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Watch It: (7.2.10) KILL THE LIGHTS – “Arctic at Dawn”

2 Jul

Watch it: (7.2.10) KILL THE LIGHTS – Artic At Dawn – Brings the best of 80’s Joy Division guitars whining and wailing with the spacey overdubbed harmonies of Alex and Steph. I love the clean bass line. A really nice display of how this sound will be the big thing. Much love for this band.

Band of the Day: (7.2.10) KILL THE LIGHTS

2 Jul Canada's finest

BOD: (7.2.10) KILL THE LIGHTS – Montreal isn’t just home to the world’s most diverse population or the most successful NHL franchise, it’s home to a sound, a vibe, a feeling that is bigger than one might think. The Arcade Fire have conquered the world, and as they continue to age gracefully, a fresh sound erupts from their hometown. Kill The Lights, is a former three piece band, founded in 2005, who discovered that if they added a few more members…melody, harmonies and complicated overlays will enhance the overall sound.

As the release of Fog Area, and the most recent release, June 8th, 2010 of the session EP Pink Dog, the band is starting to get noticed. They’ve toured, fought, destroyed a few moose and after it all a new band has released. I hope you’ll give them a listen, it’s well worth the 3:00 minutes. Peace.

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