Band of the Day 100th- (6.23.10) SWEET BRONCO

23 Jun

TODAY WE CELEBRATE: A new WordPress site, 100 bands a US win and our present….my favorite new artist, SWEET BRONCO. I want all of you to listen and support SB. We’ve been with him/them since the beginning, Ft. Lauderdale with a little music inspiration from a stint in LA. Chris Horgan is the ringmaster, lead singer and a damn fine chap. They will reside in The Ark.

2 Responses to “Band of the Day 100th- (6.23.10) SWEET BRONCO”


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    […] tune and it’s a must listen 7″. They’re still not my favorite So. Florida, see Sweet Bronco, but it’s time we recognize that Interpol isn’t the only thing from So. Florida that […]

  2. WATCH IT: (7.9.10) THE JAMESES – Live @ Propaganda « NewBandDay - July 9, 2010

    […] GingerMan has been kind enough to commit his evenings to posting great music from this spot, etc. Sweet Bronco, my favorite So. Florida band has been a fan favorite of his, and now I stumble on The Jameses. […]

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