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Band of the Day (8.29.11) Lana Del Rey

29 Aug

Love doesn't describe what we've discovered. Lana Del Rey is commitment.

BOD (8.29.11) Lana Del Rey

Modernizing that Spector sound is oh so beautiful when it goes right. La Sera’s done it, Cults did it and now Lana Del Rey. She’s the darling of the industry today and I think you’ll agree that your life is now a little better after you watch this video below. She is so Hollywood, that I already see her tragic rehab comeback. I love her. The saddest part is that I don’t get to discover her again. The goosebumps are gone and now replaced with a fear of being too late to write about her. By the way her first record won’t hit until January. There are only three tracks out there….I’ve posted “Blue Jeans” and the video for “Video Games”

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY/ Hollywood
Members: Lana Del Rey
Sonic Soulmates: Stevie Nicks, Dolly Parton (in tone), The Shirelles, The Ronettes
“Blue Jeans”


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Band of the Day (8.25.11) The War on Drugs

26 Aug

The War on Drugs was no war, but just a name for a cause...good music cause

Band of the Day (8.25.11) The War on Drugs

I’m definitely a kid of the 80’s. Watching Nancy on stage passing out T-shirts telling me I shouldn’t. While Ronnie was on the 11pm news telling us how we’re winning the “War on Drugs” against the Colombians. Do you know what I really think…by calling it a war, it helped fund an industry and kept the economy moving forward. Maybe it was just a ploy to help us get our get our favorite band of the day. Ironically, The War on Drugs is down home Americana, the likes of Dylan and Springsteen…just like Reagan’s war on Angel Dust. TWOD are more of a collective, starting back in 2005, with Adam Granduciel and Kurt Vile touring Oakland, Philly, etc. then Vile bailed and Adam got serious with Dave Hartley and Mike Zanghi. They make up a super trio of electronic Americana. The threesome have Americana roots, with a Adam sounding a lot like Dylan fronting and the boys adding their best My Bloody Valentine. Love the new record Slave Ambient and the tracks posted below. Think Wilco meets Dylan meets Eels.

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Adam Granduciel (vocals, guitar, harmonica, keyboards, samplers)
Dave Hartley (bass, guitars)
Mike Zanghi (drums, percussion, sampler)
Kurt Vile (guitar)
Kyle Lloyd (drums)
Charlie Hall (drums, organ)
Sonic Soulmates™: Bob Dylan, Springsteen, My Bloody Valentine, Eels, Grant Lee Phillips
“Baby Missles”

“Come To the City”

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Band of the Day (8.23.11) White Denim

23 Aug

White Denim in Austin, TX is like wearing cowboy boots in LA. Fashion Police...

Band of the Day (8.23.11) White Denim

Two words solidify my love for White Denim, no not Meghan Fox no the two words that leave my mouth every time I hear White Denim…Hummingbird Award. Yeah that’s right, they are that good. Yeah and I don’t really give a hoot that they’ve been playing music since 2006. Five years is enough time for a band to really hit their shit. And I swear their new record D is rock your socks off good. I love the diversity of the 80’s deep bass rock, similar to early U2, and the droniness of 2011 found on “Street Joy” like that of Girls. They get all fuzzy at times like our faves here at NBD, Tame Impala. If that gives you any indication of their sound then why the hell are you reading this post. Listen and follow brother. And by the way, you tell me, but I think this qualifies and I do think I declared that 2011 was the re-birth of rock…..

Hometown: Austin, TX
Members: Josh Block (drums), Steve Terebecki (bass), and James Petralli (guitars, vocals)
Sonic Soulmates™: Did you see that I trademarked it…Tame Impala, Boyish U2, Shabazzzzzz
Trackables™: Trademarked that shiat as well.
“Drugs (PBJ Remix)” – My present to you.

“Street Joy” – Prob the best track from them

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Band of the Day (8.19.11) Craft Spells

19 Aug

Spell Crafted pants are way too tight and my 80's are on right now!

Band of the Day (8.19.11) Craft Spells

You know when you haven’t seen someone in a while and you stumble on them….forgeting their name but recognizing their face…you say “Hey Man, what’s up dude???” Well I feel that way almost daily when I hear new bands. I know you look and sound familiar but I just can’t find the name. Craft Spells reminds me of my college buddy that I saw at Peet’s coffee yesterday. What the hell is his name? Well if it’s Craft Spells it’s more like my 7th grade buddy, due to their 1983 modern new wave KROQ stylings. I liken them most to Joy Division oddly cute 18 year daughter. Or if you want to get all weird about it, how about Joy Division’s new spawn having their own child…like Seapony or Beach Fossils. Or what the hell is that band’s name again?

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Justin Vallesteros
Jack Smith
Peter Michel
Javier Suarez
Sonic Soulmates: Joy Division, Seapony, Beach Fossils
“Party Talk” – We first heard in August of last year…a year ago. The album came out in March.

“After the Moment” – Your Junior Senior moment of the day. Fucking love this song! Just so you know, my hair is plastered to my head, my jeans are way too tight and I just totally blew a speaker in my mom’s Fiero. Wait it’s not 1986.


Band of Day (8.8.11) YOUNG GIRLS

9 Aug

I found this band from a Google search...Young Girls

Band of Day (8.8.11) YOUNG GIRLS

As the Turk told me last night, “Don’t Google search these dudes…” well I did and I got what I expected. Knowing that these Houston lads had a strong single floating around the intertubes in “Mexico In December”, my search was made much easier. The threesome garage rocksters bring happy summer sounds with a 60’s flare and a peaceful warrior approach. I love the echo harmonies, reminds me of KROQ circa 1985 when the first wave literally crashed into the garage punks. Harlem from our 2010 NBD collection is a quick reminder of their sound, but I give the Sonic Soulmate nod to Surfer Blood. Houston isn’t a hotbed for surfers, but I hear that the dudes from Surfer Blood don’t surf either, so here’s to Texas’ surf rock…yeehaw dude!

MEMBERS: Charlie, Luis Carlos, and Pete (SEND ME LAST NAMES PLEASE)
SONIC SOULMATES: Surfer Blood, Cooler than but Vampire Weekend, Fang Island
“Mexico in December”

“Six Pack Back Stab”

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Band of the Day (8.4.11) Shalants or The Shalants

4 Aug

The Bay Area has a scene and it's not non-Shalant with The Shalants

Band of the Day (8.4.11) Shalants or The Shalants

Nothing more homer love for home town heroes. Shalants are bluesy and ballsy and they hail from San Francisco. Their recently released self-titled album is that good. “That Good” means that you must tell your friends that Shalants are your new favorite band. Listen to “The Mercury Twins” below and you’ll be screaming for more. So I posted another track just so you stopped begging. Trust us and we’ll trust you. They’re part of the emerging SF psych surf, garage scene that includes some of our faves like Sonny and the Sunsets, Girls and The Fresh & Onlys.

Grab the album here…support these lads
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Members: Miller Carr Robin Macmillan Jacob Silver Brett Eastman
Sonic Soulmates: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Tom Waits, The Walkmen, The Kinks and Neil Young + Sonny and the Sunsets, Girls and The Fresh & Onlys.
“The Mercury Twins”

“The Deserter” – I promise that this will be the track you talk about to all your friends.

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