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UNCORKED™ – Best New Bands of 2012 (2.20.12) Apteka

20 Feb

Best New Band of 2012 --- Chicago's Apteka

UNCORKED™ – Best New Bands of 2012 (2.20.12) Apteka

I commute a lot. This gives me time to pour through the massive amount of music that The Turk sends me. Often times, I am balancing my shuffle’s choice of some live Radiohead track or some horrible garage punk mess. It’s not often that I get to pull the iPhone out of my jacket pocket to see which band is playing. The most recent incident was last on my flight home from Columbus, OH. At first I thought it was a new record from Janes. That didn’t get me overly excited, having heard the past few from them. I seriously think Perry lost his edge. He’s doing reality TV for God’s sake. Apteka has the ’90s sound with a Perryesque vocal lead but they sound current. They’re like a pair of retro shoes. They look classic, but feel (sound) current. Love these Chicago boy.

Vitals: Chicago, IL
Adam Lukas, Dino Balocchi, Jesse Hozeny, and Dave Narey
Sonic Soulmates™: Jane’s Addiction, Screaming Trees
“Gargoyle Days” –
“In Clouds” –

Apteka site

UNCORKED™ – Best New Bands of 2012 (2.6.12) This Many Boyfriends (UPDATED)

6 Feb

This Many Boyfriends are what The Housemartins are to a Monday morning...good fun!

UNCORKED™ – Best New Bands of 2012 – This Many Boyfriends

Is anyone else having this issue where you feel like everyone knows what you’re listening to…Facebook streaming and Spotify have made me self conscious of my guilty favorites. Now that everyone knows what I listen to, I feel like you’re judging me. Don’t judge my love for Neil Young, Nada Surf, Pearl Jam, Echo, etc. It’s okay, sometimes I want to be reminded about the past. Music is the greatest story every told…you can go back to a song and it reminds of exactly the moment you heard it first or last. So here’s to guilty pleasures. This Many Boyfriends is derived from the happy bouncy 90’s Britrock pop dreams of Teenage Fanclub, the cynicism of The Smiths and their obvious love of Norman Cook and The Housemartins. Good solid happy poppy English rock for a Monday.

Hometown: Leeds, UK
Daniel Boyfriend – Guitars
Laura Boyfriend – Drums
Richard Boyfriend – Vocals
Tom Boyfriend – Bass
Sonic Soulmates™: The Smiths, The Lodger, The Housemartins
“Young Lovers Go Pop!” –

NEW TRACK – “Starling”


UNCORKED™ – Band of the Day (2.1.12) Porcelain Raft

1 Feb

Thank you Porcelain Raft for creating a fantastic record. Thank you Maria Scalera for the photo

Uncorked™ Porcelain Raft

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit…the Muse always tells me that it’s good luck if you say Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit first thing on the first of every month. So that’s a little rabbit foot for all of us on NewBandDay…I have to admit when I first heard today’s band I thought it was a new track from Beach House. Good compliment right? Porcelain Raft is Italian-born singer/songwriter Mauro Remiddi. Raft is a solo project of dreamy indie pop with a whole lot of Beach House, a sprinkle of Real Estate and the upbeat vibes of Neon Indians. Strange Weekend the debut full-length of Procelain Raft was released on Secretly Canadian in January of 2012, followed by a tour with M83 and Smith Westerns. Grab the new album here:

Hometown: Brooklyn/NY
Members: Mauro Remiddi
Sonic Soulmates™: Beach House, The Drums, Real Estate, Neon Indian
“Put Me to Sleep”