on the boys from London. The band members JIM JONES : VOCALS / GUITAR, RUPERT ORTON : GUITARS, ELLIOT MORTIMER : PIANO, GAVIN JAY : BASS, NICK JONES : DRUMS claim to be in the punk/blues vain. I really really really beg you to just listen, close your eyes and imagine being in a smokey run down bar a little north of Mobile, AL circa 1964. Really it’s the band of the month for me, blows through all of them. It’s the wailing guitar, coupled with the banging piano and Jim’s screaming and wailing at top octane. Blues guitar, slapping piano and classic 60’s soul. I hope you enjoy them as much as me. If someone gave Little Richard some rage you’d have JJR.

“Cement Mixer” – Dear God, this track will rock you. The build-up is out of this world then it delivers the punch to your gut.


“Hey Hey Hey Hey” – This is their best track. BY FAR!

And if I’d convinced you to love this band…Daytrotter rules…free download of The Jim Jones Revue Session

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Band of the Day (7.26.10) Sisters

26 Jul Brooklyn is still cool, but it's a little cooler b/c of Sisters

BOD: (7.26.10) SISTERS

It’s amazing when two dudes can create so much noise you forget it’s just two people. Remember the first time you heard The White Stripes, you were probably convinced there was a bass player hiding behind Meg. To see rock duos live, you’re simply in ahh of their raw power. I don’t know what it is, but I can tell you that Sisters will be a massively huge band if they get the break. I believe it because it’s more than just noise you hear. It reminds me of Cobain a bit, when you finally got beyond the distortion, you could hear a guy in pain, struggling to get through everyday. Listen to Bleach again and ignore the noise and just listen to what he’s saying and how he says it. He’s in agony and his only catharsis was the stage and his listeners.

I now take you to Sisters, Aaron Pfannnebecker on Vocals, Guitars and Matt Conboy on Drums, Keyboards. They stack up the amps and pile drive their sound similar to early Husker Du and Dinosaur Jr. Malkmusesque. The sound is similar, but for all the noise it’s melodic and I truly believe Aaron has a lot to say. I haven’t met him, but I’d love to dig into it with him. They are labelmates (Narnack) with Iran, Langhorne Slim and Thee Oh Sees. They’re definitely going to break, so be the first to say you rocked it with them. Claim em now!!! I highly suggest listening to The Curse on their MySpace.

Sisters – “Highway Crunch”


The Week in Review (7.24.10)

24 Jul

Everyone drum roll please. Moodvane asked for it and now we’ve got it. THE WEEK IN REVIEW!!!! Take a listen. Thanks for supporting us.

Monday: (7.19.10): PS I Love You – “Facelove” Canada brings us something Paul Saulnier, the PS in PS to rock your day with this spankin’ track
PS I Love You – Facelove

Tuesday: (7.20.10): Bend Sinister – “Jimmy Brown”: Supertramp meets Elton John meets ELO and moves to Canada. Love this happy track.
Bend Sinister – Jimmy Brown

Wednesday (7.21.10): Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno – “Dog WIth A Rope”: Colombian cumbia and dub masters join Will Holland to make summer island favorites
Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno – Dog With A Rope

Thursday (7.22.10): Slow Club – “Giving Up On Love”: Rockin’ little XX/XY Brits bring us smooth summer fun.
Slow Club – Giving Up On Love

Friday (7.23.10): Karkwa – “L’acouphène” Think The Arcade Fire, a splash of Sigur Ros and a sprinkle of Radiohead.
Karkwa – “L’acouphène”

Thank you for listening. Tell us who you think is your favorite band of the week.

Band of the Day (7.23.10) KARKWA

23 Jul French mood rock.

BOD: (7.23.10) KARKWA

It’s Karkwa. Heard of them? No…well it’s okay, they’re a little obscure to us down here in the US of A. I stumbled on them on Sirius this morning.

