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UNCORKED™ – Best New Bands of 2012 (11.4.12) Christopher Owens

4 Nov

I love Girls but I think we love Christopher Owens more…

UNCORKED™ – Best New Bands of 2012 (11.5.12) Christopher Owens
I don’t know how I feel about this. It would be like Jack White going solo after the first two White Stripes records. Christopher Owens leaves Girls after a second record that quite possibly was the best record of this decade. His solo record is good, which shows us that the band Girls had far more depth. The Tullesque flute coupled with the electric guitar sounds like early Fleetwood and later Midlake combined. I’m sold, but dude don’t burn us and give your Girls bandmates a chance and do another record in 2013. We really do, did and still do love Girls —> read for yourself WE WERE RIGHT!!!

Founded: 2012
Hometown: SF, CA
Members: Christopher Owens
Sonic Soulmates™: Midlake, Girls, Fleetwood Mac, Jethro Tull
Trackables™: “Here We Go”


UNCORKED™ – Best New Bands of 2012 (6.19.12) Poolside

19 Jun

Poolside bring rafting with jean shorts to a whole new level

UNCORKED™ – Best New Bands of 2012 (6.12.12) Poolside
I’ve been super busy. Not like any of you readers give a hoot about my life, but I’ve been meaning to tell all of you about our new favorite obsession…POOLSIDE. If that’s not the best summer sound band name, then I suspect you’re from Siberia. The sun is needed for happiness you pale Vitamin D—eprived ruskie. Get on a donkey and ride out to the coast with the cool sounds of Poolside. We first became obsessed with their epic rendition of “Harvest Moon”. Who knew Neil Young was a hipster pool party companion. I see dudes in jean shorts with long beards and pinner shades floating in a Silverlake pool…That’s what I envision when I hear Poolside, oh yeah maybe Beck stopped by for a little acoustic smoke-out.

Founded: 2010
Hometown: LA/SF
Members: Filip Nikolic, Jeffery Paradise
Sonic Soulmates™: Kenny Loggins, Toro Y Moi
“Slow Down” – Kenny Loggins, Caddyshack, Danny, Chevy, Murray….that’s all I can think about here.

“Harvest Moon” – If Gilmore met Young and made an odd looking female spawn.


UNCORKED™ – Band of the Day (1.11.12) Ryan Stively

10 Jan

The ghosts of Port O'Brien come to life with a record built for a Hummingbird Award - Ryan Stively

Uncorked™ Ryan Stively

Port O’Brien breaking up messed with my head. I loved their last record Threadbare so much, it was a combination of Built to Spill and Bowerbirds. Folky, fuzzy and good. Then they dissolved the unit, Van floated over to WATERS and Ryan Stively, the long-time member and co-conspirator has now stepped out to create some southern fried, San Francisco gems on his debut record Soft Kingdom. It was recorded over the span of 6 months on borrowed and leftover studio time with former tour-mate and Portland multi-instrumentalist Cory Gray (Carcrashlander, Desert City Soundtrack). It’s part Broken Social Scene, part National brooding and a whole lot of Wilco (Tweedy) or even Bridwell’s stylings for Band of Horses…hell even a little M. Wardy. These 8 tracks could rival any record we’ve heard in the past 6 months. Buy it here.

Hometown: Portland, OR, San Francisco, CA (Right in our own backyard)
Members: Ryan Stively (Port O’Brien), Cambria Goodwin (Port O’Brien), Graham LeBron (Rogue Wave, Album Leaf) and Joey Ficken (Sea Wolf) appear.
Sonic Soulmates™: Bowerbirds, Wilco, Broken Social Scene, Rogue Wave, M. Ward
“We Forget Everything”

“Soft Kingdom”


Best New Bands of 2011 HUMMINGBIRD AWARD: #12 WATERS

6 Dec

12 reasons to love 2011 and WATERS. Stop listening to drivel and listen to WATERS

