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Best New Bands of 2010 Hummingbird Award: #3 The Radio Dept.

27 Dec

The Radio Dept. Will be the biggest band from 2010

Best New Bands of 2010 Hummingbird Award: #3 The Radio Dept.

They were our favorite band of 2010 mid-year. We anointed them perfect because their album was and still is perfect. It is our album of the year, but they were surpassed. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t worthy of our #1. The band was a pure concept in 1995, named after a gas station in Lund, Sweden, they disbanded soon after, then in 2009, they reformed with new members and became pure perfection. With an ode to the synth modern wave rock of the 80’s with bands like The Pet Shop Boys or The Cure, their music is tightly arranged allowing for airy simplicity in the synth. It isn’t sad or morose like the My Bloody Valentines, but relaxing and fun like The Pet Shop Boys. So sad they’re not #1, but there are two bands that just did it better in 2010. We love The Radio Dept. and we know they will be one of the 2010 alums that will be BIG BIG BIG!!!

Hometown: Malmö / Stockholm, SE
Band Members: Daniel Tjäder – Keyboards, Martin Carlberg- Guitar, Johan Duncanson – Guitar and vocals
Sonic Soulmates: The Pet Shop Boys, The Cure, My Bloody Valentine
Tracks of the Year:
“Heavens on Fire” – My favorite new song since 2000.

“Domestic Scene” – Best opening track to an album since “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

Their Mid-Year Hummingbird Championship: Best of 2010..So Far

Band Site

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Hummingbird Award #3: The Radio Dept.

Band of the Day (11.22.10) Memoryhouse

22 Nov

BOD (11.22.10) Memoryhouse

With the success of Florence and The Machine, there will be a slew of new female led, drama queens hitting the scene. Unfortunately, every single one will be compared to the “Oh I wish I was Siouxsie Sioux” vocals standards. I think our team at NBD has profiled at least 60 bands that I would consider far more inventive and stylish to that of Florence. Today is definitely one of those days.

Memoryhouse is so good, she actually gave me chills the first time I listened. I love The xx for one reason, it’s that simple solo guitar that intros Romy Madley Croft’s vocals. I find that so alluring and it really draws the emotion of the vocals. Memoryhouse is Guelph, Ontario’s Evan Abeele, classically trained and Denise Nouvion’s photographic mind, melded together to form a soulful Beach House/My Bloody Valentine. They don’t conjure sadness, but rather a sense of passion. They make me want to create. Their simple electronic drum beats never seem Yacht-like, or campy, they are better than The xx and I think you’ll find their music a great accompaniment to the blustery winter weather. Denise’s voice will warm your heart as your bearing the snowy winter doldrums. I think we’ll add them to the mainstage of our Inukshuk Festival

“Sleep Patterns” – Simple guitars, electronic drum beats and Denise’s beautiful vocals.

“To The Lighthouse” – My favorite song off the EP and I really think it will make our 2010 Top 10…lovely tracks.

Memoryhouse “To the Lighthouse”

MemoryHouse Blog

Band of the Day (11.1.10) Crocodiles

1 Nov

Band of the Day (11.1.10) Crocodiles

Okay, I’m writing this and watching Brian Wilson win the city of San Francisco their first baseball championship. Quite a night for our city. We felt it appropriate to focus on a band from a city that gave the Giants the NL West, Crocodiles of San Diego. 2008-09’s meteoric rise of the “Neon Jesus” single catapulted Charles Rowell and Brandon Welchez to almost-fame. They’re still on a tear with a sound that is a tribute to the early 80’s indie rock/electronic of Jesus and the Mary Chain, Love and Rockets and even a little Echo. In 2010 they released Sleep Forever and our good friend Bristian reminded us of our most giant band crush…with two great tracks. Love them like we do. Please let us when you get back on tour, hope everything is okay guys.

“I Wanna Kill” – Love and Rockets garage synth sound.

Download —>>>>Crocodiles – I Wanna Kill

“Sleep Forever” – Jesus and the Marypranksters…love this TRACK SO MUCH!!!!

Download —>>>Crocodiles – “Sleep Forever”


Band of Day (10.27.10) Foals

27 Oct

Band of the Day (10.27.10) Foals

I don’t care, I know they’re not a new band and I know that every blog in the world is talking about Foals, but my level of care is at 0. I love Total Life Forever and I hope that A). you already do or B). you will after this post. Frankly, I’ve been listening since 2008 and to the current album non-stop on BART and I’m feeling like this album could be the Best Album of 2010.

We here at New.Band.Day have been in the music industry for a long, long time and when one of the your colleagues is taken away from this Earth at an early age, you can’t help but embrace life a little harder. It makes us even more grateful that we can listen to great music…all because of those hard working people. Foals is a SubPop band and when I heard the news that our good friend Andy Kotowicz, a staple at the label, was killed, I was devastated. It was only because of Andy that Foals has been a passion of mine.

So today’s post is a tribute to our good friend and lost soldier of great music…Andy. For more information on how to help Andy’s family, please go here.