I feel badly about making Karkwa band of the day being that they are 12 years old. But it’s passionate fans like us that might make that 12 year commitment pay off. Louis-Jean Cormier, François Lafontaine, Martin Lamontagne, Julien Sagot, Stéphane Bergeron have put in the time now give them 3:00 minutes of your precious life. I promise you’ll love it. The band’s name is a phonetic rendering of carquois (French for a quiver of arrows). Oh they’re from Montreal and they sing in French and they just nail that East Coast Canada sound. Think The Arcade Fire, with a splash of Sigur Ros, a dash of Volcano Choir and sprinkle of Radiohead. They’ve evolved over the years, but they just have a nice big b sound with layered vocals, strings, acoustic guitars, pianos…all of it. Don’t be surprised if you see them at a Festival near you. They will be a headliner at Inukshuk. They are once again a favorite to win the Polaris Prize in 2010.

“L’acouphène” MP3

“Marie tu pleures”

“Les Chemins de Verre”

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Band of the Day – (7.22.10) SLOW CLUB

22 Jul Brits XX/XY duo kinda rock

BOD: (7.22.10) SLOW CLUB

Was everyone getting nervous? Listening to innovative songs in Spanish, can be uncomfortable for many, but if you close your eyes, imagine the heat, grab a cold drink and just relax. I bet your Indie rock shell will crack and your ears will thank you. So today I take you back to the comfortable place of XX/XY duos. Acoustic guitars, birds chirping, we’re in love, we break up and now we’re back together. Create a cool band name, buy a drum machine, make t-shirts, get into a SXSW showcase, make the Facebook page and you’re in. Oh but here comes the uncomfortable part….SLOW CLUB actually takes traditional folk Omaha sounds and then rocks with electric guitars. It’s much like what Sleigh Bells did to The XX or The White Stripes did to The Carpenters. Slow Club does to Edward Sharpe. They actually sound better when they rock.

Brits who share lead, King and Queen perhaps? The band is made up of Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor. The band also incorporates crazy percussion instruments, glasses, chairs, etc. Love their dynamic and their ability to bang on the drums, wail a vocal and kick in the guitar. I feel like it’s a perfect Back to School sound. End of Summer, much bigger feel than two people.

“Giving Up On Love”

“Giving Up On Love” MP3

“It Doesn’t Have to Be Beautiful” – Follows a really nice Saddlecreek Folk sound…Tilly and the Wall maybe? Edward Sharpish…

“Our Most Brilliant Friends”

“Christmas TV” – They can also tug at your heartstrings…


Blowin’ Off The Dust

21 Jul

I was blowin’ off the dust on one of my favorite Elvis LPs and noticed something. Anyone ever notice the similarity between the very cool Smith’s tracks “Rusholme Ruffians” and one of the coolest Elvis tracks ever “His Latest Flame” ….compare yourself

Smiths “Rusholme Ruffians”

Elvis “His Latest Flame”

Still these are two very cool songs to add your collection. Gotta love 60’s Hollywood Elvis.


Band of the Day: (7.21.10) – QUANTIC (Will Holland) for today it’s his Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno

21 Jul Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno

BOD: (7.21.10) – QUANTIC (Will Holland) today’s version of Quantic is the Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno

Okay, I hope you’ve realized that NBD is not a one trick pony, a one hit wonder, a comfort zone type of guy. I’ve covered Beard Bands, Animal Bands, the Canadian Indie scene, even ventured into Sweden, Finland and Europe for a short time. Today I was feeling like I skipped my favorite part of the world…South America. I was reminiscing about our trip to Cartegna and Bogota and was missing the weather, the food, the beaches, the people and mostly the music and it’s ability to infuse it’s rich history into it’s modern music. South America has long been a settling point for Europeans and even Americans to lose themselves, but what you’ll find is that the music scene is like a ball of tape, it just rolls around and grabs from those same Euros and Yanks and creates a very unique sound. Most nights are filled with hot, steamy outdoor dance floors being managed by DJs spinning modern tracks overlayed with the cities historical latin roots. Countries like Colombia, who’ve infused it’s rich cultural sound with the sounds of the Caribbean are ripe for the taking when famous sound scientists move-in….Will Holland

