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Band of the Day (5.16.11) The Donkeys…are RAWSOME!

16 May

San Diego is not a whale's vagina it's home to The Donkeys

Band of the Day (5.16.11) The Donkeys

The Turk was on fire last week, sending me some true gems. He’s a sucker for being the guy that finds the Gem of the year. He almost did in 2010, but The Radio Dept. was my find. Haha, all said and done, he’s a master of the dig and finds some amazing bands. The next several weeks will be peppered with his new favorites. Check out The Donkeys today. These boys from San Diego, Timothy DeNardo, Anthony Lukens, and Sam Sprague first played together as teenagers, and Jessie Gulati joined later in a band named the Moon and Sixpence soon after graduation. They have three albums under their belts, full of tunes sparkled with “Dad listened to this when he was in college” sound. It’s raga mixed with garage guitars and a Doors keyboard underpinning that makes me wonder whether these guys are 24 or 64. Born With Stripes which is a marvelous collection of tunes or an album of psych-rocking Sixties style geared most for the Indian in the desert exploration. Buy it on LP here. There is a track on this record that is probably my favorite of 2011, and the record is skyrocketing up our list at the NBD office. Listen to “I Like The Way You Walk” and tell me you love it! Hell they actually are self described as “Rad and Awesome had a baby.” or as we call them RAWSOME. Love the San Diego vibe and the psych-rock groove. 1111 Facebook fans so the band is gaining traction.

Hometown: San Diego, CA
Members: Timothy DeNardo, Anthony Lukens, Sam Sprague and Jessie Gulati
Sonic Soulmates: Pavement, Wilco, The Thrills
“I Like The Way You Walk” – Might be my favorite track of the year. DOWNLOAD IT HERE

“Born With Stripes” – Retro-psych rock —- Title track.

Dead Oceans – Label Site

Band of the Day (1.24.11) Whitesand/Badlands

24 Jan

Minneapolis is home to 2011's well crafted Whitesand/Badlands

Band of the Day (1.24.11) Whitesand/Badlands

Well before we even profiled the band, Mr. Arizona Turk surprised us all by adding Whitesand/Badlands to his Gem list. Well they deserved the honorable mention honors, and now they have been granted the Band of the Day trophy. They recorded their new LP, Seeding the Clouds, at Sacred Heart Recording Studio, a 19th century cathedral now a beautiful recording studio. The band has been a band since 2008 and this, their second LP, is a beauty. It’s meticulously crafted and mixed. The songs are expansive and offer a great listening experience. This is not power pop, or 2:40 odes to loved ones, they’re complicated, airy and dreamy. Their one part Band of Horses, one part Radiohead and whole lot of Verve. Their tracks are on a mission, you just need to join up and listen.

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN, USA
Holly Habstritt – fender rhodes, piano, guitars, vocals, trumpet
Casey Holmgren – bass
Ryan Parsons – drums, saxophone
Andy Larson – guitars, vocals, drum, fender rhodes (LEAD DOG)
Sonic Soulmates: Band of Horses, Radiohead, Verve
Must Hear Tracks: (These are expansive tracks that are full of nuances and beauty. Take your time and give them a chance to blossom)

“Syntax Trees” – Layered guitars, pianos and airy earthy vocals. Great track. A little Band of Horses

“Angels on a Pinhead” – Lovely shoegaze vocals with horns, Verve guitars and a kick ass ending.

Buy Seeding The Clouds now and you won’t regret it!

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