Best New Band of 2011
#12 Hummingbird Award – WATERS

Van Pierszalowski formerly of Port O’Brien, which is no more (so sad), traversed the coasts from Alaska to Oslo back to SF and he’s created more aqually awesome music. Flowing tempos and Lord Huron vocals make us love him so much more. The tri-coastal hero is superhero amongst us all…Yo La Tengo in nature. The love is gushing and

Hometown: Oslo, Norway; San Francisco, CA; Brooklyn, NY
Members: Van Pierszalowski
Sonic Soulmates™: Yo La Tengo, Phosphorescent
“O Holy Break of Day”

“For The One”

Click here to listen on your iPhone or iPad
Best New Bands – WATERS “O Holy Break of Day”
WATERS – For the One


Original Post: Band of the Day 10.26.11

Hummingbird Award Winners 2011
Hummingbird Award #13: Lana Del Rey

Band of the Day (10.26.11) WATERS

26 Oct

Port O'Brien flooded with WATERS and the sound is magnificent

BOD (10.26.11) WATERS

It’s easy to say that bands these days are derivative. I hear so many people refer to bands as “Sounding like…” or “These guys are so derivative of…” that too easy. Making music isn’t easy and if you’re a talented artist and you do the work, then you shouldn’t have to suffer from comparisons. It’s hard not to, we even showcase our “Sonic Soulmates” because it makes it more palatable for the listener, but I have to admit that it bias the listening experience. You instantly think of the artist referred then the artist playing. The reason for this diatribe is that our BOD WATERS just doesn’t conjure up that easy comparison. Making our job so much easier today. Van Pierszalowski formerly of Port O’Brien, which is no more (so sad), traversed the coasts from Alaska to Oslo back to SF and he’s created more aqually awesome music. You could say that his reverb heavy garage rock sounds are college radio friendly, but I tend lean towards his softer approach that still cranks out troubling guitar riffs and distorted ear piercing sounds. He’s getting all the play and his vocals hover around Yo La Tengo. Grab the new record Out In The Night and make your day with new music.

Hometown: Oslo, Norway; San Francisco, CA; Brooklyn, NY
Members: Van Pierszalowski
Sonic Soulmates™: Yo La Tengo?
“For the One”


Band of the Day (8.4.11) Shalants or The Shalants

4 Aug

The Bay Area has a scene and it's not non-Shalant with The Shalants

Band of the Day (8.4.11) Shalants or The Shalants

Nothing more homer love for home town heroes. Shalants are bluesy and ballsy and they hail from San Francisco. Their recently released self-titled album is that good. “That Good” means that you must tell your friends that Shalants are your new favorite band. Listen to “The Mercury Twins” below and you’ll be screaming for more. So I posted another track just so you stopped begging. Trust us and we’ll trust you. They’re part of the emerging SF psych surf, garage scene that includes some of our faves like Sonny and the Sunsets, Girls and The Fresh & Onlys.

Grab the album here…support these lads
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Members: Miller Carr Robin Macmillan Jacob Silver Brett Eastman
Sonic Soulmates: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Tom Waits, The Walkmen, The Kinks and Neil Young + Sonny and the Sunsets, Girls and The Fresh & Onlys.
“The Mercury Twins”

“The Deserter” – I promise that this will be the track you talk about to all your friends.

Facebook —- Come on boys get with the times

Best New Band of 2011 Band of the Day (4.21.11) Slowness

22 Apr

SF based and ready to gaze - Slowness

Band of the Day (4.21.11) Slowness

Okay okay okay okay….if you read NBD every day you’ve noticed that I’ve been dormant. Well I apologize. My MacBook died. Literally. Photos, music, documents, all locked away behind my hibernating Mac. It was my good friends at Keane Mac repair that 7xed my Mac and brought NBD back to life. So happy today and so happy that I met a place that does something well! Cheers to you my friends!

