Band of the Day (4.11.11) Early Winters

11 Apr

Great new global artist of 2011 Early Winters

Band of the Day (4.11.11) Early Winters

Maybe it’s the anticipation for our NewBandBaby or it’s our Spring mood, but we’re in the mood for some fun loving soulful folk sounds. The Civil Wars were our last post, soft, acoustic XX/XY duetables. Today we have Early WInters, with Carina Round sounding a whole heck of a lot like Norah Jones, Stevie Nicks or even a little Dolly Parton with a strong backing band. The members of Early Winters are not college bandmates, or from the same town, they’re British born singer-songwriter Carina Round, Canadian artist Justin Rutledge, L.A. Producer Dan Burns and Pedestrian bassist Zac Rae. They decided to form this group, they had to figure out a way to get everyone in the room at the same time…Skype was the answer.

Hometown: Los Angeles / Toronto / England
Carina Round
Justin Rutledge
Dan Burns
Zac Rae
Simon Smith – Bass
Scott Seiver – Drums
Sonic Soulmates: Norah Jones, Cardigans, Fleetwood Mac, Dolly Parton
“Spanish Burn”

“Tough Love”

Grab the new album

Official Site

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