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Band of the Day (5.23.11) Seapony

23 May

Seapony are what make music. Spector soul with a lot of dreamy spice.

Band of the Day (5.23.11) Seapony

There was a time last year where all we could talk about at NBD was the power of Tennis. The married Denver couple that sailed the high seas of the Atlantic, wrote amazing songs about inlets and seaports and then crushed it with a fantastic record. We missed that series of knock-offs, that usually follow successful indie trends. Days, months and almost a year went by before we heard a knock-off or at least a band that sounded similarly good. Seapony does the dreamy, female led 50’s pop that made 2010 a great music year. Seapony does that Phil Spector sound so well, you almost forget that you’re listening to contemporary music. The Seattle trio, give us one of our favorite tracks of 2011…so far. You’ll be getting this in your email box if you a fan on Facebook. The album releases on 5/31…pre-order it here. By the way we love them even more for their midwestern roots..Oklahoma and of course Lawrence, KS home to our Music Muse.

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Members: Seapony is songwriter Danny Rowland, singer Jen Weidl, and bass player Ian Brewer
Sonic Soulmates: La Sera, Tennis, Eternal Summers, Emily Haines
“Always” – My fave from these lads…one of our 5 for 11.

“With You” – Tennis served well in 2011. Good solid Spector 50’s pop track



Band of the Day (5.16.11) The Donkeys…are RAWSOME!

16 May

San Diego is not a whale's vagina it's home to The Donkeys

Band of the Day (5.16.11) The Donkeys

The Turk was on fire last week, sending me some true gems. He’s a sucker for being the guy that finds the Gem of the year. He almost did in 2010, but The Radio Dept. was my find. Haha, all said and done, he’s a master of the dig and finds some amazing bands. The next several weeks will be peppered with his new favorites. Check out The Donkeys today. These boys from San Diego, Timothy DeNardo, Anthony Lukens, and Sam Sprague first played together as teenagers, and Jessie Gulati joined later in a band named the Moon and Sixpence soon after graduation. They have three albums under their belts, full of tunes sparkled with “Dad listened to this when he was in college” sound. It’s raga mixed with garage guitars and a Doors keyboard underpinning that makes me wonder whether these guys are 24 or 64. Born With Stripes which is a marvelous collection of tunes or an album of psych-rocking Sixties style geared most for the Indian in the desert exploration. Buy it on LP here. There is a track on this record that is probably my favorite of 2011, and the record is skyrocketing up our list at the NBD office. Listen to “I Like The Way You Walk” and tell me you love it! Hell they actually are self described as “Rad and Awesome had a baby.” or as we call them RAWSOME. Love the San Diego vibe and the psych-rock groove. 1111 Facebook fans so the band is gaining traction.

Hometown: San Diego, CA
Members: Timothy DeNardo, Anthony Lukens, Sam Sprague and Jessie Gulati
Sonic Soulmates: Pavement, Wilco, The Thrills
“I Like The Way You Walk” – Might be my favorite track of the year. DOWNLOAD IT HERE

“Born With Stripes” – Retro-psych rock —- Title track.

Dead Oceans – Label Site

Band of the Day (5.13.11) Maybeshewill

13 May

Instrumental DIY Heroes of the UK bring Postrock back -Maybeshewill

Band of the Day (5.13.11) Maybeshewill

Well as many of you know, time slips away, especially when you’re living life and taking care of business. Some of you might have others or just yourself, but a good end to every week is knowing that you checked the boxes on your list. The reason for the life affirmation bs this morning is that I owe someone something. It’s Friday, it’s an unchecked box and I need to check it…now. Maybeshewill is a fantastic PostRock band. What is PostRock, well in the words of the Arizona Turk, “It’s Good Man, why don’t ever write about these bands I give. They are the real deal.” It’s what modern rockers play when they don’t want to admit they’re listening to electronic music on the side. It’s what rocker play when they don’t want to go head first into prog rock. It’s a new genre to bust through over the past 18 months and it’s finally making it’s genre debut on New.Band.Day. The Turk wanted it so we delivered, on a Friday the 13th none-the-less. Maybeshe will is part classic British piano rock, Keane, part Satriani guitars and the building crescendo of your favorite glorious movie soundtrack, Explosion’s in The Sky. No band on the Earth gives me chills more than Explosions. If you hate vocals, then you’ll Maybeshewill. If you love anthemic rock crescendos, then you’ll love Maybeshewill. If you trust Arizona Turk, then you’ll love Maybeshewill.

