Band of the Day (1.13.11) Puro Instinct

13 Jan

Dreamy ladies from LA make Puro Instinct our Fave

Band of the Day (1.13.11) Puro Instinct

Spent the night trolling through tracks and was sent this from my friend Chris. Unbelievably great track…Mexican Summers signed these lovely ladies and they are truly going to be HUGE. Here are my guarantees:
A. They’re from LA, so hearing this track in a commercial will almost certainly be a YES
B. Puro Instinct will be playing at Coachella…why do I know this, because Pearl Harbor was a great band and Puro Instinct is even better.
C. They’re all ladies and the rise of the lady bands is the 2011 full tilt year…see No Joy for our commentary
D. If the album is as good as this track w/Ariel Pink then you can call it off because Puro Instinct could be winning the Hummingbird this year.
So to recap – Puro Instinct is dream pop skull soothing, rock from Los Angeles. the band is (mostly) made up of blondies who like to break little boys hearts. Now read the vitals and please pre-order their new record.

Hometown: Location LOS ANGELES, California, United States
Members: Piper & Skylar + Codhi, Dodi Porter, Jessie Clavin, Mike Baum, and Crazy Murray
Sonic Soulmates: Fleetwood Mac, Best Coast, Sleigh Bells….No Joy…etc.
Must Hear Tracks:
“I’ve Got Some Happiness” (Leland Cover) – So you broke up with a guy, this track is so brilliantly perfect for the imperfect kind of days.

“Stilyagi feat. Ariel Pink” – Might be the Gem of 2010, what a f’n great track.

Buy The Album Here“>

Official Site

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