Band of the Day (3.23.11) Belleruche

23 Mar

Belleruche is was and is our Hummingbird for 2011...GREAT!

Band of the Day (3.23.11) Belleruche

It was 2009 when we went to see Belleruche. We heard good things, but we weren’t sure what to expect. Well we got something incredibly awesome. But time passed and we got busy. So when we saw them at SXSW last week we couldn’t help but take our love and re-post it. If you don’t know Belleruche — First, the DJ spins a intoxicatingly hip but dark backing track. It’s Portishead on crank. Then the vocals are sexy, and Kathrin deBoer of Belleruche pushes her to the top as my favorite female vocalist. The tracks waste no time, they get in and get out. They perfect pop perfection. deBoer is accompanied by DJ Modest on turntables and Ricky Fabulous on bass and guitar (occasionally you’ll find backing vocalists, more decks, cellists and, a typewriter…). I’ve posted three tracks and I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll love Belleruche as much as I do. I thank Ed of MudHut for keeping Belleruche at the top of my email inbox. Paid off brother, they kick a$$ and their dusty turntable soul music should be on every NBD fan’s rack.

Hometown: Established in 2005 from London, UK
Members: Kathrin deBoer vocals, DJ Modest on turntables and Ricky Fabulous on bass and guitar.
Sonic Soulmates: xx, Portishead, PJ Harvey, Sarah Vaughan, Charlie Christian, Cut Chemist bass lines from Metallica, DJ Modest rivals DJ Shadow and others
“3 Amp Fuse” – PJ Harveyesque and the most recent single from 270 Stories, GOOD!

“Northern Girls” – Released in 2009, quite possibly still my favorite song 2 years later.


Official Site

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