Coincidently, I’ve been waiting almost a week to post about our new favorite Arizona Turk derived obsession….SLOWNESS! Yes it explains my posting strategy for April, but their music was well worth the wait. You know we love the local music scene in SF, but we’ve never put limits on our posts. We just find it fun to feature bands from our own music backyard, this market for some reason took a shit in the 90’s and 00’s and it’s just now having it’s moment…again. Drone rock can be fun, the shoegaze theme hasn’t really worn thin, but it’s the hipster version of a jam bands. It’s just darker arenas, less patchouli, and heavier distortion. We like to stick our nose down to our shoes to the Phishes of the world, but let’s be honest if you give them an amp and hair in their face you have Phish goes shoegaze. That being said Slowness takes the best of the genre and delivers a perfect EP. Harmonies, wailing whining guitars and eerie vocals. I liken their sound to one of our faves The Raveonettes, even Autoluxie a bit. Really a great band and I’d expect to hear Geoffrey Scott, Julie Lynn and Scott Putnam bouncing around the country and on the festival circuit very very soon.

We’re back, we have a new hard drive and we’re ready to rule the world.
Hometown: SF, CA, USA
Members: Geoffrey Scott: guitars, vocals, loops Julie Lynn: bass, keys, vocals Scott Putnam: drums, vocals
Sonic Soulmates: My Bloody Valentine, The Raveonettes, Autolux

“Black & White”

Follow Slowness:

Tonight in the City – The Radio Dept.

14 Feb

Live @ The Independent The Radio Dept in SF

It’s Vday folks and my Muse surprised me with tickets to our #3 Hummingbird Award Winners from 2010 —- The Radio Dept. Pictures will be posted an we’re stoked to have some Swedes visiting out fine foggy or misty city of SF!

We love The Radio Dept. here, their accolades are below:
#3 Hummingbird Award Winners of 2010
Voted #3 Best New Album Gem of 2010 – Editors Pick
Voted #1 Best New Track “Heaven’s On Fire” Gem of 2010 – Editors Pick

Band of the Day 2.10.11 The Dodos

10 Feb

The Dodos Finally Finally Finally have a 4th LP

Band of the Day 2.10.11 THE DoDoS

Here again we have another case of a Laney Boggs band. Curious what a Laney Boggs band is? Well Freddie Prinze Jr. and Rachael Leigh Cook in She’s All That should answer that question. The teen romance story where your best friend of the opposite sex listens to you rant all night long about your horrible relationship, then in one moment you realize, “Damn she is really hottttt.” Maybe she removed her glasses, or got dressed up for prom, whatever it is, it’s a classic story and The Dodos are a perfect fit. The SF duo of Meric Long and Logan Kroeber have been trolling the small venues since 2005, playing gigs, putting out 3 LPs, 2008’s Visiter was very good, and it took their single “Black Knight” to make us realize how amazing they truly are. It’s simple drum guitar beat is great, but the vocals remind me of 2005 faves Born Ruffians or last year’s Morning Benders. The guitar slapping at the end reminds me of “Cherub Rock” by the Pumpkins, but it’s the whole package that makes this track great. I love this track and from what has slipped into my Inbox…the album is going to be huge. The album No Color is slated for March 15th and is rumored to have guest appearances from Neko Case, etc. The Dodos should be on your radar, and SXSW may be their Prom dress.

Vitals for The Dodos:
Hometown: San Francisco, CA, USA
Members: Meric Long, Logan Kroeber
Sonic Soulmates: Born Ruffians, Morning Benders, Smashing Pumpkins, The Kooks, Arctic Monkeys
Must Hear Tracks:
“Black Night” – Really might be my favorite track of 2011 so far. Gotta listen to it.

“Winter” – From the Visiter record and it’s shows their depth.

“Don’t Stop”

Pre-Order No Color On Vinyl NOW

Follow The Dodos:
Official Site

Best New Bands of 2010 Hummingbird Award: #14 The Fresh & Onlys

11 Dec

Best New Bands of 2010 Hummingbird Award: #14 The Fresh & Onlys

It’s important to remember that not all bands are derivatives of others. Really, after so many years and decades of hearing bands, it’s hard not to compare a band to someone else. I do it all the time here at NBD. It’s the best way to give you a frame of reference. So The Fresh and Onlys from San Francisco, released a song so amazing this year, it’s hard not to say you’ve heard it before. Just erase the past and listen to one of the BEST NEW BANDS and SONGS of 2010.