If you don’t know Foals, here is the DNA….
Band: Yannis Philippakis (Vocals, Guitar, Live Drums), Jack Bevan (Drums), Jimmy Smith (Guitar), Edwin Congreave (Keyboard, Backing Vocals), Walter Gervers (Bass, Backing Vocals)
From: Oxford, England
Albums: 2010 Total Life Forever // 2008 Antidotes Mercury Prize nominated
Origins: 2004 Oxford, The Edmund Fitzgerald // Youthmovies
Sound-like: A fusion of Fleet Foxes and Bloc Party but add a little Catherine Wheel and Battles.

“This Orient”

“Spanish Sahara” -The build-up pays off @ 4:15

Official Foals

Updates:NEW EP The Tallest Man on Earth

19 Oct

So you know we love Kristian Matsson and we’ve followed the trajectory of his career. In 2010, he’s taken off and we couldn’t be happier. Us NBDers who’ve been following the Band of the Days since the beginning know the brilliance of The Tallest Man on Earth. We even voted him the #2 band for the first half of 2010. Well a few weeks back, he released his newest EP — Sometimes the Blues is Just a Passing Bird on iTunes. A few tracks you already know, but a few brand new ones…they’re posted below for you to hear. Also posted a bonus track for you to enjoy.

“The Dreamer”

“Little River”

“Tangle in This Trampled Wheat”


Band of the Day (10.5.10) Miniature Tigers

5 Oct

BOD (10.5.10) Miniature Tigers

Brooklyn indie pop rock, dabbed with a little Supergrass are what make Miniature Tigers great. So they made the trek to the big slope from Phoenix, but it was worth it. You all are probably snickering saying, “Dude Miniature Tigers were so Band of the Day in 2006.” Possibly, and yest CMJ did award them the top crown in 2008, but it’s Fortress that will define this band. Tell it To the Volcano was a fine record for these boys, but they released it smack dab in the in The Vampire Weekend years and they got lumped into that genre. It’s this latest record that makes them special and worthy of the daily jeweled crown. Miniature Tigers have perfected that Brit Rock Supergrass sound and they’ll make it bigger than Supergrass did. Those poor guys released fantastic records every year, and the US just ignored them…

“Goldskull” – You’ve heard this single by now and it’s fantastic. WIll make the NBD Top 10. It’s GREAT!

Download –>Miniature Tigers – “Goldskull”

“Egyptian Rose” – The second best track on the album, showing their love for 90’s Brit Indie rock…piano in tow!

The band is made up of frontman-guitarist Charlie Brand, Rick Schaier on drums and vocals, Algernon Quashie on guitar, keyboard and vocals, and Alex Gerber on bass and vocals.


Band of the Day (8.17.10) The Acorn

17 Aug Canada owns it again. This time with the best new music to date

BOD (8.17.10)

The Acorn are one band that never leave my daily playlist since 2007. I’ve refused to share my favorite band, because sometimes I just want to keep things a secret. Well it wasn’t until this last weekend where I read this amazing review of The Acorn that I realized, I’m doing myself more harm than good by not sharing it with you. So here they are, the best new band of 2008, June & July & August. I won’t give them September yet.

The Acorn formed in Ottawa back in 2003, but 2007 was the first album that launched them to the forefront. They’re ambitious, mysterious and troubled. They’re soft pattering sounds, couple multiple acoustic guitars, brush drums and Rolf Klausener dented childhood. His mother, as profiled in their first album Glory Hope Mountain, barely survived birth, ran away from an abusive father and emigrated to Canada from Honduras.

Their newest album No Ghost is yet another gem. They recorded the album in a tiny little cottage in Ottawa, where they isolated themselves from the daily noise. The result is beautiful. They’ve embraced their Indie folk bones and the result is a cross between Travis, good U2, Vampire Weekend, Fleet Foxes layered with David Byrne vocals. My favorite track is “No Ghost” hear below.

They too will be on the NBD Inukshuk Festival line-up and yes they will be added to The Best New Bands of 2010…so far list.

“No Ghost” – Title track from the new record. See above for the sonic similarities

“Flood Pt. 1” – From their debut album and a beauty of a track.

The band as profiled on MySpace:
Rolf Klausener: chirp
Jeff Debutte: neigh
T. Jeffrey Malecki : caw
Pat Johnson: cackle
Steven Lappano: bleat

Follow The Acorn:


Band of the Day: (7.27.10) THE JIM JONES REVUE

27 Jul


I’ve been waiting two weeks to post the BOD story about The Jim Jones Revue. I swear the first time I heard them I thought someone ripped some vinyl from a 1965 classic that was missed by the masses. I listened again and didn’t hear any popping, I just heard something new that should have been and could have been the best rock/soul record of it’s time. So It’s now time we declare this as the best rock/soul record ever??? I don’t know if we can say that, but seriously, I love it and think you will too. Please be careful if you listen to it on headphones, be prepared for it to hurt your ears.

