Band of the Day (11.8.10) Lakes

8 Nov

BOD (11.8.10) Lakes

Lakes of San Luis Obispo are great. The new record “The Agreement” is nothing more than a good old fashioned love record. Sometimes I get exhausted listening to music that drains my emotions. I need a feel good record and Lake’s completely delivered. Today I’ll call this band cool, but I promise they will get so big, we will all look back on this post and say “Remember when Lakes was a cool Indie band from San Luis Obispo?” Or maybe not. The record is strong with several “playlist” love tracks that your girlfriend will surely appreciate. The lyrics are clever and the music is good. I think you’ll all agree that what makes a GOOD band is great songwriting and a set of pipes. Where Lakes excel is where most local bands fall flat on their face. Seth Roberts can sing and the tracks are great. Take a listen.

“Loose Fix” – Not the pop driven single but a good The Alarm type track. Who didn’t love The Alarm!?!

“Broadlyn” – The single…again, this band will be MASSIVE, so enjoy their Indie status now. This track is poppy….

“The Heart is an Anchor” – A little DCFC sounding.

Lakes Band Site

Seth Roberts
Jeremy Wells
Justin Sears
Jacob Wick
Matthew Covington

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