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UNCORKED™ – Band of the Day (1.18.12) HOWLER

20 Jan

You won't need a ladder to reach the top boys. You're too good. HOWLER photo by Robert Carino

Uncorked™ Howler

Holy fack, these boys sound like so many bands it’s hard to pin them to one Sonic Soulmate™. Really, I’m struggling…what? You’re begging me for one? Just one…fine The Strokes impregnated in some dark alley under a pile of trash by the Cramps. Hell, Jordan Gatesmith, the primary Howler is only 19 years old and he and his Minny pals created a record that is so damn good! The record came out yesterday. By the way these boys will be the band in every commercial, every video game, hell they may even be better than the aforementioned bands. They’re hooks are so catchy, not even a catfish could escape. I’m hooked and the entire 2012 America Give Up record is worth the vinyl purchase. Thank you Turk. I think you will agree. Enough of my yapping, just listen.

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Members: Jordan Gatesmith on lead guitar and vocals, Brent Mayes on drums, Ian Nygaard on guitar, Max Petrek on keyboard, and France Camp (real name Jay Simonson) on bass
Sonic Soulmates™: The Vaccines, Surfer Blood, The Strokes
“Back of Your Neck”

“Beach Sluts”


Band of the Day (1.24.11) Whitesand/Badlands

24 Jan

Minneapolis is home to 2011's well crafted Whitesand/Badlands

Band of the Day (1.24.11) Whitesand/Badlands

Well before we even profiled the band, Mr. Arizona Turk surprised us all by adding Whitesand/Badlands to his Gem list. Well they deserved the honorable mention honors, and now they have been granted the Band of the Day trophy. They recorded their new LP, Seeding the Clouds, at Sacred Heart Recording Studio, a 19th century cathedral now a beautiful recording studio. The band has been a band since 2008 and this, their second LP, is a beauty. It’s meticulously crafted and mixed. The songs are expansive and offer a great listening experience. This is not power pop, or 2:40 odes to loved ones, they’re complicated, airy and dreamy. Their one part Band of Horses, one part Radiohead and whole lot of Verve. Their tracks are on a mission, you just need to join up and listen.

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN, USA
Holly Habstritt – fender rhodes, piano, guitars, vocals, trumpet
Casey Holmgren – bass
Ryan Parsons – drums, saxophone
Andy Larson – guitars, vocals, drum, fender rhodes (LEAD DOG)
Sonic Soulmates: Band of Horses, Radiohead, Verve
Must Hear Tracks: (These are expansive tracks that are full of nuances and beauty. Take your time and give them a chance to blossom)

“Syntax Trees” – Layered guitars, pianos and airy earthy vocals. Great track. A little Band of Horses

“Angels on a Pinhead” – Lovely shoegaze vocals with horns, Verve guitars and a kick ass ending.

Buy Seeding The Clouds now and you won’t regret it!

Follow Whitesand/Badlands:
Official Site

Band of the Day (10.26.10) Now, Now (Now, Now Every Children)

26 Oct

Band of the Day (10.26.10) Now, Now (Now, Now Every Children)

Pleasant female voices over eerie synth/guitar noises make for great music. See Emily Haines, xx, Best Coast, etc. etc. etc. I even like when the guitar player, here it’s Brad Hale, decides to rip into some nice electronic riff. Now, Now formerly Now, Now Every Children (NNEC) is a trio of midwestern lads who have an affection for music a little bit more north of Minneapolis. When I first heard them, I would have placed them in Toronto with the Arts & Crafts label, maybe between Stars and The Dears. Cacie Dalager’s lead vocals enthrall me, she sounds like a meeker, more helpless version of Emily Haines. I want to see her live with an acoustic guitar, no effects at a tiny bar in Tennessee. I think she’d shine without the noise, which to me, makes a great singer. With three EPs, one LP and a whole host of tracks, the band has refined its sound since 2003. The new self-titled EP is nice, it may attempt to be too much, see the appropriately named track “Giants” to hear their attempt at expansiveness. I like them when they’re less expansive and they stick to the trio of sound. Have a listen and be sure to follow them, they will be big.

Cacie Dalager (vocals, guitar, keyboard); Bradley Hale (drums, backing vocals); Jess Abbott (guitar, vocals); Britty Hale (keyboard) and Christine Sako (bass)

“Jesus Camp” – Shows where their headed, now where they’ve been. Stick with this sound and they’ll be HUGER THAN HUGE

Download — Now, Now – “Jesus Camp”

“Roommates” – Stars like play on words lyrics

Download — Now, Now -“Roommates”


Band of the Day (9.2.10) Dark Dark Dark

2 Sep

BOD (9.2.10) Dark Dark Dark

Most of the time, Minneapolis means a chilly trip to visit some buyer at Best Buy. Now I have reason to celebrate, catching a live show from Dark Dark Dark. They’re established with some roots in the self-proclaimed “Chamber Folk/Indie” space. What I gather, is that means loads of instruments, small recording spaces and chillingly awesome vocals. Take a listen to the two tracks below, I love Nona’s vocals and I think you’ll find they’re not another Montreal want-to-be. They’re classic and inventive. Familiar and new. Listen and pre-order the new LP. Nona is a beautiful cross between Zee Avi and Fiona. Thanks again to my Music Muse for this great find.

Marshall LaCount, Nona Marie Invie, Jonathan Kaiser, Todd Chandler, Walter McClements, Brett Bullion, Mark Trecka

“In Your Dreams” – World sounds coupled with Fiona Apple vocals. Tapping pianos turn this track into something special.

“Bright Bright Bright”