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Music Muse Picks Top 20 Gems (Songs) of 2010

31 Dec

The Muse de Musica's Top 20 Gems (songs)

Music Muse Picks Top 20 Gems (Songs) of 2010

Just in the nick of time, Music Muse sent us her favorite Top 20 songs from 2010. She’s been our inspiration all year long and she’s been reading and following since Day One! We love her and we love her picks.

Top 20 Tracks of 2010

20. Miniature Tigers – “Goldskull”

19. The Mynabirds – “Let the Record Go”

18. Tennis – “Marathon”

17. Cocoon – “Hummingbird”

16. Lost in the Trees – “A Walk Around the Lake”

15. Ferraby Lionheart – “Harry and Bess”

14. PS I love You – “Facelove”

13. Breathe Owl Breathe – Swimming

12. Adam Kesher – Hour of the Wolf

11. The Fresh & Onlys – Waterfall

10. Foreign Born – Early Warnings

9. Chief – In the Valley

8. Slow club – Giving Up on Love

7. Harlem – Someday Soon

6. The Tallest Man on Earth – King of Spain

5. Morning Benders – Excuses

4. Real Estate – Beach Comber

3. Chappo – Come Home

2. Dark Dark Dark – In Your Dreams

1. Efterklang – Modern Drift

I know these are too mainstream for NBD, but these were two of my favorite tracks of 2010:
Broken Social Scene – “Ungrateful Little Father”

Black Keys – “Everlasting Light” – Umm this was a VERY IMPORTANT Song for us in 2010

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All the Hummingbirds


12 Jul


If this isn’t a reason to love this band then nothing is…I love this song, probably because I am a sucker for the dirty/raw recordings of dudes harmonizing with acoustic guitars. Nothing exposes you more as a band, then to perform on the steps of a strip mall in Paris.

Easy, cool and a great band.


12 Jul

Watch it: (7.12.10) CHIEF – “YOUR DIRECTION”
Nice 50’s visuals remind me of my mom, I guess that nostalgia is what draws me to this song/video. The harmonies, CSN&Y style are nice, it’s not the most advanced track, it’s a good buddy song and I’d imagine they probably kick ass with it live.


12 Jul

HEAR IT: (7.12.10)

Following the lead of Fleet Foxes, these dazzling harmonies, coupled with their new breed of So-Cal twang, makes this track very alluring. You can hear their NYU upbringing here, as they stumble a little bit of the Strokes in the middle. Love the Southern rock, bred in NY, delivered with So-Cal coolness. Really a great track and a great band.


Band of the Day: (7.12.10) CHIEF

12 Jul So. Cal Americana

BOD: (7.12.10) CHIEF

Santa Monica boys bring So-Cal Americana to the fold. I first heard them on World Cafe awhile back and they were truly an amazing band. They’re not, “trying to be” from So-Cal, they really are a twang heavy band. I like that about them, Evan Koga, Mike Moonves, Danny and Michael Fujikawa, bring sweet sounds on their debut EP called Night and Day . Their full-length will be out sometime in mid-August, but I suggest picking up the EP to get you started.

Watch “Your Direction”

Find them:

Pick-up the EP on Insound