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November ’12 Picks — The Perfect Playlist for the End of Times

14 Nov

Doomsday Delights…the final list of music for the end of times.

Mayan calendars, apocalyptic weather patterns, locusts, temple completion. Oh it’s all coming down to 12/21/12 So let’s enjoy it with new music. Here are our top 10 bands, albums and what nots to make our November list or the last 30 days of our existence a memorable one. The perfect playlist of new bands for the end of times. Too bad these bands won’t make it past our little blog…or will they:

#10 –> April Maze
Melbourne duo, touring since ’10. Perfect Sad music for when you think back on the missed opportunities, the love lost, investment’s gaffed, etc. April Maze will be your last cigarette type moment. The new album is Two

#9 –> Dwntwn
When you want to dance in the streets with no clothes on…I know I’m going hear this band on Gossip Girl at some gala event to celebrate Blair’s new clothing line. Dwntwn’s new EP The Red Room

#8 –> The Vaccines
They go in the “BECAUSE WE WERE RIGHT” category. No band we were more sure about, well maybe Mumford, but The Vaccines new record Come of Age spills over with Johnny Rotten vocals and a soundtrack moment for the one last revenge eff. You know the one that got away, the one that dumped you HARD. Your cure is here. Needle up “All In Vain” and give her a call.

#7 –> Jonathan Boulet
This is the soundtrack to overthrow the final vestiges of your leadership. The song you have pumping in the car when you finally tell authority to eat shit. Possibly my favorite record of 2012! “You’re An Animal” is the song that should be played! Another band from down under. New record is titled We keep the beat Found the sound See the need Start the heart

#6 –> Darren Hayman and the Long Parliament
If you want to impress her or him by addressing the dinner party with your deep dark knowledge of the Essex Witch Trials which took place during the English Civil War, then spend the time with Darren Hayman’s Violence. It’s a considered listen and it will definitely give you a leg up and the “End of Times Dinner Gala”. Who knows we might all be considered witches and this is a guide to avoid your own persecution.

#5 –> Clinic
Are we supposed to care about bands from 1997 when the world is about to end..Hell yes we are, especially when Free Reign is their best record since 2002. Liverpool’s Clinic is the music playing while you question your life choices, you say to yourself “Why didn’t I do XXXX” you can fill in the blank.

#4 –> The Weeknd
You’re now counting minutes, no not that stupid Justin Timberlake movie In Time, but the real minutes, who knows if you even have electricity left. This is the record that will be playing when the last ounce of oxygen is removed from the planet. Why, because it’s that good that you want to hear it again and again and again and….The Weeknd is Abel Tefsaye of Toronto who was/is about to redefine R&B. Drake and Kanye droool at the feet of The Weeknd. Trilogy is when you pray that this really isn’t the end because you need one more record from this cat.

#3 –> Fear of Men
Man will surely be the reason why the world ends. Something we created, some manufactured food, only God knows. What I do know is that Fear of Men are the BEST BAND OF 2012…Really and truly. Fear of Men are the London/Brighton quartet of Jess Weiss, Dan, Alex and Mike

#2 Crystal Castles
Did someone say endless amounts of drugs because it won’t matter when we’re all dead. Bring on the heroin, the crystal, hell bring on the krokodil tears, ever since I read about that shit in Vice, I really wanted to get my hands on some of that Russian brain melter from Novokuznetsk. So as you drift up to Neverland with Pan and his little people, play the perfect psychotropic soundtrack…Crystal Castles (III). Hell if you can find a boat head to the Nordics and enjoy the grime party.

#1 –> The Walkmen
Only because it’s what I want to listen to on my last day on Earth. It’s the band that perfectly explains my mental maturity. From the youthful rage of “The Rat” to the timeliness of You & Me to the soberness of the new record Heaven. It’s what I want to hear when I reach the pearly gates and need to explain myself to my maker. Just play “Heaven” on repeat until it’s over. The record provides aural courage.

Break Glass if needed:




Send us your picks….

The full playlist is here on Spotify:

UNCORKED™ – Best New Bands of 2012 (11.4.12) Christopher Owens

4 Nov

I love Girls but I think we love Christopher Owens more…

UNCORKED™ – Best New Bands of 2012 (11.5.12) Christopher Owens
I don’t know how I feel about this. It would be like Jack White going solo after the first two White Stripes records. Christopher Owens leaves Girls after a second record that quite possibly was the best record of this decade. His solo record is good, which shows us that the band Girls had far more depth. The Tullesque flute coupled with the electric guitar sounds like early Fleetwood and later Midlake combined. I’m sold, but dude don’t burn us and give your Girls bandmates a chance and do another record in 2013. We really do, did and still do love Girls —> read for yourself WE WERE RIGHT!!!

Founded: 2012
Hometown: SF, CA
Members: Christopher Owens
Sonic Soulmates™: Midlake, Girls, Fleetwood Mac, Jethro Tull
Trackables™: “Here We Go”


UNCORKED™ – Best New Bands of 2012 (10.14.12) Toy

14 Oct

Amazing rockadelica from London will knock your socks off.