Hometown: Leicester, UK
James Collins
John Helps
Robin Southby
Jamie Ward
Sonic Soulmates: Mogwai, Glassjaw, Explosions in the Sky

“To The Skies From a Hillside”


Best New Band of 2011 – Band of the Day (5.11.11) Girls Names

12 May

Lo-Fi boys from Belfast bring garage rock. Girls Names

Band of the Day (5.11.11) Girls Names

Nice day today. Really a pleasant successful day. I was trying to consolidate my thoughts around what’s been happening in the music scene in 2011. It’s an odd year. No real movement like 2010’s Pet Sound. If anything, it’s a year of effortless garage rock. So many bands scaling back on production, recording in some shithole studio or their own garage and creating good ol surf rock. I wish I was alive in the late 60’s to enjoy some of the best drum/clean guitar surf, I wasn’t so I have to relive it with some good ‘ol 2011 versions. Girls Names are Belfast’s favorite boys with a little Morrisey swagger and a whole lot of clean guitar garage rock. Think Velvet Underground meets White Stripes. Listen to three of our favorite tracks below.

Hometown: Belfast, Ireland, UK
Members: Cathal Cully and Neil Peel and Claire
Sonic Soulmates: The Smiths, 1st Wave rock, Velvet Underground, Black Tambourine, Weekend
“When You Cry” – Good lo-fi track that conjures up the 80’s

“Lawrence” – We got married in Lawrence.


Band of the Day (5.10.11) Other Lives

11 May

Excuse the language but FUCK I love Other Lives

Band of the Day (5.10.11) Other Lives

We’re back…Hell it’s been a rough last six weeks. Computer death, then me Mr. Editor and The Music Muse had a little squirt. That’s right a little 8 lb Hummingbird is fluttering around our house enjoying all of the new music we’re about to present. Because come June 1st, we’ll be counting the first half of 2011 with our One Year NBD Anniversary Best of 2011…So Far event. Get us your picks, let us know who you love. We really love Other Lives. 2011 has been an interesting year of music, with a slew of early rock records and an interesting array of raptastic newbies, we’re still searching for that one band. I have my favorite, but it’s not as certain as 2010.

It was seven years ago when Other Lives formed as Kunek, they created an EP and made Stillwater, OK proudly scream for their hometown heroes. An album a name change and now a new record and Other Lives thrills America with a beautiful record. Think Wolf Parade, sprinkle the bells of Sigur Ros and a tad bit of National brooding without the guttoral leads. It’s a DNA favorite of Southern fried folk. Tamer Animals is a great record and one that I think you’ll be raving about all year. Buy the record here –> on LP


Hometown: Stillwater, OK
Jesse Tabish (piano, guitar, lead vocals)
Josh Onstott (bass, organ, Backing vocals)
Jenny Hsu (cello, piano, Backing Vocals)
Colby Owens (drums)
Jonathon Mooney (piano,violin, guitar)
Sonic Soulmates: Mercury Rev, The National, Wolf Parade
“For 12 (Demo)”

“Tamer Animals”

Official Site

Band of the Day (5.4.11) – EMA

4 May

90's dirty basement rock, Sleigh Bells vocals and a new record...GOOD STUFF!

Band of the Day (5.4.11) – EMA
EMA – Erika M. Anderson, former lead of the California noise-folk band Gowns, a band she led with her BF, brings a celebratory record. She was the darling of SXSW this year and she is the darling of our eyes. By the way it’s been over 20 years so it’s safe to use Nirvana chords without being ridiculed, but now it’s cool. She cleverly creates self harmonies, layered with those 90’s rock riffs, piano notes and snare drums. She makes me feel so dirty with “Milkman”, but soothes me and clears my guilt with “Breakfast”

It’s cool shiat and I think you’ll find her busting through on 2011 best of lists.

Hometown: West Oakland … originally from South Dakota
Members: Erika M. Anderson, Nicole Anderson, Nicky Mao, Leif Shackelford
Sonic Soulmates™: Zola Genius, Sleigh Bells, Early Hole
“Grey Ship”

EMA Official