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Band of the Day (11.23.10) Cocoon

23 Nov

BOD (11.23.10) Cocoon

Cocoon is a French pop folk duo made up of Mark Daumail and Morgane Imbeaud. Clermont-Ferrand is their hometown but I’ve found that Panda Mountain seems to be their hometown of choice. Neither Chinese nor of Panda origin, Cocoon has a fantastic sound. They’re not new to the “famous band” thing, they were huge success in My Friends all Died in a Plane Crash
, so their following is massive. I don’t claim to be the first to find this band, but I do claim a love for their XX/XY sound. Their sound is clean acoustic guitars with back and forth love jockeying. They claim a desire to be a duo like White Stripes, but I can’t help but compare them to the great bands on Arts & Crafts like Stars or even Joy Zipper from 2006, The Submarines and the brilliance of Michael Penn with Aimee Mann duets will make you go back and download their entire catalog. But come one, really, they sound amazingly similar to Swell Season. We love their sound and I want to be the first to say it’s Time to Make Them Your New Favorite Band”

“Hummingbird” – Joy Zipper with an upbeat sound.

“Mother” – Paul Simon? Great moving sound. Jose Gonzalez and Avett Brothers? Lovely song…still not convinced…well it’s the French Swell Season.

MP3 – Cocoon – “Mother”


Band of the Day (11.22.10) Memoryhouse

22 Nov

BOD (11.22.10) Memoryhouse

With the success of Florence and The Machine, there will be a slew of new female led, drama queens hitting the scene. Unfortunately, every single one will be compared to the “Oh I wish I was Siouxsie Sioux” vocals standards. I think our team at NBD has profiled at least 60 bands that I would consider far more inventive and stylish to that of Florence. Today is definitely one of those days.

Memoryhouse is so good, she actually gave me chills the first time I listened. I love The xx for one reason, it’s that simple solo guitar that intros Romy Madley Croft’s vocals. I find that so alluring and it really draws the emotion of the vocals. Memoryhouse is Guelph, Ontario’s Evan Abeele, classically trained and Denise Nouvion’s photographic mind, melded together to form a soulful Beach House/My Bloody Valentine. They don’t conjure sadness, but rather a sense of passion. They make me want to create. Their simple electronic drum beats never seem Yacht-like, or campy, they are better than The xx and I think you’ll find their music a great accompaniment to the blustery winter weather. Denise’s voice will warm your heart as your bearing the snowy winter doldrums. I think we’ll add them to the mainstage of our Inukshuk Festival

“Sleep Patterns” – Simple guitars, electronic drum beats and Denise’s beautiful vocals.

“To The Lighthouse” – My favorite song off the EP and I really think it will make our 2010 Top 10…lovely tracks.

Memoryhouse “To the Lighthouse”

MemoryHouse Blog

Band of the Day (11.16.10) Games

16 Nov

BOD: Games

Avalanches meet trip-hop chill. Don’t you miss Avalanches? It was a publishers nightmare, but they were fantastic. Games are the Brooklyn Duo Daniel Lopatin and childhood friend Joel Ford getting their love from Stereogum and the BloggerBoys. Two tracks have been posted since September, both are below. That We Can Play, is an EP layered in purple juiced, slowed down R&B jams. Great work music and good good stuff for a bleary Friday afternoon. Tears for Fears or anything Richard Blade played on KROQ in LA would fit right into the same genre as Games. Second track is from their new EP, first one is not, but I love it more.

“Everything is Working” – Love this most.

MP3 – Games – “Everything Is Working”

“Shadow in Bloom” – 80’s Tears for Fearish track…

MP3 Games – “Shadows In Bloom”

Band of the Day (11.15.10) MNDR

15 Nov Photo by Bek Andersen

BOD (11.15.10) MNDR

So the holiday is over and life has changed for New.Band.Day. A new XX/XY duo was officially wed in Kansas and life has never been better. So with that we celebrate another fantastic XX/XY duo MNDR, pronounced Mander. Forming in 2009, Amanda Warner and Peter Wade have two EPs under their belt and hopefully a full length on the way. Warner is a fellow Bay Area resident, having moved to NY to get her music career on the right trajectory. Hey we might be the only MUSIC BLOG based in Berkeley, but we know where bands break.

They’ve toured with Yacht and Deerhoof and now with Chromeo. With a resume like that, you’d think MNDR would have a gigantic following or at least a full length. Never-the-less, MNDR’s Warner sounds like Berlin backed with the most minimalistic of electro-clash sounds. She may sound like Santigold, she has a trajectory not supported by MIA, but rather Mark Ronson and the entire Bay Area and New York. We love the sound and we want MNDR to be your new favorite band.

“I Go Away”

Download –> MNDR – “I Go Away”

“Fade to Black”

MNDR site Grab a free MP3 here too

Band of the Day (11.8.10) Lakes

8 Nov

BOD (11.8.10) Lakes

Lakes of San Luis Obispo are great. The new record “The Agreement” is nothing more than a good old fashioned love record. Sometimes I get exhausted listening to music that drains my emotions. I need a feel good record and Lake’s completely delivered. Today I’ll call this band cool, but I promise they will get so big, we will all look back on this post and say “Remember when Lakes was a cool Indie band from San Luis Obispo?” Or maybe not. The record is strong with several “playlist” love tracks that your girlfriend will surely appreciate. The lyrics are clever and the music is good. I think you’ll all agree that what makes a GOOD band is great songwriting and a set of pipes. Where Lakes excel is where most local bands fall flat on their face. Seth Roberts can sing and the tracks are great. Take a listen.

