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Band of the Day – (7.16.10) WASHED OUT

16 Jul

BOD: (7.16.10) WASHED OUT

It’s so hot today. My face is melting or swelling, maybe it’s post swelling and just melting. My body hurts and my eyes won’t open. I decided to go to the pool, I jumped in, cooled off, then put on my headphones, popped them into my iPhone and put on my “Chill Brotha” playlist. First track, my forgotten band from summer 2009…WASHED OUT. Are you kidding me Ernest Greene, you are amazing. I hit a stride with the cool breeze and I released the last of the summer heat, I clicked that little oval button on the track “Feel it All Around” and had to hear it one more time. My God he’s amazing…he’s Stupid Good. My day is complete, now it’s time for a beer.

In June 2009, Greene moved back home to the rural town of Perry, Georgia to record in his bedroom…nothing like conjuring up the memories of home, by moving back into it. I’m glad mom and dad let him create this time, because I am so satisfied with what he produced. It’s freeing, calming and just plain good. These two EPs were released back in late summer 2009 and he hasn’t released the Mayorship of Chillwave since. For all you Foursquarites, I don’t really care where you check-in or that you’re the mayor of your own house…cynical commentary…sorry.

I know, know, know WASHED OUT will be your new fave…tell me if you like..I like dialogue, I need more friends…so I hear. What…being friends with your girlfriend’s friends isn’t enough…I’m trying to make some new ones, so comment please. Love you all and have a great weekend. Listen to Washed Out…

Hear It:

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HEAR IT: (7.15.10) TELEFON TEL AVIV – “Birds”/ “Fahrenheit Fair Enough” / “TTV” / “Sound In A Dark Room”

15 Jul



“Fahrenheit Fair Enough:


“Sound In A Dark Room”


15 Jul Chicago's finest


I’m not a heavy dance/electro guy. Never really have been, but I enjoy great beats, with touches of nostalgia to my KROQ 80’s days. I’m not afraid to tell you the Phantogram is a great NEW band that you should love, see the Best of 2010…so far. Or having Civil Civic crush it for us this week, I have a diverse music palate, as I think everyone does. That what makes this so fun. There used to 35,000 CDs released in one year, that’s just absurd, now there are more that 100,000 tracks, albums, etc. released annually on the web. It makes it impossible to keep up, but it’s also exciting to know that there is more music available then ever in the history of time. That’s why today’s band is so important. Through the various outlets that I scour daily, I scored when I found Telefon Tel Aviv. I found a jewel and I didn’t want to share it. I kept them to myself for too long. Now they may be no more, but I felt it was time to share.

They formed in their hometown of Chicago, in 1999. Both Charles Cooper and Joshua Eustis had a passion for tape loops, down beat electronica and they formed TTA. With three full LPs and several EP/remixes, the boys found their rhythm in 2009 with the release of Immolate Yourself. It reached #17 on the Billboard Electronic album charts and still today stands as a monumental landmark for any dance album. It inspires my creativity and makes me want to dig deeper into my psyche. When I read the news that Charles Cooper passed away last I was upset. At only 31, it’s a tragic death, for the music world it’s even more devastating. We have to live without…these time capsule from TTA will make you want more, but we’re stuck here at the rise of their incline…a tragic loss but a band more than worthy to be voted Band of the Day on NBD. I hope they become your new favorite band.



Visit their website, but I believe it might be down…

WATCH IT: (7.14.10) HARLEM – Official Video for “Someday Soon”

14 Jul

WATCH IT: (7.14.10) HARLEM – Official Video for “Someday Soon”

Thought I’d add some visuals to the BOD.

HEAR IT: (7.14.10) HARLEM – “Someday Soon” & ” Friendly Ghost” & “Caroline”

14 Jul

HEAR IT: (7.14.10) HARLEM – “Someday Soon”

The Pixies, maybe, I just like the feeling I get when I hear this track. Just spend 2 minutes with it and you’ll be begging to hear it again. Quick drum beats and spectacular hooks.

A tribute to Casper the Friendly Ghost….seriously, just a fun f’n track. “I want to disappear all the time…” we all do.

“Caroline” comes from the Free Drugs 🙂 record. Gives you the sense that were still good before they signed the big Matador deal. 1:50 good…

Just try not to love this band. It’s impossible. Even liking the band…nope, you’ll love em. Trust your friend and give em a try.


