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Band of the Day (4.6.11) The Civil Wars

6 Apr

The Civil Wars are a duo in harmony. No War Here.

Band of the Day (4.6.11) The Civil Wars

Sometimes fate does get involved when it comes to hearing you favorite new band. This morning it was Facebook and one of my trusted music mavens to introduce me to The Civil Wars. They’re a combination of The Swell Season and some of our favorite XX/XY duos. WIth a classic folk slant that would make our Southern roots happy, hence the band name. The two started as strong solo artists, but it was a chance meeting, fate, that brought the two together. Though, I wouldn’t say that attending a song-writing camp is fate. “We actually met at what’s considered a songwriting camp,” Williams laughs. They were actually assigned roommates, that’s the fate part. They have a strong melodic harmony, but they shine better when they sing to one another. It’s very Starsesque, but add in a little Swell Season emotional sexual tension.

Hometown: Santa Cruz, Calif./Florence, Ala.
Members: Joy Williams and John Paul White
Sonic Soulmates: The Swell Season, Buddy & Julie Miller, Ray LaMontagne. Stars
“Barton Hollow” – Title track, a little

“Poison and Wine”

“Poison & Wine”


Band of the Day (3.23.11) Belleruche

23 Mar

Belleruche is was and is our Hummingbird for 2011...GREAT!

Band of the Day (3.23.11) Belleruche

It was 2009 when we went to see Belleruche. We heard good things, but we weren’t sure what to expect. Well we got something incredibly awesome. But time passed and we got busy. So when we saw them at SXSW last week we couldn’t help but take our love and re-post it. If you don’t know Belleruche — First, the DJ spins a intoxicatingly hip but dark backing track. It’s Portishead on crank. Then the vocals are sexy, and Kathrin deBoer of Belleruche pushes her to the top as my favorite female vocalist. The tracks waste no time, they get in and get out. They perfect pop perfection. deBoer is accompanied by DJ Modest on turntables and Ricky Fabulous on bass and guitar (occasionally you’ll find backing vocalists, more decks, cellists and, a typewriter…). I’ve posted three tracks and I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll love Belleruche as much as I do. I thank Ed of MudHut for keeping Belleruche at the top of my email inbox. Paid off brother, they kick a$$ and their dusty turntable soul music should be on every NBD fan’s rack.

Hometown: Established in 2005 from London, UK
Members: Kathrin deBoer vocals, DJ Modest on turntables and Ricky Fabulous on bass and guitar.
Sonic Soulmates: xx, Portishead, PJ Harvey, Sarah Vaughan, Charlie Christian, Cut Chemist bass lines from Metallica, DJ Modest rivals DJ Shadow and others
“3 Amp Fuse” – PJ Harveyesque and the most recent single from 270 Stories, GOOD!

“Northern Girls” – Released in 2009, quite possibly still my favorite song 2 years later.


Official Site

Band of the Day 2.24.11 Star Slinger

24 Feb

No question that Star Slinger is the best new band of 2011

Band of the Day 2.24.11 Star Slinger

What the hell. Amazing doesn’t describe what Star Slinger provides. It all started on April 10th of 2010, when the Nottinghamshire beat master Darren Williams went record shopping in Manchester’s North Quarter. By June 2010 Darren had pieced together his first LP “Volume 1”, recording tracks when they came to him, even in his bed. He’s so much better than Toro y Moi,

He’s now produced 26 official tracks, one ginormous LP and a buzz that is unstoppable. He’s also remixed Small Black’s “Photojournalist”, Deerhunter’s “Helicopter” and has been leaking out unofficial remixes from Broken Social Scene, etc. Look for Star Slinger to release “Volume 2” very very soon. Below you’ll find our three favorite tracks from “Volume 1” and his most recent EP released via SoundCloud.

Hometown: Nottinghamshire, UK
Members: Darren Williams
Sonic Soulmates: Girl Talk, LCD Soundsystem, Keep Shelly in Athens, J Dilla, Toro Y Moi, Mathemagic
Must Hear Tracks:
“Mornin” – Just the best track of the year!!!!

“Elizabeth Fraser (COCTEAU TWINS REWORK)”– Poking at my heartstrings by remixing one of our favorite artists of all-time with our all-time favorite track “Heaven or Las Vegas”


Hear the most recent EP tracks now, posted 10 days ago:
“Casanova’s Jump Off”

“Slow ‘N’ Wet”

“Baby Daddy”

Star Slinger official site

Band of the Day 2.14.11 Föllakzoid

14 Feb

Föllakzoid will take you to places you never thought you could go!

Band of the Day 2.14.11 Föllakzoid

Chile is due. With coal miners, earthquakes and just pure bad luck, it was time for something brilliant to happen. Well, it’s our belief that Föllakzoid (pronounced foll-ack-zoid) are the reason to believe. If they’re the tip of some Chilean psych scene, then we are in for a friggin’ treat. Stumbled on these bad boys last year and I’ve been waiting for a new release to announce their loveliness. They’re part Verve, part Dungen, part Tame Impala. Their groove is harder though. They have a vibe that helps them pull away from that Sabbath rip-off sound. They started playing together three years ago in Chile when they were twenty years old. The first time they jammed together they played nonstop without speaking for two hours and were seemingly over taken by a trance without any clear reference point. The music is big and deep. It will definitely envelope you. I read somewhere that they called it Krautrock…maybe, I call it fantastic.

