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Best New Bands of 2012 HUMMINGBIRD AWARD #2: GRIMES

28 Dec
I'm sure you've heard her this year and that's why she deserves the Hummingbird

I’m sure you’ve heard her this year and that’s why she deserves the Hummingbird

Best New Bands of 2012 HUMMINGBIRD AWARD #2: GRIMES
Hours and hours and hours we debated over our #1 Hummingbird…it wasn’t an easy choice and many bands not only missed out by a hair, they didn’t even make our top 12. Sad but true. Grimes is not a new artist per se. Some of us have been allured by her siren voice since 2009, but it took a stellar LP like Visions for her to really shine and break-through. We put her experimental harmonizing of Halfaxa behind us and truly were treated with a perfect record. Not many artists can move past this phase. I don’t think Cocteau Twins ever moved beyond it and we know that many artists go in the opposite direction and move way too far into the art and we lose them forever. Grimes chose the perfect year to blossom her flower and we loved it. Thank you for “Genesis”, “Be A Body” and my personal favorite no not “Vanessa” from 2011, but “Colour of Moonlight” of 2012. So good. She truly embodies what an artist is and should be in 2012. We look for more over the next 10 years, maybe a little less falsetto harmonizing and some amazing lyricism will push her to #1 in 2013.

Founded: 2009
Hometown: Montreal, Cananda
Members: Claire Boucher
Sonic Soulmates™: Stacie Q, Polica, Class Actress
“Be A Body”
“Colour of Moonlight”

Follow GRIMES:
Her Website

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UNCORKED™ – Best New Bands of 2012 (3.1.12) Grimes

1 Mar

Grimes is it

UNCORKED™ – Best New Bands of 2012 (3.1.12) Grimes
By the way, let me just emphatically state this, I LOVE GRIMES! I want that t-shirt made now, hell, just buy it here. She is my muse for the dark times. Maybe she’ll be playing on 12.22.12 when that rolling ball of fire engulfs the world. Whatever the scenario, the new record Visions is a mixture of her 80’s electro-pop obsession from her first two records with a dash of polished digitalism. It’s a beautiful record and one that I would have played over and over and over again in 1986 while playing Ultima IV, or in 1994 playing Sega or today while playing Spotify. We don’t use love lightly around here, but Grimes is our lover and we are obsessed little puppies waiting for our next little aural treat.

Founded: 2009
Hometown: Montreal, Cananda
Members: Claire Boucher
Sonic Soulmates™: Stacie Q, Polica, Class Actress
“Be A Body” – My prediction for a chart topper…wow

“Colour of Moonlight” – My secret obsession

The entire record:

Her Website

Best New Bands of 2011 HUMMINGBIRD AWARD: #11 Suuns

8 Dec

Hummingbird Award #11 - Suuns --- One of the best new bands of 2011

Best New Band of 2011
#11 Hummingbird Award – Suuns
Thank God, Arizona Turk is persistent. We buried his email about Suuns back in 2010 and it was this past February that we finally got our act together and posted. Wow. Really, just one big wow. They’re minimalist, they’re Canadian and they take a lot of inspiration from the likes of Clinic and Thievery Corp. We miss the Turk, where are you but we love Suuns.

Hometown – Montreal, Canada
Members – Ben Shemie, Liam O’Neill, Max Henry, Joseph Yarmush
Sonic Soulmates – MGMT, Clinic, The Besnard Lakes, The Kills, Thievery Corporation with some Beck vocals

“Armed For Peace”

Click here to listen on your iPhone or iPad
Best New Bands – Suuns “Arena”
Suuns – Armed For Peace


Original Post: Band of the Day 2.2.11


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Hummingbird Award #12: WATERS

Band of the Day (4.12.11) Code Pie

13 Apr

Who are we fooling, no one, these guys are amazing. Code Pie

Band of the Day (4.12.11) Code Pie

Ready from a new record from a band you’ve never heard but you should have been anticipating since 2007? Are you antsy, anxious but yet unaware of what the hell I’m talking about? Good, because you should curious about Code Pie. Code Pie is a Canadian indie rock band founded in the early 2000’s in Montréal by singer and guitarist Enzo Palermo. Other band members are Salvatore Ciolfi (guitars), Michel Semienchuk (bass), Vince Varano (drums), Eva Boodman (trumpet) and Rebecca Lessard (cello). They’re part Broken Social Scene, with the layered melodic noisy mess all accompanied with a subtle horn. They could also be confused with Architecture From Helsinki, but no matter what you say or how you compare them, Code Pie is a stand-out and they deserve your hopeless Facebook post for more music. So get with the program and follow your new favorite band.