Band of the Day: (7.14.10) HARLEM

14 Jul AZ, TX Harlem boys done good

BOD: (7.14.10) HARLEM

Today is a big birthday day for me. My music inspiration turns 30 something and I am in a fantastically ecstatic mood. I wanted to introduce you to happy, kick you in the ass, get out of the house, celebrate summer music…sooooooo it’s Harlem. Just hearing this Austin trio scream and wail…”Whatever happened to me making you happy…” from one co-dependent to another, that’s not a healthy relationship, but I hear it another way…BE F’N HAPPY, go outside and enjoy yourself, don’t kill my happiness. If that’s not the perfect track for my beloved birthday girl, then I don’t know what is. She might be the happiest person on Earth so don’t kill her with your negative garbage…just be happy. This band is for her and you to enjoy. This might just be your next favorite band.

“Someday Soon”
“Friendly Ghost”

“Someday Soon”

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Download the new album Hippies NOW!!!


13 Jul


I really like this song, no exaggerating, this is a great reason to TURN up your device to extra LOUD and the 2:30 blues will go away. The clean 80’s bass line, the tight drum box coupled with big big big electronica sound is remarkable. I love this track.

This track “Less Unless’ is all over the web, download it directly from this player. I like “Run Overdrive” better, but this is a great track.

“F*ck Youth” is a little rougher, but my 2:30am just became 1:00am with the boys. Great representation.

Band of the Day: (7.13.10) CIVIL CIVIC

13 Jul REM wish they were this cool

BOD: (7.13.10) CIVIL CIVIC

I took myself off the comfortable path of retro 50’s pop, The Pet Sound, beard bands and jumped over back to 2009 where retro minimalist 80’s rock was on the rise. The XX stormed onto the scene, sold out to The Olympics and left our ears searching for animal harmonies. I was searching for today’s BOD and couldn’t help jumping back to 80’s retro rock with clap machines, tight drums and kick ass clean bass riffs. The limited vocals don’t bother me, actually I’ve had them on all morning and I find that I am far more productive without vocals. Hence the long blog posting. Civil Civic bring clean KROQ sounds with limited vocals, but incredibly strong, tight 80’s riffs.

I won’t dump Civil Civic into the 80’s “tryin it again” pile, I will tell you that they’ve reinvented the sound and it makes me feel good. Not everything is derivative of the last and someone can make great music without being accused of being a thief. Here’s to being an innovator. The boys are from The UK, they claim Big Brain Electronica…much agreed

Follow them:

Civil Civic site

“Run Overdrive”/”F*ck Youth”/”Less Unless”


12 Jul


If this isn’t a reason to love this band then nothing is…I love this song, probably because I am a sucker for the dirty/raw recordings of dudes harmonizing with acoustic guitars. Nothing exposes you more as a band, then to perform on the steps of a strip mall in Paris.

Easy, cool and a great band.


12 Jul

Watch it: (7.12.10) CHIEF – “YOUR DIRECTION”
Nice 50’s visuals remind me of my mom, I guess that nostalgia is what draws me to this song/video. The harmonies, CSN&Y style are nice, it’s not the most advanced track, it’s a good buddy song and I’d imagine they probably kick ass with it live.


12 Jul

HEAR IT: (7.12.10)

Following the lead of Fleet Foxes, these dazzling harmonies, coupled with their new breed of So-Cal twang, makes this track very alluring. You can hear their NYU upbringing here, as they stumble a little bit of the Strokes in the middle. Love the Southern rock, bred in NY, delivered with So-Cal coolness. Really a great track and a great band.


Band of the Day: (7.12.10) CHIEF

12 Jul So. Cal Americana

BOD: (7.12.10) CHIEF

Santa Monica boys bring So-Cal Americana to the fold. I first heard them on World Cafe awhile back and they were truly an amazing band. They’re not, “trying to be” from So-Cal, they really are a twang heavy band. I like that about them, Evan Koga, Mike Moonves, Danny and Michael Fujikawa, bring sweet sounds on their debut EP called Night and Day . Their full-length will be out sometime in mid-August, but I suggest picking up the EP to get you started.

Watch “Your Direction”

Find them:

Pick-up the EP on Insound

WATCH IT: (7.9.10) THE JAMESES – Live @ Propaganda

9 Jul

WATCH IT: (7.9.10) THE JAMESES – Live @ Propaganda

Propaganda is the hot spot for So. Florida bands, GingerMan has been kind enough to commit his evenings to posting great music from this spot, etc. Sweet Bronco, my favorite So. Florida band has been a fan favorite of his, and now I stumble on The Jameses. Great track, and the trio, visually, not too bad. The green lit glasses, not so cool, but the rest of it works. They’re a rock band and they will be big.