Hometown: Santiago, Chile
Members: Domingo Garcia-Huidobro on Guitar, Diego Lorca on Drums, Juan Pablo Rodríguez on the bass, Francisco Zenteno on Guitar and Gonzalo Laguna as a Lead Singer. Since 2008 Ives Sepulveda is also playing keyboards and shakers.
Sonic Soulmates: Dungen, Tame Impala, Verve
Must Hear Tracks:
“IV, III, II, I” – One track is enough. 9:00 minutes of grooved out bliss. I like to play Gran Turismo to this, but it’s just me.

Buy the ep HERE


Band of the Day 2.2.11 Suuns

2 Feb

Suuns the best NEW BAND of 2011 --- REALLY

Band of the Day 2.2.11 Suuns

Arizona Turk reminds me on a daily basis to write about one his 2010 gems Suuns. It’s not that they aren’t worthy of a BOD nod, it’s just that they got lost in the shuffle. Suuns of Montreal, CN really are worthy… Their album, Zeroes QC, was released late 2010, and it received tons of accolades. They have groove rock tracks, mixed with heavy electro beats. They’re part Clinic, part MGMT, part Beck and part Thievery Corporation. These Canadian lads have the groove of MGMT and the swagger of David Bowie. I love their sound. It’s so unexpected, it’s kinda shocking. Give em a listen and love em like we do!

Hometown: Montreal, Canada
Members: Ben Shemie, Liam O’Neill, Max Henry, Joseph Yarmush
Sonic Soulmates: MGMT, Clinic, The Besnard Lakes, The Kills, Thievery Corporation with some Beck vocals
Must Hear Tracks:

“Arena” – Probably the best tack on the record

“Sweet Nothing” – If David Bowie recorded a track with MGMT.

“Up Past The Nursery” – I feel a little Beck with MGMT here

Follow Suuns:

Band of the Day (1.19.11) Smith Westerns *****

19 Jan

Smith Westerns bring 70's dream rock Bowie style with a great new record

Band of the Day (1.19.11) Smith Westerns *****

Together as a group since 2007. These Chicago boys, all under the age of 21, have a big label deal, two LPs and the momentum of downhill big rig with no brakes. They’re rock poppy like Girls or The Soft Pack, even a little Supergrass in em. They have 70’s melodic guitars and synth rock coupled with the breathy vocals of Bowie. T-Rex would be proud of these boys. I love the new record and I can pretty much guarantee that this will be the year of SMITH WESTERNS. Hands down. The record is good enough to catapult them over any other record that’s been released this year. If they get the right festival schedule then, you’ll definitely see this record selling through-out the summer. Dye it Blonde was released earlier this month and the tracks are GREAT…and when we say GREAT in all caps, WE MEAN IT. Hear two of them below. I haven’t smiled this much since I first heard the Tallest Man on Earth record. Time to buy some tickets, get a t-shirt and claim this band as your favorite. By the way, if you don’t do it quickly, you’ll be hating them in a few months when you see them in he iPad 2.0 commercial.

Hometown: Chicago, IL, USA, that’s two days in a row. See The Ponys…is there a new scene in Chitown?
Members: Cullen Omori, Cameron Omori, Max Kakacek, Colby Hewitt
Sonic Soulmates: T-Rex, Bowie, The Soft Pack, Wavves, Kiss (Ace guitars), Supergrass, Girls
Label: Fat Possum
Must Hear Tracks:
“End of the Night” – 70’s dream rock Bowie style. Supergrass style and now Smith Western style.

“Weekend” – This was the single released back in October of 2010. It’s quite good.

Hear the NPR Stream as HERE


Band of the Day (1.14.11) Gypsy Death and You

14 Jan

Gypsy Death and You XX/XY duo from Philly bring big nose for two folks.

Band of the Day (1.14.11) Gypsy Death and You

Wow I was having a tough time picking the Band of the Day today. So many bands in 2011 and so little space, but I’m drawn to the female singers…AGAIN. Ha, well Gypsy Death and You is the XX/XY indie shoegazers from Philly. Oh Philly, when was the last time we saw a band from the City of Brotherly Love…Free Energy? Dead Milkmen? Well Gypsy Death and You are brilliantly good. I mentioned earlier this week that this is shaping up to be the year of the female lead, Gypsy Death and You take Puro Instinct from yesterday and add My Bloody Valentine’s wall of wailing layered guitars. Not sure if you guys are familiar with My Vitriol from 2003ish, well Gypsy Death and You have that guitar sound nailed. The vocals are pure and while taking you up to the shoegaze cloud, Emily Cahill comes crashing down with Alex Wilson’s screeching Skinny Puppy guitars for the landing heard by the masses. They rock and Emily’s vocals are so alluring, I just can’t get enough. The Arizona Turk is doing his work.

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Members: Emily Cahill, Alex Wilson
Sonic Soulmates: Skinny Puppy, My Vitriol, My Bloody Valentine, Yuck
Must Hear Tracks:
“Crocus” – A little Pumpkins guitar in there…love the clean guitar and her vocals…great retro 80’s track

“Something I Can’t Have” – Wall of guitars and Emily’s female vocals