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Band of the Day (1.27.11) – MillionYoung

27 Jan
cred: David Andrako www.davidandrako.com

cred: David Andrako http://www.davidandrako.com of MillionYoung

Band of the Day (1.27.11) MillionYoung

Chillwave was a 2010 phenom, at least it was the talks of the blogs. Our faves in the category, Washed Out and Toro Y Moi, were chilly and wavy, but they had a flavor of groove. Both captured the airy space sound, but they coupled that with beautiful harmonies and layered sounds. MillionYoung, of Ft. Lauderdale, So Florida, captures the finest of chillwave but he adds in a layer of clean guitar that really makes for a great sound. Where he may get a little out of tune on some tracks, he makes up for it on the tracks where he stays on track, in tune. MillionYoung is a pseudonym for South Florida’s Mike Diaz. His first EP was released in 2009, “Sunndream”. His second EP was released in early 2010, entitled “Be So True”. He’s potentially got the chance to dethrone our chilled leaders…you be the judge, listen below…

Hometown: Ft. Lauderdale, South Florida, FL, USA
Members: Mike Diaz
Sonic Soulmates: Toro Y Moi, Washed Out,
Must hear tracks:

“Gravity Feels” – Wow there is a lot going on here. At around 3:00 minutes the song hits a new level, love this track.

“001” – Very Toro Y Moi…really like this track as well

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Band of the Day (8.11.10) The Dewars

11 Aug Twin Bros. Make the So. Florida Officially a Scene

BOD: (8.11.10) The Dewars

South Florida strikes again, the music maiden Moodvane herself sent me the info on The Dewars. Twin bros, who sound like melodic Lou Reeds, with Leonard Cohen’s mind and a splash of Florida sun. They give us wholesome mellow rock without repetition, clean guitars, strings and uplifting drum splashes. It’s mood rock and it’s meant to get you engaged with shimmering voices to remind you of the swaying afternoon waves.

Take Sweet Bronco, The Jameses and The Dewars and I dare say So. Florida is primed with some kick-ass unique sounds. NBD may have to go back and visit his favorite people in the world, to get some more of the sound.

The Dewars are:
Anthony and Zachary Dewar, Evan Mui, Kevin Williams, Steve Rullman

“Sunshine” – The oddest summer tune of the year

“Switzerland” – I put up their BandCamp link because I encourage all of us NewBandDay Fanatiks to purchase music from our faves…

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WATCH IT: (7.9.10) THE JAMESES – Live @ Propaganda

9 Jul

WATCH IT: (7.9.10) THE JAMESES – Live @ Propaganda

Propaganda is the hot spot for So. Florida bands, GingerMan has been kind enough to commit his evenings to posting great music from this spot, etc. Sweet Bronco, my favorite So. Florida band has been a fan favorite of his, and now I stumble on The Jameses. Great track, and the trio, visually, not too bad. The green lit glasses, not so cool, but the rest of it works. They’re a rock band and they will be big.

HEAR IT: (7.9.10) THE JAMESES – “Haunted Rider

9 Jul

HEAR: (7.9.10) THE JAMESES – “Haunted Rider”

Cue the haunting organs, kick in the toe-tappin’ rock beat, melt in mature vocals/lyrics and you’ve got a GREAT track. Quite possibly one of the best tracks of the year. Please give it a listen.


9 Jul Not LeBron, but Florida's finest James Trio.


None of them are named James, but I thought it appropriate to discuss a new favorite band post LeBron day yesterday. And hey look they’re from Florida, Lake Palm at that…looks like So. Florida will be riddled with more Jameses than they can handle. Their first single is a kick ass tune and it’s a must listen 7″. They’re still not my favorite So. Florida, see Sweet Bronco, but it’s time we recognize that Interpol isn’t the only thing from So. Florida that makes sound that sells. It’s time for these labels to stand-up get on a plane to Ft. Lauderdale and watch these bands. Give Captured Tracks some credit for signing them for their 7″, this is also the label that’s signed Beach Fossils and Wild Nothing

LeBron is not the only James in So. Florida about to kick ass, it’s time to make The Jameses your new favorite band.

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23 Jun

It’s live and it sounds great, Gerry Rafferty couldn’t have sung it better himself. Great cover, hope it makes the record.