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UNCORKED™ – Best New Bands of 2012 (2.6.12) This Many Boyfriends (UPDATED)

6 Feb

This Many Boyfriends are what The Housemartins are to a Monday morning...good fun!

UNCORKED™ – Best New Bands of 2012 – This Many Boyfriends

Is anyone else having this issue where you feel like everyone knows what you’re listening to…Facebook streaming and Spotify have made me self conscious of my guilty favorites. Now that everyone knows what I listen to, I feel like you’re judging me. Don’t judge my love for Neil Young, Nada Surf, Pearl Jam, Echo, etc. It’s okay, sometimes I want to be reminded about the past. Music is the greatest story every told…you can go back to a song and it reminds of exactly the moment you heard it first or last. So here’s to guilty pleasures. This Many Boyfriends is derived from the happy bouncy 90’s Britrock pop dreams of Teenage Fanclub, the cynicism of The Smiths and their obvious love of Norman Cook and The Housemartins. Good solid happy poppy English rock for a Monday.

Hometown: Leeds, UK
Daniel Boyfriend – Guitars
Laura Boyfriend – Drums
Richard Boyfriend – Vocals
Tom Boyfriend – Bass
Sonic Soulmates™: The Smiths, The Lodger, The Housemartins
“Young Lovers Go Pop!” –

NEW TRACK – “Starling”


UNCORKED™ – Best New Bands of 2012 (1.9.12) I Heart Sharks

9 Jan

Arizona Turk loved them, so should you. I Heart Sharks.

If you’re not familiar, this is our key feature, we’ve called it Band of the Day, BUT starting today for 2012, we’re going to rename Band of the Day to Uncorked…these are what we consider the BEST NEW BANDS of 2012, the ones you should put on a playlist and listen to religiously. We love them so we share.

So if you read our blog religiously you know Arizona Turk. He’s our primary music excavator, digging for new bands and truly a maverick of music. His 2011 Year End Gems was shocking, bands that we’ve barely heard a whisper of and HIS FAVORITE NEW BAND is I Heart Sharks. We questioned him but he responded with “Just listen.” So we did and we pledged after that first listen to UNCORK them first in 2012. The first band to be Uncorked on NBD. Kind of a big, deal. I Heart Sharks, it’s German synth rock with an added Brit rock clean guitar flare and the vocal stylings of Friendly Fires. Their love of 80’s First Wave is clearly evident and I think it might be the first time A Brit, A German and a Parisian (we think) have created music together…well maybe not the first time, but definitely unique. They met sometime in 2007 in one of Berlin’s many clubs, toured a little bit through Germany, played Festivals and late last year we got their first full-length. Think of them as Scandinavian electro-pop with Berlin’s house music and the perfect dash of British flare.

Hometown: Berlin, Germany DE, Paris, FR, London
Pierre Bee
Simon Wangemann
Georg Steinmaier
Sonic Soulmates™: Friendly Fires, Passion Pit, Foals
“Summer” –


STAFF PICKS: Arizona Turk’s Gems of the Year – Top 10’s of 2011

30 Dec

The Arizona Turk's Gems of 2011 - Top 10 Tracks, Albums and Bands

Now that the Hummingbirds are distributed to the fine bands of 2011, it’s time for us to celebrate our Excavator Picks for 2011. The Excavator is a specialist only employed by NBD. They dig and dig and dig for the best tracks and bands.

Arizona Turk is the king of excavating, going to shows, buying records, digging the blogs and he finds some dandy gems. Here are his picks for the 2011 Top Tracks. Who better than the best gem of them all Arizona Turk.

Arizona Turk’s Gems of the Year – Top 10 Tracks of 2011
10. The Men “Bataille”
9. Trophy Wife “Canopy Shade”
8. Tribes “We Were Children”
7. Para Siempre “No Way Out”
6. Summer Camp “I Want You”
5. Sports Bar “Anisa, Nah She Don’t Live Here No More”
4. S.C.U.M. “Amber Hands”
3. Tours “Tough Lately”
2. Acid Kicks “Life Dreams”
1. I Heart Sharks “Summer”


Arizona Turk’s Gems of the Year – Top 10 ALBUMS of 2011
10. Vaccines What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?
9. Youth Lagoon The Year OF Hibernation
8. EMA Past Life Martyred Saints
Little Girls Cults
6. James Vincent McMorrow Early In The Morning
5. Slowness Hopeless But Otherwise
4. True Widow As High As The Highest Heavens And From The Center Of The Circumference Of The Earth
3. Washed Out Within And Without
2. I Heart Sharks Summer
1. Donkeys Born With Stripes

Just missed:
Miles Kane Colour Of The Trap
Chapel Club Palace
Metromony The English Riviera…I know they have been around forever
The Antlers Burst Apart …couldn’t leave it off
The Men Leave Home
Sports Bar Demo
Cinemascopes Cinemascopes EP

My favorite album of the year:
The Horrors Skying

Welcome Back:
Death in Vegas Trans-Love-Energies

Best Reissues:
1. Talk Talk Laughing Stock (VINYL)
2. Ride Nowhere – 2 disc Rhino set
3. Archers Of Loaf Icky Mettle
4. Disco Inferno The 5 EPs
5. This Mortal Coil

AND HE EVEN GAVE US HIS TOP 10 BANDS OF 2011 (Though most of these will be on our 2012 list)
Arizona Turk’s Gems of the Year – Top 10 BANDS of 2011

10. Little Girls
9. Dirty Beaches
8. Belong
7. Cinemascopes
6. Blouse
6. Slowness
5. True Widow
4. I Break Horses
3. Swimming
2. James Vincent McMorrow
1. I Heart Sharks