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Band of the Day (10.22.10) Raindeer

22 Oct

Band of the Day (10.22.10) Raindeer

Arizona Turk destroyed my laptop hard drive with 8GBs of brand spanking new music. I spent four hours listening, dissecting and processing, when I discovered the eerie synth drowned Raindeer of Baltimore, MD. I think Edgar Allen Poe died in Baltimore. Hence, the name of the Baltimore Ravens. Raindeer may have been trapped in the basement as kids of the 80’s with only a tape deck and a copy of some horrific paperbacks. Their music is synth heavy, are both sad and energetic, coupled with acoustic picking and Bowieesque arrangements. I think the Mr. Bowie would be happy that Raindeer explored the troubled side of their brains. So Charlie, Jake and Devin get an A for arrangement, an A for cleverness, a B for sounding a little too much like MGMT, a B for bringing the alien ray gun sound to every track and an A for potential. Now they to need to get a band together and get on the road. They have some great tracks and I think you’ll love them. If you’re from the band send me a picture, using the EP cover is not the coolest.

“This is My Last Transmission” – By far the best track, but if you’ve heard “Texico Bitches” by Broken Social Scene, you’ll hear the same guitar riff.

Download — Raindeer – “This is My Last Transmission”

“Juanita” – Probably the most inventive track on the EP, listen to the accordian at the end!!!

Download – Raindeer – “Juanita”

Download the whole damn EP for Free from their BandCamp

Charlie Hughes (Vocals, Synth)
Jake (Bass, Vocals)
Devin Byrnes (Synth)