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Band of the Day 3.8.11 Wye Oak

8 Mar

Baltimore Duo Crushes it with Civilian - Wye Oak

Band of the Day 3.8.11 Wye Oak

Ahhhhh I’ve been waiting to present this band for some time. The AZ Turk sent me Wye Oak’s most recent release Civilian I was giddy. We’ve loved them since 2008 and 2010, was their moment. But, today we call Wye Oak day, because Civilian is a brilliant piece of artwork. It’s layered electronic folk sounds, wailing electronic guitars and a catalog. Really, if this XX/XY duo didn’t take their lead from Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot we’d be shocked. The band is part Rogue Wave, part Stars and whole lot of Wilco’s experimental fuzzy rock. Hell, it could be Crazy Horse playing back-up for Stack and Wasner. Wasner has that gruffy Aimee Mann sound and it works with all that noise. I love this record, I love this band and I thank God every day that I have two ears that work….
Buy the new album on vinyl here

Hometown: Baltimore, MD, USA
Members: Andy Stack (drums, keyboards, backup vocals) and Jenn Wasner (vocals, guitars)
Sonic Soulmates: Rogue Wave, Wilco, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Aimee Mann
“Civilian” – Title track and it’s quite good. Already racing up our Hummingbird list. It’s part Wilco, part Rogue Wave and a little Neil Young & Crazy Horse

“Plains” – Bring it down a notch and enjoy the beautiful Wasner

“Holy Holy” – Wilcoesque

“Doubt” – Secret love tracks are my favorite. The album has such great progression and it just closes so beautifully with this track.

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Band of the Day (2.28.11) Arbouretum

28 Feb

Best new band from Baltimore shows why Rock is Back

Band of the Day 2.28.11 Arbouretum

I’m not going to let it die. There are more rock bands than ever this year. Yeah sure, there are always rock bands, but the genre is filling up nicely with bands that have the right sound and it is the right time. Arbouretum is Baltimore’s best rendition of 70’s hard folk rock. Jethro Tullish, but more down the line of Black Mountain. The heavily distorted electric guitar is coupled with the poetry of vocalist Dave Heumann and the sonic similarity of Ian Anderson’s wailing. It’s Bad Company meet’s Jethro, meets Richard Thompson. Clever interludes and a great use of deep vocals and smoke screened guitars. Love these guys and they probably will love you when you become a fan. Their new record The Gathering, their 4th full length was released on 2.22.11 and it’s a beauty. Pick it up on Vinyl. Swear to you that Rock will rule this year.

The Gathering as described by Heumann:
“The album is inspired by The Red Book by Carl Jung, or more specifically, Jung’s pursuit of the inner images that led to the book’s writing. Dave Heumann, the singer, guitarist and main lyricist of Arbouretum, has long been a fan of experiences that surpass comprehension and describe the numinous. The narrative of ‘losing one’s way and finding it again’ resonated deeply and it was in this context that the songs that comprise The Gathering came to be.” Just listen.

Vitals for Arboretum:
Hometown: Baltimore, MD, USA
Members: Dave Heumann (Guitar // Vocals), Corey Allender (Bass), J.V. Brian Carey (Drums), and Matthew Pierce (Keyboards and Percussion).
Sonic Soulmates: Warren Zevon, Richard Thompson, Jethro Tull, Kyuss, Black Mountain, Bob Seger
Must Hear Tracks:
“The White Bird” – Just what the Tull ordered! Makes me want to protest something!

“The Highwayman” – Their cover of Jimmy Webb’s The Highwayman is a great track, probably the best on the album.

“Song of the Nile” – Mood track with Kyuss overtones!

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Band of the Day (10.22.10) Raindeer

22 Oct

Band of the Day (10.22.10) Raindeer

Arizona Turk destroyed my laptop hard drive with 8GBs of brand spanking new music. I spent four hours listening, dissecting and processing, when I discovered the eerie synth drowned Raindeer of Baltimore, MD. I think Edgar Allen Poe died in Baltimore. Hence, the name of the Baltimore Ravens. Raindeer may have been trapped in the basement as kids of the 80’s with only a tape deck and a copy of some horrific paperbacks. Their music is synth heavy, are both sad and energetic, coupled with acoustic picking and Bowieesque arrangements. I think the Mr. Bowie would be happy that Raindeer explored the troubled side of their brains. So Charlie, Jake and Devin get an A for arrangement, an A for cleverness, a B for sounding a little too much like MGMT, a B for bringing the alien ray gun sound to every track and an A for potential. Now they to need to get a band together and get on the road. They have some great tracks and I think you’ll love them. If you’re from the band send me a picture, using the EP cover is not the coolest.

“This is My Last Transmission” – By far the best track, but if you’ve heard “Texico Bitches” by Broken Social Scene, you’ll hear the same guitar riff.

Download — Raindeer – “This is My Last Transmission”

“Juanita” – Probably the most inventive track on the EP, listen to the accordian at the end!!!

Download – Raindeer – “Juanita”

Download the whole damn EP for Free from their BandCamp

Charlie Hughes (Vocals, Synth)
Jake (Bass, Vocals)
Devin Byrnes (Synth)


Band of the Day (9.29.10) Lower Dens

29 Sep

BOD (9.29.10) Lower Dens

Jana Hunter, brings spaced out mid-fi, fuzzed out sounds with Lower Dens. Having worked with Devendra Banhart early in her career, Jana cut her teeth with Phosphorescent and CocoRosie. Lower Dens is the resurfacing of Jana, away since late 2007, and she is the first artist to be featured on Devendra’s label Gnomonsong.

Lower Dens is a foursome that co-habitats in Baltimore, though Jana is originally from Texas. Their sound is reminiscent of early 80’s rock, with clean guitars, fuzzy synth and awesome vocals. I won’t place them in the XX category, but they sure do cross over that sonic sound several times on this album. Jana’s voice is a combination of Mazzy Star, PJ Harvey and the gutteral sounds of Fiona Apple.

“Tea Lights”

DOWNLOAD NOW Lower Dens – “Tea Lights”

Download their DayTrotter Session —> Don’t know DayTrotter? Go there now to get a FREE SESSION. Love the Daytrotter.

Band Members:
Jana Hunter