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Best New Bands of 2013 HUMMINGBIRD AWARD #2: London Grammar

29 Dec
Photo by: Mr Paolo Zerbini Annie Lennox should be proud of Hannah Reid's vocal doppelganging. Lovely band and lovely record

Photo by: Mr Paolo Zerbini
Annie Lennox should be proud of Hannah Reid’s vocal doppelganging. Lovely band and lovely record

Best New Bands of 2013 HUMMINGBIRD AWARD #2: London Grammar

The Turk is gonna have a small seizure when he sees this post. That’s right I unilaterally changed the vote for #1 new artist. That’s right, the Hummingbirds are my passion, although inspired daily by the Arizona Turk. After going through the votes and re-listening again and again to the top 5, I just felt London Grammar was #2. If you don’t know them by now, then you will very soon. London Grammar is as good as Florence and the Machine and she even reminds us of the power of Annie Lennox. Most of you, who think you are on the hipster’s cutting edge, once listened and enjoyed Florence. You also enjoyed The Lumineers and I bet you even have Coldplay Parachutes on CD because you just can’t part with it. It’s fine these bands all start with you and your passion and end up in stadiums and marrying A-list actresses. We don’t really care, we just love finding new artists. I think London Grammar will be as big as Florence and many will compare her to the younger Eurythmics Annie Lennox, because female leads are smashingly successful and Hannah is that good. With Florence it’s just her vocals, the music is so so. With London Grammar, Hannah Reid is just as talented, but the guitars, electronics and Dot Major’s mixes and the producing supporting her bring me to tears every time I listen to it. London Grammar will be your soundtrack for love lost. It’s a heart wrenching record and we love it for that reason. Thank you guys!

Founded: 201
Hometown: Nottingham, London, England

Members: Vocalist Hannah Reid (23) and guitarist Daniel Rothman (23), Dot Major
Sonic Soulmates™: Annie Lennox, Florence and the Machine, Bat for Lashes, Chvrches & The XX
Trackables™: The LP released in 2013If You Wait
Listen to “Nightcall” & “Strong” <— this is my song of the year!, & "Metal & Dust"

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Band of the Day (11.22.10) Memoryhouse

22 Nov

BOD (11.22.10) Memoryhouse

With the success of Florence and The Machine, there will be a slew of new female led, drama queens hitting the scene. Unfortunately, every single one will be compared to the “Oh I wish I was Siouxsie Sioux” vocals standards. I think our team at NBD has profiled at least 60 bands that I would consider far more inventive and stylish to that of Florence. Today is definitely one of those days.

Memoryhouse is so good, she actually gave me chills the first time I listened. I love The xx for one reason, it’s that simple solo guitar that intros Romy Madley Croft’s vocals. I find that so alluring and it really draws the emotion of the vocals. Memoryhouse is Guelph, Ontario’s Evan Abeele, classically trained and Denise Nouvion’s photographic mind, melded together to form a soulful Beach House/My Bloody Valentine. They don’t conjure sadness, but rather a sense of passion. They make me want to create. Their simple electronic drum beats never seem Yacht-like, or campy, they are better than The xx and I think you’ll find their music a great accompaniment to the blustery winter weather. Denise’s voice will warm your heart as your bearing the snowy winter doldrums. I think we’ll add them to the mainstage of our Inukshuk Festival

“Sleep Patterns” – Simple guitars, electronic drum beats and Denise’s beautiful vocals.

“To The Lighthouse” – My favorite song off the EP and I really think it will make our 2010 Top 10…lovely tracks.

Memoryhouse “To the Lighthouse”

MemoryHouse Blog

Band of the Day (8.30.10) Paper Crows

30 Aug

BOD (8.30.10) Paper Crows

Paper Crows is the London synth duo Emma Panas and Duncan McDougall. They’re a mix of Kate Bush, a bolder XX and Portishead. I’ve got the only three tracks I can find on every playlist. They met at music college in Killburn and they started recording in hidden session in Duncan’s bedroom. If this is what they create hidden in a loft, what will we get with a studio recording?

They’re current tagline….
Stop. Revive. Survive. I’ll add Repeat.

They are really one of the best new bands hitting. I can’t believe they only have three tracks.

“Stand Alight” – I posted the SoundCloud tracks because the original is sooooo good. Please listen.

Here is “Stand Alight (Monsieur Adi Remix)” MP3