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Band of the Day (9.30.11) Megafaun

30 Sep

Beards were grown, hearts were broken and Megafaun went on Tour

Band of the Day (9.30.11) Megafaun

What do you want me to say, “I’m sorry” or make up some horrible excuse. I’ve been busy and the music just kind of sucks. I have a post coming later today that will explain it all. I truly found a band that you’ll love, trust is key here. Megafaun is 70’s smoke rock, from the open fields of Durham, NC. When I hear the clean slide guitar riffs, I think of The Byrds and possibly even Fleet Foxes but with an electronic edge. There is an association with Justin Vernon of Bon Iver here. He too was from Durham, but moved to Wisconsin to live in a cabin and write a sad successful record. The rest of the boys stayed in Durham, grew beards, hearts were broken, lyrics were written and vans were filled with chips, beer and guitars. I love Southern harmonies, but these brothers are inventive with their sound. Love em and I know you will too.

Hometown: Durham, NC
Members: Phil Cook, Brad Cook, and Joe Westerlund
Sonic Soulmates: The Byrds, Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, Whiskeytown, Wilco
“Real Slow”

“These Words”


Band of the Day (10.18.10) The Phantom Band

18 Oct

Band of the Day (10.18.10) The Phantom Band

I spent the weekend sifting through mounds and mounds of MP3’s from some of my finer friends and labels. Arizona Turk sent me some good stuff but the best of the bunch is The Phantom Band. The best news is that their LP comes out today in the UK. I have a few tracks for my loyal NBDers to hear. So jump ahead if you can’t wait. A little background on these Glasgow dudes. Together since 2006ish, in other interestingly named bands like Robert Redford, these boys concocted a style that is pure. They’ve released an album, several singles and after 18 months, fans can breathe a sigh of relief, the new album The Wants is here….today! They sound like a nitrous oxide induced Fleet Foxes, with a flare for The National and a whole hell of a lot of the 80’s Ian McCulloch. They will not fall into the bin of failed UK bands in the US. They will succeed. Give them a ride and I guarantee you’ll love the new album.


Our 2 Favorite tracks. UPDATE!!! A third track added

“The None of One”

“A Glamour”

Duncan Marquiss (guitar)
Gerry Hart (bass)
Andy Wake (keyboards)
Rick Anthony (vocals)
Damien Tonner (drums)
Greg Sinclair (née Yale, guitars)


Band of the Day (9.17.10) Gamble House

17 Sep You will never forget them

BOD (9.17.10) Gamble House

Grizzly Bear sonic twins, Gamble House, hail from the heart of Silverlake, CA. Yeah it took Ben Becker’s stint at NYU to create this masterpiece, but the move to LA solidified them as true rock stars. They are rockers at heart, with clean guitars, classic vocals that rival Animal Collective, Fleet Foxes and Grizzly Bear. I am fan, because they are classically California and they maintain their own sound. Yeah they have The Pet Sound, but they pull at your heartstring in a way you don’t get from the other PSers. Ben Becker, Keith Karman, Ben Cassorla and Brian Mclaughlin make up the sound of Gamble House. They deserve to be signed and they deserve the accolades. Listen to “Bonny Doon” only because the song is beautiful and I love that part of the Santa Cruz Mountains. It’s up there by Boulder Creek and if you have time see a show at The Brookdale. It’s very memorable. See them on tour with Rogue Wave and get these dudes a label deal, they deserve it!!!

“Bonny Doon”

Download –> Gamble House – “Bonny Doon”

“Rising Tides”

Download –> Gamble House – “Rising Tides”



12 Jul

HEAR IT: (7.12.10)

Following the lead of Fleet Foxes, these dazzling harmonies, coupled with their new breed of So-Cal twang, makes this track very alluring. You can hear their NYU upbringing here, as they stumble a little bit of the Strokes in the middle. Love the Southern rock, bred in NY, delivered with So-Cal coolness. Really a great track and a great band.