Band of the Day (4.6.11) The Civil Wars

6 Apr

The Civil Wars are a duo in harmony. No War Here.

Band of the Day (4.6.11) The Civil Wars

Sometimes fate does get involved when it comes to hearing you favorite new band. This morning it was Facebook and one of my trusted music mavens to introduce me to The Civil Wars. They’re a combination of The Swell Season and some of our favorite XX/XY duos. WIth a classic folk slant that would make our Southern roots happy, hence the band name. The two started as strong solo artists, but it was a chance meeting, fate, that brought the two together. Though, I wouldn’t say that attending a song-writing camp is fate. “We actually met at what’s considered a songwriting camp,” Williams laughs. They were actually assigned roommates, that’s the fate part. They have a strong melodic harmony, but they shine better when they sing to one another. It’s very Starsesque, but add in a little Swell Season emotional sexual tension.

Hometown: Santa Cruz, Calif./Florence, Ala.
Members: Joy Williams and John Paul White
Sonic Soulmates: The Swell Season, Buddy & Julie Miller, Ray LaMontagne. Stars
“Barton Hollow” – Title track, a little

“Poison and Wine”

“Poison & Wine”


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