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Band of the Day (9.29.10) Lower Dens

29 Sep

BOD (9.29.10) Lower Dens

Jana Hunter, brings spaced out mid-fi, fuzzed out sounds with Lower Dens. Having worked with Devendra Banhart early in her career, Jana cut her teeth with Phosphorescent and CocoRosie. Lower Dens is the resurfacing of Jana, away since late 2007, and she is the first artist to be featured on Devendra’s label Gnomonsong.

Lower Dens is a foursome that co-habitats in Baltimore, though Jana is originally from Texas. Their sound is reminiscent of early 80’s rock, with clean guitars, fuzzy synth and awesome vocals. I won’t place them in the XX category, but they sure do cross over that sonic sound several times on this album. Jana’s voice is a combination of Mazzy Star, PJ Harvey and the gutteral sounds of Fiona Apple.

“Tea Lights”

DOWNLOAD NOW Lower Dens – “Tea Lights”

Download their DayTrotter Session —> Don’t know DayTrotter? Go there now to get a FREE SESSION. Love the Daytrotter.

Band Members:
Jana Hunter