Band of the Day: (7.12.10) CHIEF

12 Jul

BOD: (7.12.10) CHIEF

Santa Monica boys bring So-Cal Americana to the fold. I first heard them on World Cafe awhile back and they were truly an amazing band. They’re not, “trying to be” from So-Cal, they really are a twang heavy band. I like that about them, Evan Koga, Mike Moonves, Danny and Michael Fujikawa, bring sweet sounds on their debut EP called Night and Day . Their full-length will be out sometime in mid-August, but I suggest picking up the EP to get you started.

Watch “Your Direction”

Find them:

Pick-up the EP on Insound

One Response to “Band of the Day: (7.12.10) CHIEF”

  1. Jess July 12, 2010 at 5:09 PM #

    I like these guys.
    Easy listening.

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