Hometown: Montreal, CN
Members: Enzo Palermo. Other band members are Salvatore Ciolfi (guitars), Michel Semienchuk (bass), Vince Varano (drums), Eva Boodman (trumpet) and Rebecca Lessard (cello)
Sonic Soulmates: Broken Social Scene, Architecture in Helsinki, South, Lord Huron
“Morning After”

“Love Meets Rage” – The title track and quite possibly my favorite track of 2011. SO f’n good.

Grab the new record Love Meets Rage …you won’t be disappointed…promise it’s full of songs culled from 2-3 years worth of jam sessions.

Official Site

Band of the Day 3.15.11 The Luyas

15 Mar

Montreal is not just Arcade Fire land...it's home to the coolest band of 2011 The Luyas

Band of the Day 3.15.11 The Luyas

Another Canadian band, and this time it’s an ensemble with three records to their credit. The Luyas performed live for the first time in December 2006, released their first record, Faker Death in August 2007, and now have Too Beautiful To Work , one of the coolest records of the year. Buy it here on Vinyl please. They’re part Stereolab’s cool free form electronic rock/jazz with the simplicity of Architecture of Helsinki and the celebration of Los Campesinos! At times I think I’m listening to a clever Bjork album with Jessie’s vocals, but really I find her vocals to be right in line with our past BOD La Sera. It’s a moody album and the band definitely shows it’s Arcade Fire DNA. If you’re already a fan, then pass the link along, if not let them know how cool they are.

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Pietro Amato
Mathieu Charbonneau
Stefan Schneider
Jessie Stein
Sonic Soulmates: Los Campesinos!, La Sera, Stereolab, Tortoise and a little Arcade Fire
“Tiny Head” – My favorite track from the new record!



Grammy Round-up 2011

13 Feb

Arcade Fire now My Morning Jacket in 2012

Nobody can deny that Mumford, Avett Bros. and Dylan ruled the Grammys tonight, but you have to give it to Win Butler. Only true musicians run up and play another song after they achieve the biggest upset victory in Grammy history. That may have been the first time we’ve ever seen Win smiling while playing. Yep we are “Ready to Start”….Oh and Esperanza Spalding deserved it.

Every band has to start somewhere. It took art galleries and cafes for Win Butler to create Arcade Fire in 2001. Every band has a story, so start reading some of the great stories of the BEST NEW BANDS of 2011 and the BEST of 2010.

Just because your favorite band becomes monsterously huge, doesn’t mean you have to become a hater. We know you were there in the beginning.


Band of the Day 2.2.11 Suuns

2 Feb

Suuns the best NEW BAND of 2011 --- REALLY

Band of the Day 2.2.11 Suuns

Arizona Turk reminds me on a daily basis to write about one his 2010 gems Suuns. It’s not that they aren’t worthy of a BOD nod, it’s just that they got lost in the shuffle. Suuns of Montreal, CN really are worthy… Their album, Zeroes QC, was released late 2010, and it received tons of accolades. They have groove rock tracks, mixed with heavy electro beats. They’re part Clinic, part MGMT, part Beck and part Thievery Corporation. These Canadian lads have the groove of MGMT and the swagger of David Bowie. I love their sound. It’s so unexpected, it’s kinda shocking. Give em a listen and love em like we do!

Hometown: Montreal, Canada
Members: Ben Shemie, Liam O’Neill, Max Henry, Joseph Yarmush
Sonic Soulmates: MGMT, Clinic, The Besnard Lakes, The Kills, Thievery Corporation with some Beck vocals
Must Hear Tracks:

“Arena” – Probably the best tack on the record

“Sweet Nothing” – If David Bowie recorded a track with MGMT.

“Up Past The Nursery” – I feel a little Beck with MGMT here

Follow Suuns:

Band of the Day (1.4.11) – No Joy

4 Jan

No Joy is All Joy to your ears.

Band of the Day (1.4.11) – No Joy

Ahhhh Day 2 of this new year and why not focus on walls of sound and shoegaze or as the band describes “doomgaze” pop. The Elizabeth Fraser layered vocals eerily remind you of the angelic voice rattling around inside your head. She’s alluring but disruptive, making you feel as if your safe in her arms, then she whispers those insane lyrics in your head. WOW, she may even be an Incubus…okay, I’m getting carried away, but you get the drift. Take a listen to our two favorite tracks below. After you listen…realize it’s only a duo. They did befriend Bethany of Best Coast and get a coattail ride on her label, so there is familial love here and you will be seeing their name on the SXSW/summer festival circuit.

