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HEAR IT: (6.30.10) Lost in the Trees – “Fireplace” & “All Alone in an Empty House”

30 Jun

HEAR IT: (6.30.10) – Creaking floors and haunting melodies, sonically display that lonely empty house feeling. Both tracks introduce us to the complicated yet simple sounds of Lost in the Trees.

RootMusic BandPage by Lost In The Trees

Band of the Day: (6.30.10) Lost in the Trees

30 Jun Chapel Hill's Finest

BOD: (6.30.10) Lost in the Trees – Chapel Hill’s collective, captained by songwriter/composer Ari Picker merges classic American folk acoustics, with rising symphonies that will haunt you. At it since 2003, they will break you but softly land you on your pillow as they caress you to sleep with their swirling orchestra. It’s pure beauty.

Best of 2010…So Far

30 Jun

June 1st marked the mid-year for 2010. We compiled our favorite bands from the past 6 months and posted them on our original Twitter and Facebook profiles. Now we’ll recap them here for your enjoyment.

10. Sleepy Sun BOD: (3.25.10) SLEEPY SUN –> SXSW’s darlings in 2010, SF via Santa Cruz dream core brings me my new favorite band.

9. Morning Benders BOD: (3.13.10) –> Berkeley residents, bring big indie sound to the SF scene.

8. Toro Y Moi BOD: (5.26.10) TORO Y MOI – Chazwick Bundick created a new sound, a new style and frankly a kick-ass set of tracks. Chillwave is now here and Chaz invented it.

7. Phantogram BOD: (5.18.10) PHANTOGRAM – A splendid electro-duo bringing street beat, trip-hop a little soul and a little Portishead sprinkled in. Promise that this will be the band you can claim for 2010. They are The XX of 2010.

6. Efterklang BOD: (3.1.10) EFTERKLANG—> bring an end to the February Winter blues with Efterklang. Denmark’sMads Brauer, Casper Clausen, Thomas Husmer & Rasmus Stolberg bring us sweet music. Must have album “Magic Chairs”

5. Foreign Born BOD: (5.3.10) FOREIGN BORN – Rogue Wave and The Walkmen inspired these SF boys to make the trek to the shady side of LA. Silver Lake water has turned them into a damn fine band. Vampire Weekend should be worried, because they solve they out do them.

4. Sleigh Bells BOD: (3.23.10) SLEIGH BELLS –> Do not adjust your sound, it’s meant to blow the treble out of the water. CMJ darlings and NY/FLA finest. This is the band of all bands for 2010. Watch them rip “South of Heaven” into “Tell Em” Even more reason to love them.

3. Real Estate BOD: (2.18.10) Real Estate – Jersey/Brooklyn’s finest Mondanile, Courtney, Duguay and Bleeker bring their self titled beach sounds.

2. The Tallest Man on Earth…BOD: (4.22.10) THE TALLEST MAN ON EARTH – Must hear Dylan protege. His second album is a beauty. Bob Dylan’s protege hits the hills of Scandinavia and you must hear it. This is the best singer songwriter for 2010 and beyond. You must see him live and please buy his album.

Top New band of 2010 so far….The Radio Dept.
BOD: (3.2.10) RADIO DEPT. Yesterday the Danes, today the Swedes. They’ve been at it for years even on the Coppolla currated Marie Antoinette sdtk. This band melds fantastic 80’s space age synth with a unique sound that will surely make them your NEW FAVORITE BAND! We promise. We talked about them in March and we still believe they are the soul of New.Band.Day.

The Radio Dept. – “Clinging To A Scheme” by ThinkIndie

HEAR IT: (6.29.10) TENNIS – Two tracks “South Carolina” and “Marathon”

29 Jun

“Marathon” challenges the time warp and forces us back 50 years ago, where one enjoyed the lovely optimism of America. Alaina’s voice is up there with the best of the them, but when it’s coupled with Riley’s organ, you have to wonder if on that boat they weren’t listening to some Doors. Enjoy. It’s hard to imagine that these two originated from The Rockies and not from Brooklyn post NYU film school.

Like minds do think alike…see The Guardian

Band of the Day – (6.29.10) TENNIS

29 Jun Mixed doubles anyone?

BOD (6.29.10) Tennis – The husband wife duo Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore, no not the former Laker coach, but the lead captain of this brilliant masterpiece of a band. The two decided to test their newly formed union, packed their duffles, left Denver, bought a boat and sailed the high seas of the North Atlantic. As their bond solidified, they discovered that a musical journal of their journey would be both hip and interesting. This travelogue is for our enjoyment and listening pleasure. It’s a Hemingway meets Buffet, meets Vampire Weekend, meets 50’s bubblegum pop. I love the blend of the organ and her eerily timeless vocals.

This impossible to Google band finds itself with only a lone MySpace page. visit it

WATCH IT: (6.28.10) CHAPPO – “Come Home”

28 Jun

Cue the tour video and watch them. These guys have serious vibe and they are so much cooler than you. Don’t bowl with these dudes, if you do, watch to your side. Love the editing, brings the track to life.

HEAR IT: (6.28.10) CHAPPO – “Come Home”

28 Jun

Serious love for this track. Can you hear the comparison of leadman Alex Chappo to Ben Bridewell of Band of Horses? Listen to this track, more coming soon. Chappo – Come Home

Band of the Day (6.28.10) CHAPPO

28 Jun NYC duo Chappo

BOD – CHAPPO, the NYC duo is redefining your summer with their new EP Plastique Universe. Their garage sound brings some stiff competition to their sonic twins Band of Horses. Love the combo of driving force rock with indie sympathy.

WATCH IT: (6.24.10) STEVE MASON – “Lost and Found”

25 Jun

Watch the video for “Lost and Found” it’s similar to a Peter Gabriel track with the same kind of visual vibe.

HEAR IT: (6.24.10) STEVE MASON (Full album stream)

25 Jun

Enjoy the Album Boys Outside – Please listen to “I Let Her In” great and haunting track.

Buy his new album on vinyl


25 Jun Heartbreakingly fantastic

Many of you know Steve Mason from that moment when Cusack declared his love for him in High Fidelty. The former Beta Band lead, takes on love and loss. His heartbreaking tales are sure to make that lonely evening more comforting. To know that someone is sharing in your pain is so nice. Enjoy his new album and the tracks I’ll post.

WATCH HIM – Past BOD – ALOE BLACC: Billie Jean

25 Jun

Aloe Blacc covering Billie Jean on the Anniversary of MJ’s death. It’s beautiful.

Hear It: (6.24.10) TAME IMPALA –

24 Jun

Here is the whole album for your pure listening enjoyment. I promise that this will be your new favorite band.