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Best of 2011…SO FAR — The List

24 Jun

Battery about to die and it's at :11 minutes for the 11 best of 2011...eerie.

I can’t wait until next week. I’m anxious and excited and I just want to get it over with…you understand, the anticipation to tell someone some good news. So I’m all alone in a dark hotel room, I think the electricity just crapped out on me, so it means I have :11 minutes on my Mac to make this shizzle fo real. SO here it is, 11 Bands for 2011 in all it’s glory… THE BEST OF 2011…SO FAR

11. Other Lives – This is the band that won’t leave my playlists for 2011. I love them hard.
“Tamer Animals”

10. Suuns – 2010 year end dandies have captured our hearts in 2011.

9. Code Pie – The BSS of 2011. Canadian love children with layered sounds.
“Love Meets Rage”

8. Widowspeak – We were there in the beginning. We’ve heard from the fans and we’ve watched them skyrocket up our PAGEVIEW list. Wow. They have more traffic then all of the 2011 bands combined. Just listen.
“Harsh Realm”

7. Sun Airway – Found them to be the most delightful band of 2011. I think they’ll move up the charts by year end.
“Waiting On You”

6. The Vaccines – They are the ROCK darlings of 2011 and if you haven’t heard their singles then you’re trapped in a Chilean coal mine.
“Blow it Up”

5. The Antlers – One word “FINALLY” they’ve hit the hipster mainstage. We love them.
“Rolled Together”

4. The Donkeys – The Turk found these San Diego stoney garage boys.
“I Like the Way You Walk”

3. Seapony – The Trio from Seattle is our Tennis of 2011. So Spectory good.
“Always” – A little early Cure guitar riff.

2. James Vincent McMorrow – Do you know me? Really have you been reading us for awhile? Then you know we love Singer/Songwriters and JVM is better than them all this year.
“If I Had A Boat” – Try not to tear up.

1. Star Slinger – Dude has been a DJ for less than a year and his stuff is otherworldly.


Band of the Day (4.12.11) Code Pie

13 Apr

Who are we fooling, no one, these guys are amazing. Code Pie

Band of the Day (4.12.11) Code Pie

Ready from a new record from a band you’ve never heard but you should have been anticipating since 2007? Are you antsy, anxious but yet unaware of what the hell I’m talking about? Good, because you should curious about Code Pie. Code Pie is a Canadian indie rock band founded in the early 2000’s in Montréal by singer and guitarist Enzo Palermo. Other band members are Salvatore Ciolfi (guitars), Michel Semienchuk (bass), Vince Varano (drums), Eva Boodman (trumpet) and Rebecca Lessard (cello). They’re part Broken Social Scene, with the layered melodic noisy mess all accompanied with a subtle horn. They could also be confused with Architecture From Helsinki, but no matter what you say or how you compare them, Code Pie is a stand-out and they deserve your hopeless Facebook post for more music. So get with the program and follow your new favorite band.

Hometown: Montreal, CN
Members: Enzo Palermo. Other band members are Salvatore Ciolfi (guitars), Michel Semienchuk (bass), Vince Varano (drums), Eva Boodman (trumpet) and Rebecca Lessard (cello)
Sonic Soulmates: Broken Social Scene, Architecture in Helsinki, South, Lord Huron
“Morning After”

“Love Meets Rage” – The title track and quite possibly my favorite track of 2011. SO f’n good.

Grab the new record Love Meets Rage …you won’t be disappointed…promise it’s full of songs culled from 2-3 years worth of jam sessions.

Official Site