Hometown: The greatest city on Earth San Francisco, CA
Band members: Tim Cohen, Shayde Sartin, Wymond Miles, Kyle Gibson
Sonic Soulmates:….I can’t do it to you…just listen to the track!
Song of the Year:

Original BOD Post: 9.21.10

2010 Hummingbird Awards
Hummingbird Award #20: Crocodiles
Hummingbird Award #19: Miniature Tigers
Hummingbird Award #18: Gamble House
Hummingbird Award #17: Tame Impala
Hummingbird Award #16: Paper Crows
Hummingbird Award #15: Perfume Genius
Hummingbird Award #14: The Fresh & Onlys

Band of the Day (10.6.10) Moon Duo

6 Oct

BOD: (10.6.10) Moon Duo

San Francisco is a hot bed for new music. I’m not kidding, see Tamaryn and The Fresh and Onlys. Don’t believe me, we don’t care, because we’re here and there is a sound forming. Moon Duo is the finest of what SF has to offer. Their a wall of spooky sounds and their wall includes a shoegazey horrorific approach that keeps you listening. Our friends at the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride were looking for new music for this year’s event and we at NBD suggested Moon Duo. Sanae Yamada and Ripley Johnson formed Moon Duo in the City in 2009 and their latest EP is kraut driven and it reminds us of BRMC with a mix of Royal Trux and a dose of Turbonegro.

“Escape” – Surf rock for the night dwellers.

Download – Moon Duo – “Escape”

“Motorcycle, I Love You”

Download – Moon Duo – “Motorcycle, I Love You”
Sanae Yamada
Ripley Johnson


Band of the Day (9.23.10) Tamaryn

23 Sep

BOD (9.23.10) Tamaryn

Sometimes life does a funny thing. You ask the universe for something and it delivers. I was thinking that I hadn’t heard a band recently that just kicked my ass. A band that changed the way I looked at the day. I also commented a few days ago how the The Fresh & Onlys have officially brought back the SF music scene. Well, now the universe delivered the greatest gift of all. A band that blew me away and they’re from NBD’s homeville, San Francisco. Tamaryn is gazy, airy and most of all, sonically similar to the best album of the 00’s, My Morning Jacket’s At Dawn. Tamaryn met Rex John Shelverton in NYC, they relocated to Rex’s hometown of SF, kicked the goth crap and rooted themselves in a fast forward sound. It’s not as purely brilliant as MMJ’s early work, but it’s damn good. Tamaryn brings her best Mazzy Star and this album, Waves, will be a dominant force for many many years to come. I will even venture to say that Tamaryn could be NBD’s Band of the Year.

“Sandstone” – It’s makes me feel the same as when I heard “Heaven or Las Vegas” by Cocteau Twins

Download —> Tamaryn – “Sandstone”

“Love Fade”

Download —> Tamaryn – “Love Fade”

Made by Rex John Shelverton & Tamaryn

Live Show:
Jonah Buffa: Bass
Matthew Bajda: Drums
Rex: Guitar


Band of the Day (9.21.10) The Fresh & Onlys

21 Sep

BOD (9.21.10) The Fresh & Onlys

Awhile back we were on a tear here at NBD talking about the cool SF scene that was emerging. So many cool bands, most of which were featured on our Facebook only days, visit here to see. Bands like Girls, which were Band of the Day #3 for us, or Sonny and The Sunsets have helped rekindle the cool scene here in the Upper Bay and we’re loving it. It’s been awhile since a rock band billowed from the fog. Well The Fresh & Onlys have inspired our turn-tables, iPhones, and Macs here at NBD.

Their vocals are from the new waves first wave, gloomy, dark and eerily cool, because the lyrics are brilliant, think Joy Division with a purpose to live. Their music is twangy, Indie and full of great musicianship. No overdubbing echoes, just twangy blues rock. Their production level has escalated and it’s time for this band to break. I promise these guys are fantastic and you’ll love them. One track and you’ll be hooked.


Download –> The Fresh & Onlys – “Waterfall”

Band Members:
Tim Cohen, Shayde Sartin, Wymond Miles, Kyle Gibson