Band of the Day (2.28.11) Arbouretum

28 Feb

Best new band from Baltimore shows why Rock is Back

Band of the Day 2.28.11 Arbouretum

I’m not going to let it die. There are more rock bands than ever this year. Yeah sure, there are always rock bands, but the genre is filling up nicely with bands that have the right sound and it is the right time. Arbouretum is Baltimore’s best rendition of 70’s hard folk rock. Jethro Tullish, but more down the line of Black Mountain. The heavily distorted electric guitar is coupled with the poetry of vocalist Dave Heumann and the sonic similarity of Ian Anderson’s wailing. It’s Bad Company meet’s Jethro, meets Richard Thompson. Clever interludes and a great use of deep vocals and smoke screened guitars. Love these guys and they probably will love you when you become a fan. Their new record The Gathering, their 4th full length was released on 2.22.11 and it’s a beauty. Pick it up on Vinyl. Swear to you that Rock will rule this year.

The Gathering as described by Heumann:
“The album is inspired by The Red Book by Carl Jung, or more specifically, Jung’s pursuit of the inner images that led to the book’s writing. Dave Heumann, the singer, guitarist and main lyricist of Arbouretum, has long been a fan of experiences that surpass comprehension and describe the numinous. The narrative of ‘losing one’s way and finding it again’ resonated deeply and it was in this context that the songs that comprise The Gathering came to be.” Just listen.

Vitals for Arboretum:
Hometown: Baltimore, MD, USA
Members: Dave Heumann (Guitar // Vocals), Corey Allender (Bass), J.V. Brian Carey (Drums), and Matthew Pierce (Keyboards and Percussion).
Sonic Soulmates: Warren Zevon, Richard Thompson, Jethro Tull, Kyuss, Black Mountain, Bob Seger
Must Hear Tracks:
“The White Bird” – Just what the Tull ordered! Makes me want to protest something!

“The Highwayman” – Their cover of Jimmy Webb’s The Highwayman is a great track, probably the best on the album.

“Song of the Nile” – Mood track with Kyuss overtones!

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