A little background on the boys from London. The band members JIM JONES : VOCALS / GUITAR, RUPERT ORTON : GUITARS, ELLIOT MORTIMER : PIANO, GAVIN JAY : BASS, NICK JONES : DRUMS claim to be in the punk/blues vain. I really really really beg you to just listen, close your eyes and imagine being in a smokey run down bar a little north of Mobile, AL circa 1964. Really it’s the band of the month for me, blows through all of them. It’s the wailing guitar, coupled with the banging piano and Jim’s screaming and wailing at top octane. Blues guitar, slapping piano and classic 60’s soul. I hope you enjoy them as much as me. If someone gave Little Richard some rage you’d have JJR.

“Cement Mixer” – Dear God, this track will rock you. The build-up is out of this world then it delivers the punch to your gut.


“Hey Hey Hey Hey” – This is their best track. BY FAR!

And if I’d convinced you to love this band…Daytrotter rules…free download of The Jim Jones Revue Session

Follow JJR on:

Band of the Day – (7.16.10) WASHED OUT

16 Jul

BOD: (7.16.10) WASHED OUT

It’s so hot today. My face is melting or swelling, maybe it’s post swelling and just melting. My body hurts and my eyes won’t open. I decided to go to the pool, I jumped in, cooled off, then put on my headphones, popped them into my iPhone and put on my “Chill Brotha” playlist. First track, my forgotten band from summer 2009…WASHED OUT. Are you kidding me Ernest Greene, you are amazing. I hit a stride with the cool breeze and I released the last of the summer heat, I clicked that little oval button on the track “Feel it All Around” and had to hear it one more time. My God he’s amazing…he’s Stupid Good. My day is complete, now it’s time for a beer.

In June 2009, Greene moved back home to the rural town of Perry, Georgia to record in his bedroom…nothing like conjuring up the memories of home, by moving back into it. I’m glad mom and dad let him create this time, because I am so satisfied with what he produced. It’s freeing, calming and just plain good. These two EPs were released back in late summer 2009 and he hasn’t released the Mayorship of Chillwave since. For all you Foursquarites, I don’t really care where you check-in or that you’re the mayor of your own house…cynical commentary…sorry.

I know, know, know WASHED OUT will be your new fave…tell me if you like..I like dialogue, I need more friends…so I hear. What…being friends with your girlfriend’s friends isn’t enough…I’m trying to make some new ones, so comment please. Love you all and have a great weekend. Listen to Washed Out…

Hear It:

Follow Washed Out on:
Washed Out Website

Best of 2010…So Far

30 Jun

June 1st marked the mid-year for 2010. We compiled our favorite bands from the past 6 months and posted them on our original Twitter and Facebook profiles. Now we’ll recap them here for your enjoyment.

10. Sleepy Sun BOD: (3.25.10) SLEEPY SUN –> SXSW’s darlings in 2010, SF via Santa Cruz dream core brings me my new favorite band.

9. Morning Benders BOD: (3.13.10) –> Berkeley residents, bring big indie sound to the SF scene.

8. Toro Y Moi BOD: (5.26.10) TORO Y MOI – Chazwick Bundick created a new sound, a new style and frankly a kick-ass set of tracks. Chillwave is now here and Chaz invented it.

7. Phantogram BOD: (5.18.10) PHANTOGRAM – A splendid electro-duo bringing street beat, trip-hop a little soul and a little Portishead sprinkled in. Promise that this will be the band you can claim for 2010. They are The XX of 2010.

6. Efterklang BOD: (3.1.10) EFTERKLANG—> bring an end to the February Winter blues with Efterklang. Denmark’sMads Brauer, Casper Clausen, Thomas Husmer & Rasmus Stolberg bring us sweet music. Must have album “Magic Chairs”

5. Foreign Born BOD: (5.3.10) FOREIGN BORN – Rogue Wave and The Walkmen inspired these SF boys to make the trek to the shady side of LA. Silver Lake water has turned them into a damn fine band. Vampire Weekend should be worried, because they solve they out do them.

4. Sleigh Bells BOD: (3.23.10) SLEIGH BELLS –> Do not adjust your sound, it’s meant to blow the treble out of the water. CMJ darlings and NY/FLA finest. This is the band of all bands for 2010. Watch them rip “South of Heaven” into “Tell Em” Even more reason to love them.

3. Real Estate BOD: (2.18.10) Real Estate – Jersey/Brooklyn’s finest Mondanile, Courtney, Duguay and Bleeker bring their self titled beach sounds.

2. The Tallest Man on Earth…BOD: (4.22.10) THE TALLEST MAN ON EARTH – Must hear Dylan protege. His second album is a beauty. Bob Dylan’s protege hits the hills of Scandinavia and you must hear it. This is the best singer songwriter for 2010 and beyond. You must see him live and please buy his album.

Top New band of 2010 so far….The Radio Dept.
BOD: (3.2.10) RADIO DEPT. Yesterday the Danes, today the Swedes. They’ve been at it for years even on the Coppolla currated Marie Antoinette sdtk. This band melds fantastic 80’s space age synth with a unique sound that will surely make them your NEW FAVORITE BAND! We promise. We talked about them in March and we still believe they are the soul of New.Band.Day.

The Radio Dept. – “Clinging To A Scheme” by ThinkIndie