Holland is a musician, DJ and record producer from Bewdley, Worcestershire. That’s London dudes. He is known for drawing in elements of salsa, bossa nova, soul, funk, jazz, guitars, pianos, samples and whatever city he’s living in at the time. Holland now resides in Cali, Colombia, a very traditional Colombian city, untarnished by American or European influence. His greatest passion is unearthing lost treasures from Colombia’s musical past and making new music with the array of talent available. Colombia is the perfect home-base to empower his remarkable creativity. Now Holland has started his latest project, Quantic’s latest album, Dog With a Rope, features Colombian musicians playing with a mix of cumbia, reggae, jazz, hip-hop, electric guitars, mambo’s and a smattering of other instruments. The Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno is yet another experimental approach to cross the great genre divide to bring mind-bending new sounds. It’s a summer album like no other. If you haven’t been to Colombia, you’ll be there soon. The album’s bare bones approach is unadultered by DJ bullshit, it’s raw, historic and modern. It’s music infusion that makes you love having two ears. Please listen and enjoy.

“Dog With a Rope”

“Dog With a Rope” MP3

“Dub Y Guaguanco”

IF YOU LOVE IT, listen to the whole album on NPR World Cafe: Quantic World Cafe

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Band of the Day (7.20.10) – BEND SINISTER

20 Jul Vancouver's Very Own Maestros


Seriously, I’m not moving to Canada, I’m not even visiting Canada, but could someone please explain why their music is so darn good? I may move there, hell I might get married there and then throw the biggest frigging festival of music Canada has ever seen. I’m going to invite every band I love from NewBandDay, give away free picks in the shape of a maple leaf and let the good times roll. I’m gonna have it in Banff and call it Inukshuk.Because as the Inukshuk guided the ancients to dry land, so does Canadian music. I am a believer. Every new Canadian band featured on New.Band.Day is invited to the festival and we will now be call them Inukshukian.

It’s time to recognize the band Bend Sinister, formed in 2001 and began playing as many bar shows as they possibly could in their home town of Kelowna, British Columbia. They moved to Vancouver, BC cocooned, shed band members like Mike Magnusson, Kevin Keegan, Dan Goughnour, Dave Buck, Edo Van Breemen, Jon Bunyan (stage name), Naben Ruthnum and released 3LPs and 1EP. Now 2010, Dan Moxon, Jason Dana, Joel Myers, Henry Alcock White and Joseph Blood bring the Nabakov named songmeisters to the forefront.

Their single “Things Will Get Better” is a beautiful twist of ELO, Queen guitar riffs, 70’s Elton John/Billy Joel, a little Phoenix and should be featured in a Charlie Kaufman film. I love it. I’ve attached the five song Spring Romance from the band. Might just be my new favorite band of the month….


“Jimmy Brown” MP3

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Band of the Day: (7.19.10) PS I Love You

19 Jul No I love you more!

BOD: (7.19.10) PS I Love You

The Maple Leaf rises again. Seriously, out of 100+ bands posted, I think 50% of them are from Canada. PS I Love You, from Kingston, Ontario was originally a fun little side project for Paul Saulnier. The PS of PS I Love You. After futzing around for years in Country Rock bands, Paul needed an outlet. PS I Love You recruited Benjamin Nelson in 2006 and hit the ground running with strong guitar riffs, sounds like 2-3 to me, a Casio and quirky tracks that kept the people coming back to the shows. Country rock, coupled with strong guitar riffs and off key but in-tune vocals, make PS I Love You a BOD favorite. Really a great great Indie Rock band. Give them 60 minutes and an a stick of vinyl and they will kick your ass. Sound interestingly similar to early Pumpkin Gish recordings.

Now with a 7″ under their belt, they’re starting to tour outside of the Great White North. Splendid A-side “Facelove” will make you a fan immediately. Look for Meet at the Muster Station coming out in October. Take a listen below:

HEAR “Facelove”

“Facelove” MP3

Just a note. I am going to start combining the tracks in the BOD bios. Tell me if you likey. If not I will go back to the old way.

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HEAR IT: (7.16.10) WASHED OUT: “Feel It All Around” / “New Theory” / “You’ll See It”

16 Jul

“Feel It All Around” – SO SO SO STUPID GOOD

“New Theory” and “You’ll See It”

Well what’d ya think…Was I right…Tell me, I have confidence issues.