Hometown: MONTREAL, CN
Members: The Montreal/L.A. duo of Laura Lloyd and Jasamine White-Gluz Kick your ass!!!!
Sonic Soulmates: My Bloody Valentine, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Gauntlet Hair, Eternal Summers
Must hear tracks:
“Maggie Says I Love You”

“Pacific Pride”

Another fine Daytrotter Session Get No Joy @Daytrotter now…Love Daytrotter see all the NBD bands on Daytrotter here
Ghost Blonde new album here


Band of the Day (8.4.10) Land of Talk

4 Aug

Land of Talk is Canadian….pause….pause….from Montreal….pause…pause…they sound like Metric and Sonic Youth…pause…pause…why are you still reading, listen to their tracks below. They’ve been at it since 2006 and yes another kick a$$ Canadian band. Don’t BS yourself into thinking that you have them pegged as a female led rock band. No they have fantastic pop production and a sound that borders on the early days of Garbage. No it’s not the overproduced Butch Vig, it’s the well crafted Butch Vig of Smashing Pumpkins Gish. simply put a female led rock band that has diversity, depth and a soothing lead vocalist in Lizzie Powell. Joseph Yarmush and Andrew Barr beat on the drums and pluck away to bring you another Canadian band worthy of massive US love. They’re on Saddle Creek, so the big US label deal is in place, a new album Cloak and Cipher, hits US stores on 8.24 and it’s now our job to spread their love all across the web. If you love Emily Haines, then please listen to “May You Never” and I think you’ll find Land of Talk your new fave.

Take a listen to two tracks to give you a sense of their attention to detail.
“Swift Coin”

“May You Never”

Spread the Land of Talk love:

Band of the Day (7.23.10) KARKWA

23 Jul French mood rock.

BOD: (7.23.10) KARKWA

It’s Karkwa. Heard of them? No…well it’s okay, they’re a little obscure to us down here in the US of A. I stumbled on them on Sirius this morning.

I feel badly about making Karkwa band of the day being that they are 12 years old. But it’s passionate fans like us that might make that 12 year commitment pay off. Louis-Jean Cormier, François Lafontaine, Martin Lamontagne, Julien Sagot, Stéphane Bergeron have put in the time now give them 3:00 minutes of your precious life. I promise you’ll love it. The band’s name is a phonetic rendering of carquois (French for a quiver of arrows). Oh they’re from Montreal and they sing in French and they just nail that East Coast Canada sound. Think The Arcade Fire, with a splash of Sigur Ros, a dash of Volcano Choir and sprinkle of Radiohead. They’ve evolved over the years, but they just have a nice big bhttps://newbandday.wordpress.com/wp-admin/edit.phpand sound with layered vocals, strings, acoustic guitars, pianos…all of it. Don’t be surprised if you see them at a Festival near you. They will be a headliner at Inukshuk. They are once again a favorite to win the Polaris Prize in 2010.

“L’acouphène” MP3

“Marie tu pleures”

“Les Chemins de Verre”

Follow Karkwa:
Band site

Watch It: (7.2.10) KILL THE LIGHTS – “Arctic at Dawn”

2 Jul

Watch it: (7.2.10) KILL THE LIGHTS – Artic At Dawn – Brings the best of 80’s Joy Division guitars whining and wailing with the spacey overdubbed harmonies of Alex and Steph. I love the clean bass line. A really nice display of how this sound will be the big thing. Much love for this band.

Band of the Day: (7.2.10) KILL THE LIGHTS

2 Jul Canada's finest

BOD: (7.2.10) KILL THE LIGHTS – Montreal isn’t just home to the world’s most diverse population or the most successful NHL franchise, it’s home to a sound, a vibe, a feeling that is bigger than one might think. The Arcade Fire have conquered the world, and as they continue to age gracefully, a fresh sound erupts from their hometown. Kill The Lights, is a former three piece band, founded in 2005, who discovered that if they added a few more members…melody, harmonies and complicated overlays will enhance the overall sound.

As the release of Fog Area, and the most recent release, June 8th, 2010 of the session EP Pink Dog, the band is starting to get noticed. They’ve toured, fought, destroyed a few moose and after it all a new band has released. I hope you’ll give them a listen, it’s well worth the 3:00 minutes. Peace.

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