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UNCORKED™ – Best New Bands of 2012 (4.5.12) Crybaby

5 Apr

Crybaby is his name and sadness is his game.

UNCORKED™ – Best New Bands of 2012 (4.5.12) Crybaby

We’re busy but we’re not too busy to find great new bands on this eve of Coachella. Crybaby is the brainchild of Danny Coughlan, his passion for the soul music led him down the path of success, eventually to Crybaby. His love of Morrissey all things soul, pushes this record to the top of our list of 2012. We hope you love it as much as we do. Danny’s love of Garney Mimms gave birth to the name Crybaby from Mimms classic track “Cry Baby” Listen to Cry Baby by Garnet Mimms

Hometown: Bristol, Leeds, UK
Members: Danny Coughlan (vocals, guitar)
Sonic Soulmates™: Roy Orbison, The Smiths, Phil Spector and the Jesus & Mary Chain.
“I Cherish Heartbreak More than the Love That I Lost” –

Crybaby site

UNCORKED™ – Best New Bands of 2012 (2.6.12) This Many Boyfriends (UPDATED)

6 Feb

This Many Boyfriends are what The Housemartins are to a Monday morning...good fun!

UNCORKED™ – Best New Bands of 2012 – This Many Boyfriends

Is anyone else having this issue where you feel like everyone knows what you’re listening to…Facebook streaming and Spotify have made me self conscious of my guilty favorites. Now that everyone knows what I listen to, I feel like you’re judging me. Don’t judge my love for Neil Young, Nada Surf, Pearl Jam, Echo, etc. It’s okay, sometimes I want to be reminded about the past. Music is the greatest story every told…you can go back to a song and it reminds of exactly the moment you heard it first or last. So here’s to guilty pleasures. This Many Boyfriends is derived from the happy bouncy 90’s Britrock pop dreams of Teenage Fanclub, the cynicism of The Smiths and their obvious love of Norman Cook and The Housemartins. Good solid happy poppy English rock for a Monday.

Hometown: Leeds, UK
Daniel Boyfriend – Guitars
Laura Boyfriend – Drums
Richard Boyfriend – Vocals
Tom Boyfriend – Bass
Sonic Soulmates™: The Smiths, The Lodger, The Housemartins
“Young Lovers Go Pop!” –

NEW TRACK – “Starling”


Band of The Day (9.24.10) Chapel Club

24 Sep

BOD (9.24.10) Chapel Club

I heard the track “The Shore” and thought I was listening to the band The Shore. Totally f’d me up, then I realized, wow this is a great first wave rendition of what was great about post-punk LA, London and New York. Dark, desperate, alone and searching for meaning in music. The Joy Division desire to have music define your death. Then you hear the second coming or as we call The Second Wave of New Wave…no it’s not that electro-clash crap that has ruined dance music, for the most part, but it’s the combination of Interpol and now Chapel Club, tugging at your eye-lids to not dose off and have your eyes doze off to your shoes. It’s not shoegaze Indie Rock, but The Second [New] Wave, the one that makes goth music, cool. The bands that do this well, JJ72, My Vitriol, Death on Wednesday, Interpol, Chapel Club. It boggles my mind that British bands can’t break in the US. Labels literally have no idea or luck in their pursuit to break these artists. Some of our favorite bands hail from the big island, and we’re shocked to see their tour schedule or Billboard sales. I challenge you to find a better band than Chapel Club. Now spread the word and start the fire. Maybe you can make the difference.

I love the track “The Shore” because it’s heart-wrenching, while it’s uplifting. The chorus from these London boys, pull you off your feet, wipes off your Harry Potter prep school coat and keeps the Joy Division Tee intact. It’s meant to be hurt your feelings, but it wins by patching things up at the end. I love when music does that. Thanks again to our own Arizona Turk

“The Shore”

Chapel Club – “The Shore”


Blowin’ Off The Dust

21 Jul

I was blowin’ off the dust on one of my favorite Elvis LPs and noticed something. Anyone ever notice the similarity between the very cool Smith’s tracks “Rusholme Ruffians” and one of the coolest Elvis tracks ever “His Latest Flame” ….compare yourself

Smiths “Rusholme Ruffians”

Elvis “His Latest Flame”

Still these are two very cool songs to add your collection. Gotta love 60’s Hollywood Elvis.