“Loose Fix” – Not the pop driven single but a good The Alarm type track. Who didn’t love The Alarm!?!

“Broadlyn” – The single…again, this band will be MASSIVE, so enjoy their Indie status now. This track is poppy….

“The Heart is an Anchor” – A little DCFC sounding.

Lakes Band Site

Seth Roberts
Jeremy Wells
Justin Sears
Jacob Wick
Matthew Covington

Band of the Day (11.4.10) Pomegranates

4 Nov

BOD (11.4.10) Pomegranates

Fuzzy surf rock is the best description I have for our band of the day, Pomegranates. Cincinnati, Ohio is home to this fab four, not a huge coastal city, so the surf is only because the other self-proclaimed non-surfers Surfer Blood sound very similar to the Poms. The best part of the Poms is that as you dig deeper into their new album One of Us, you start to hear a deep brit-rock influence. Maybe a little Blur, the searing guitar riffs of early Oasis and even a tab bit of Boy U2 bass lines. They remind me a lot of our early 2010 fan fave The Radio Dept. Not as synthy, more guitars but very similar track structure with again…more guitars. Great guitar work on this record. Thank you Arizona Turk and glad to hear the baby is home safe.


“One of Us” – Spacey, shoe-gaze love track. Might be my fave. A little U2 bass line

The boys did another Daytrotter session…haven’t been to Daytrotter yet? Why? Well go now

Joey Cook: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Isaac Karns: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Jacob Merritt: Drums
Daniel Lyon:Vocals, Guitars


Band of the Day (11.3.10) Bankrobber

3 Nov

BOD: (11.3.10) Bankrobber

It’s not a coincidence that Victoria’s Bankrobber shares the band name with The Clash’s famous track of the same name. The band shares the same diversity of sound and a sonic similarity with its vocals. Bankrobber has stumbled on a sound that is a step ahead of Vampire Weekend. I’ve only heard their BandCamp EP and I think these guys are the real deal. They may need to work on their harmonies a bit, but overall their songwriting is good, the arrangements are GREAT and the music has massive appeal. I love when they get folksy and add the reggae kick. Listen to their folk flavor, with banjos. Bankrobber is Blank, or just Jordan Minkoff if you want to go with the birth name. The five song EP MidJuly is available here.

“May 11th” – Try not to tap your toe.

Download —> Bankrobber – “May 11th”

“Tripe” – Clash as Clash gets…love it though! Put Vampire Weekend and Clash in the studio and this is what you get!

Download —>Bankrobber – “Tripe”


Band of the Day (11.2.10) Moto Boy

2 Nov

BOD (11.2.10) Motoboy

Moto Boy is Oskar Humlebo from the coastal town of Malm√∂, Sweden. He’s a “Swedish ice cream loving francophile musician with the ability to grow goosebumps on your body with my voice, melodies and romantic arrangements.” His voice is marvelous and it reminds me of Jeff Buckley a sprinkle of Rufus Wainwright and a splash of Wild Beasts. Not as bombastic as WB, but clearly in a league all by himself with the voice. If you want your heart ripped out and gently placed back into your chest, then Oskar is your man. His arrangements are sophisticated and heart-wrenching without taking away from his pop appeal. I find Moto Boy to be the high-brow choice for artist of the year. Thank you to our Nordic Music Excavator Bristian for uncovering this masterpiece.

“When My Heart is High” – Clearly the most POP worthy track from his new album Lost In The Call

Download –>08 When My Heart Was High

“Nite Time is My Time” – With songwriting like this, you’d never guess that English is a second language.

Download —>Motoboy – “Nite Time Is My Time”

“The Heart is a Rebel” – This is the song that will make him famous and it sounds like a guitar driven Keane

Download —> Moto Boy – “The Heart Is A Rebel”


Band of the Day (11.1.10) Crocodiles

1 Nov

Band of the Day (11.1.10) Crocodiles

Okay, I’m writing this and watching Brian Wilson win the city of San Francisco their first baseball championship. Quite a night for our city. We felt it appropriate to focus on a band from a city that gave the Giants the NL West, Crocodiles of San Diego. 2008-09’s meteoric rise of the “Neon Jesus” single catapulted Charles Rowell and Brandon Welchez to almost-fame. They’re still on a tear with a sound that is a tribute to the early 80’s indie rock/electronic of Jesus and the Mary Chain, Love and Rockets and even a little Echo. In 2010 they released Sleep Forever and our good friend Bristian reminded us of our most giant band crush…with two great tracks. Love them like we do. Please let us when you get back on tour, hope everything is okay guys.

“I Wanna Kill” – Love and Rockets garage synth sound.

Download —>>>>Crocodiles – I Wanna Kill

“Sleep Forever” – Jesus and the Marypranksters…love this TRACK SO MUCH!!!!

Download —>>>Crocodiles – “Sleep Forever”