Amazing rockadelica from London will knock your socks off.

UNCORKED™ – Best New Bands of 2012 (10.14.12) Toy

Phew…we thought this year of rock was going to boil down to Tame Impala and that Nirveatles crap. What a sham…then, oh then we hear Toy and our hearts skipped a beat. Psychadelia from London, makes us think of our Primal Scream days, but I have to say they are better. They have melody and they rock the sh*t of the place. You can get lost in their music like that of early Verve, see “Already There” and then call us and tell how amazing that song is. We beg you to listen to “Dead and Gone” and tell us that you aren’t in love. Oh and they’re on Heavenly Records, a trusted label of quality. We dare you….Thank you.

Founded: 2012
Hometown: London, UK
: Tom Dougall
Dominic O’Dair
Alejandra Diez
Maxim Barron
Charlie Salvidge
Sonic Soulmates™: Primal Scream, Tame Impala, Verve
Trackables™: “Dead and Gone”

New Album S/T


UNCORKED™ – Best New Bands of 2012 (9.24.12) New War

24 Sep

New Band Alert! NEW WAR from Australia!

New Band Alert! NEW WAR from Australia!

UNCORKED™ – Best New Bands of 2012 (9.24.12) New War

How often can you say, “Wow those dudes sound they came from the 80’s” a lot right? More than feels acceptable, but hey that’s quite alright, the 80’s were indulgent and eclectic. Wearing a little eyeliner and some lipstick was ironic and buying expensive things became the norm. But how often do you hear someone say, “Dude that band sounds like U2 being impregnated by Frankie Goes to Hollywood”….never. What made Frankie absolutely acceptable, was their tribal sound. What made U2 great was not their desire to to change channels on a 500 ft. TV screen, but was their Irish rebellion DNA. That DNA mixed with Frankie’s flashiness, gives us New War. To make it easy, they sound a heck of a lot like Kasabian. That’s it. New record is S/T and it’s good.

Founded: 2012
Hometown: Melbourne, AU
Members: Chris Pugmire, Jesse Shepherd, Melissa Lock
Sonic Soulmates™: U2, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Kasabian
Trackables™: “Revealer”

New Album S/T


UNCORKED™ – Best New Bands of 2012 (9.14.12) Alt-J (∆)

14 Sep
Alt-J is worth the listen. The Leeds lads would rather you call them ∆

Alt-J is worth the listen. The Leeds lads would rather you call them ∆

UNCORKED™ – Best New Bands of 2012 (9.14.12) Alt-J

Leeds, no football club wants to be caught dead playing at Elland Road. You not only risk the punishing play on the field, but the fan abuse is unrivaled. It’s not surprising that a band like (∆), pronounced Alt-J was birthed under that protective shell. They like the culture of the football fans, is one of a kind. Although, they’re not punishing, just lushing…a new word I just made up. It’s hard to pin them to one sound. Maybe they lean a little to the right with Nurses, Animal Collective, or maybe a little more left and Radioheady, but it’s the upbeat almost danceable nature of the music that gets me and the NBDers jazzed. Yes these lads one the Mercury Prize, so it’s not a surprise that they are on our watch list. And by the way F*(K Pitchfork for that craptastic 4.5 review. I feel good when I lis tento tracks like “Something Good” or “Ms” maybe it’s the bells or the strummy guitars. A track ends and I get the same feeling I used to get before an exciting first date with that lady I fawned over. Alt-J is that band that will make your weekend better.

Founded: 2011
Hometown: Leeds, UK
Members: Gwil, Joe Newman [guitar/vocals], Gus Unger-Hamilton [keyboards] and Thom Green [drums] met at Leeds University in 2007
Sonic Soulmates™: Midlake, Nurses, Animal Collective
“Breezeblocks” – Amazing single

An Awesome Wave

Alt-J Website

UNCORKED™ – Best New Bands of 2012 (3.1.12) Grimes

1 Mar

Grimes is it

UNCORKED™ – Best New Bands of 2012 (3.1.12) Grimes
By the way, let me just emphatically state this, I LOVE GRIMES! I want that t-shirt made now, hell, just buy it here. She is my muse for the dark times. Maybe she’ll be playing on 12.22.12 when that rolling ball of fire engulfs the world. Whatever the scenario, the new record Visions is a mixture of her 80’s electro-pop obsession from her first two records with a dash of polished digitalism. It’s a beautiful record and one that I would have played over and over and over again in 1986 while playing Ultima IV, or in 1994 playing Sega or today while playing Spotify. We don’t use love lightly around here, but Grimes is our lover and we are obsessed little puppies waiting for our next little aural treat.

Founded: 2009
Hometown: Montreal, Cananda
Members: Claire Boucher
Sonic Soulmates™: Stacie Q, Polica, Class Actress
“Be A Body” – My prediction for a chart topper…wow

“Colour of Moonlight” – My secret obsession

The entire record:

Her Website