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Best New Bands of 2011 HUMMINGBIRD AWARD: #11 Suuns

8 Dec

Hummingbird Award #11 - Suuns --- One of the best new bands of 2011

Best New Band of 2011
#11 Hummingbird Award – Suuns
Thank God, Arizona Turk is persistent. We buried his email about Suuns back in 2010 and it was this past February that we finally got our act together and posted. Wow. Really, just one big wow. They’re minimalist, they’re Canadian and they take a lot of inspiration from the likes of Clinic and Thievery Corp. We miss the Turk, where are you but we love Suuns.

Hometown – Montreal, Canada
Members – Ben Shemie, Liam O’Neill, Max Henry, Joseph Yarmush
Sonic Soulmates – MGMT, Clinic, The Besnard Lakes, The Kills, Thievery Corporation with some Beck vocals

“Armed For Peace”

Click here to listen on your iPhone or iPad
Best New Bands – Suuns “Arena”
Suuns – Armed For Peace


Original Post: Band of the Day 2.2.11


2011 Hummingbird Award Winners:
Hummingbird Award #13: Lana Del Rey
Hummingbird Award #12: WATERS

Band of the Day (11.11.11) Gardens & Villa

11 Nov

Gardens & Villa open your eyes your about to break!

BOD 11.11.11 Gardens & Villa

It’s been awhile and I apologize. Today we’ve found a band that may just be the Hummingbird winner of 2011. Can’t believe these guys have flown under the radar for this long. I’m assuming they will pop up on some irrelevant TV show soon, but in the meantime steal their fame and be the first to follow.

Gardens & Villa are a combination of GOOD Vampire Weekend a splash of MGMT and a great reason to pull out The Shins ancient relics and give them a spin. The boys hail from our favorite turkey time villa of Santa Barbara, CA. Their synth pop indie rock is right in line with the shiat today. This band won’t be under the radar, they’ll be in every commercial right around February. The band formed in 2008, joined Secretly Canadian and befriended our good friend Richard Swift. He influenced this self-titled beauty and you really really really need to get yourself a copy. Buy it on vinyl here

Santa f’n Barbara, CA….the album was recorded in Oregon
Members: Chris Lynch, keyboardist Adam Rasmussen, bassist Shane McKillop, and drummer Levi Hayden
Sonic Soulmates™: The Shins, MGMT, Vampire Weekend (the good not lame version), The Police, Richard Swift
“Black Hills”


Band of the Day 2.2.11 Suuns

2 Feb

Suuns the best NEW BAND of 2011 --- REALLY

Band of the Day 2.2.11 Suuns

Arizona Turk reminds me on a daily basis to write about one his 2010 gems Suuns. It’s not that they aren’t worthy of a BOD nod, it’s just that they got lost in the shuffle. Suuns of Montreal, CN really are worthy… Their album, Zeroes QC, was released late 2010, and it received tons of accolades. They have groove rock tracks, mixed with heavy electro beats. They’re part Clinic, part MGMT, part Beck and part Thievery Corporation. These Canadian lads have the groove of MGMT and the swagger of David Bowie. I love their sound. It’s so unexpected, it’s kinda shocking. Give em a listen and love em like we do!

Hometown: Montreal, Canada
Members: Ben Shemie, Liam O’Neill, Max Henry, Joseph Yarmush
Sonic Soulmates: MGMT, Clinic, The Besnard Lakes, The Kills, Thievery Corporation with some Beck vocals
Must Hear Tracks:

“Arena” – Probably the best tack on the record

“Sweet Nothing” – If David Bowie recorded a track with MGMT.

“Up Past The Nursery” – I feel a little Beck with MGMT here

Follow Suuns:

Band of the Day (10.22.10) Raindeer

22 Oct

Band of the Day (10.22.10) Raindeer

Arizona Turk destroyed my laptop hard drive with 8GBs of brand spanking new music. I spent four hours listening, dissecting and processing, when I discovered the eerie synth drowned Raindeer of Baltimore, MD. I think Edgar Allen Poe died in Baltimore. Hence, the name of the Baltimore Ravens. Raindeer may have been trapped in the basement as kids of the 80’s with only a tape deck and a copy of some horrific paperbacks. Their music is synth heavy, are both sad and energetic, coupled with acoustic picking and Bowieesque arrangements. I think the Mr. Bowie would be happy that Raindeer explored the troubled side of their brains. So Charlie, Jake and Devin get an A for arrangement, an A for cleverness, a B for sounding a little too much like MGMT, a B for bringing the alien ray gun sound to every track and an A for potential. Now they to need to get a band together and get on the road. They have some great tracks and I think you’ll love them. If you’re from the band send me a picture, using the EP cover is not the coolest.

“This is My Last Transmission” – By far the best track, but if you’ve heard “Texico Bitches” by Broken Social Scene, you’ll hear the same guitar riff.

Download — Raindeer – “This is My Last Transmission”

“Juanita” – Probably the most inventive track on the EP, listen to the accordian at the end!!!

Download – Raindeer – “Juanita”

Download the whole damn EP for Free from their BandCamp

Charlie Hughes (Vocals, Synth)
Jake (Bass, Vocals)
Devin Byrnes (Synth)