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Best New Bands of 2010 Hummingbird Award: #14 The Fresh & Onlys

11 Dec

Best New Bands of 2010 Hummingbird Award: #14 The Fresh & Onlys

It’s important to remember that not all bands are derivatives of others. Really, after so many years and decades of hearing bands, it’s hard not to compare a band to someone else. I do it all the time here at NBD. It’s the best way to give you a frame of reference. So The Fresh and Onlys from San Francisco, released a song so amazing this year, it’s hard not to say you’ve heard it before. Just erase the past and listen to one of the BEST NEW BANDS and SONGS of 2010.

Hometown: The greatest city on Earth San Francisco, CA
Band members: Tim Cohen, Shayde Sartin, Wymond Miles, Kyle Gibson
Sonic Soulmates:….I can’t do it to you…just listen to the track!
Song of the Year:

Original BOD Post: 9.21.10

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Band of the Day (9.21.10) The Fresh & Onlys

21 Sep

BOD (9.21.10) The Fresh & Onlys

Awhile back we were on a tear here at NBD talking about the cool SF scene that was emerging. So many cool bands, most of which were featured on our Facebook only days, visit here to see. Bands like Girls, which were Band of the Day #3 for us, or Sonny and The Sunsets have helped rekindle the cool scene here in the Upper Bay and we’re loving it. It’s been awhile since a rock band billowed from the fog. Well The Fresh & Onlys have inspired our turn-tables, iPhones, and Macs here at NBD.

Their vocals are from the new waves first wave, gloomy, dark and eerily cool, because the lyrics are brilliant, think Joy Division with a purpose to live. Their music is twangy, Indie and full of great musicianship. No overdubbing echoes, just twangy blues rock. Their production level has escalated and it’s time for this band to break. I promise these guys are fantastic and you’ll love them. One track and you’ll be hooked.


Download –> The Fresh & Onlys – “Waterfall”

Band Members:
Tim Cohen, Shayde Sartin, Wymond Miles, Kyle Gibson