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Band of the Day (8.6.10) Perfume Genius

6 Aug


Trembling voices always seem to catch my attention. It’s those solo guys that hole themselves up under some form of depression and write music that is so heartfelt that you can’t help but hope that this is their form of catharsis. The recent success of Bon Iver and Damon McMahon (Amen Dunes) prove that sharing your pain with a simple piano or an acoustic guitar can bring well earned blog and fan appeal. Perfume Genius, Mike Hadreas, is no exception to this rule. He is a Seattle native with a soft, fragile voice backed simply by a piano and lo-fi echoes. His songs stammer in minor chords and reflect on suicide, depression and loss. The amazing thing is that through the gray, you see his ability to spray one ray of sunshine. I don’t expect you to put this on your Summer Fun playlist, but if you want quality mood music, grab your headphones, a bottle of wine and a comfy chair, Hadreas is sure to take you on a roller coaster of emotions.

A few tracks are included below:
“Mr. Peterson” – Track about the loss of a favorite teacher to suicide.

“Learning” – A bad break-up

“Lookout, Lookout”





12 Jul


If this isn’t a reason to love this band then nothing is…I love this song, probably because I am a sucker for the dirty/raw recordings of dudes harmonizing with acoustic guitars. Nothing exposes you more as a band, then to perform on the steps of a strip mall in Paris.

Easy, cool and a great band.


12 Jul

Watch it: (7.12.10) CHIEF – “YOUR DIRECTION”
Nice 50’s visuals remind me of my mom, I guess that nostalgia is what draws me to this song/video. The harmonies, CSN&Y style are nice, it’s not the most advanced track, it’s a good buddy song and I’d imagine they probably kick ass with it live.

WATCH IT: (7.9.10) THE JAMESES – Live @ Propaganda

9 Jul

WATCH IT: (7.9.10) THE JAMESES – Live @ Propaganda

Propaganda is the hot spot for So. Florida bands, GingerMan has been kind enough to commit his evenings to posting great music from this spot, etc. Sweet Bronco, my favorite So. Florida band has been a fan favorite of his, and now I stumble on The Jameses. Great track, and the trio, visually, not too bad. The green lit glasses, not so cool, but the rest of it works. They’re a rock band and they will be big.

HEAR IT: (7.8.10) BEACH FOSSILS – “Daydream”

8 Jul


This track is why I love this band. I love it’s guitar blended with the vocals. It reminds of Huntington Beach circa 1986. My vans, the orange bathing suits and the summer joy. I get happy every time I put it on. I think it will conjure the same feeling for you all as well. I know it’s a YouTube video, but it’s the best way for me to show/hear the track.

WATCH IT: (7.7.10) ETERNAL SUMMERS – “Secret Language”

7 Jul

WATCH IT: (7.7.10) ETERNAL SUMMERS – “Secret Language”

Nicole soothes the soul with her layered vocals, all packaged in a lo-fi summer sound. Crack open a Pabst, flip up your feet and wiggle your toes to Daniel’s clever drum beats.

Watch It: (7.2.10) KILL THE LIGHTS – “Arctic at Dawn”

2 Jul

Watch it: (7.2.10) KILL THE LIGHTS – Artic At Dawn – Brings the best of 80’s Joy Division guitars whining and wailing with the spacey overdubbed harmonies of Alex and Steph. I love the clean bass line. A really nice display of how this sound will be the big thing. Much love for this band.

WATCH IT: (6.28.10) CHAPPO – “Come Home”

28 Jun

Cue the tour video and watch them. These guys have serious vibe and they are so much cooler than you. Don’t bowl with these dudes, if you do, watch to your side. Love the editing, brings the track to life.