UNCORKED™ – Band of the Day (1.17.12) CLASS ACTRESS

17 Jan

Class Actress sheds light on what can be good in 2012.

Uncorked™ Class Actress

I’m a sucker for female leads. I’m also a sucker for minimalist electronic music. The stuff you can create on your kid’s toys…all said, simple beats and unlayered tracks may replace the cluttered underwater gargle we’ve been dealing with over the past two years. Class Actress is one stellar example of the mid-80’s Kate Bush led Depeche Mode tribute sound. Elizabeth Harper is the muse that leads Class Actress, having been at electronic music since 2009, she drafted the help of producers Mark Richardson and Scott Rosenthal. They created what is today one of our favorite late ’11 and early ’12 faves. Where Chairlift bores and drones, Class Actress soars. Her new record Rapprocher was released late 2011 it good and her following is growing fast. Elizabeth is Alexis Krauss of Sleigh Bells without the anger, she’s what makes music great these days. Here’s to a new age of female leads in 2012.

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY via Philadelphia, PA
Members: Elizabeth Harper
Sonic Soulmates™: Twin Sister, Depeche Mode, Kate Bush, Chairlift

“Keep You”


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