Band of the Day (8.4.10) Land of Talk

4 Aug

Land of Talk is Canadian….pause….pause….from Montreal….pause…pause…they sound like Metric and Sonic Youth…pause…pause…why are you still reading, listen to their tracks below. They’ve been at it since 2006 and yes another kick a$$ Canadian band. Don’t BS yourself into thinking that you have them pegged as a female led rock band. No they have fantastic pop production and a sound that borders on the early days of Garbage. No it’s not the overproduced Butch Vig, it’s the well crafted Butch Vig of Smashing Pumpkins Gish. simply put a female led rock band that has diversity, depth and a soothing lead vocalist in Lizzie Powell. Joseph Yarmush and Andrew Barr beat on the drums and pluck away to bring you another Canadian band worthy of massive US love. They’re on Saddle Creek, so the big US label deal is in place, a new album Cloak and Cipher, hits US stores on 8.24 and it’s now our job to spread their love all across the web. If you love Emily Haines, then please listen to “May You Never” and I think you’ll find Land of Talk your new fave.

Take a listen to two tracks to give you a sense of their attention to detail.
“Swift Coin”

“May You Never”

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2 Responses to “Band of the Day (8.4.10) Land of Talk”

  1. Jess August 5, 2010 at 12:07 PM #

    NewBandDay – Can you please make a Pandora station for us? I want to listen to all of these tracks but don’t want to listen one at a time.


    Your fan,


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    […] metal mayhem then you cruise in for a smooth landing with Erland Oyesque vocals. Wednesday (8.4.10) Land of Talk Metric meets Butch Vig in a back alley in Montreal and they create a record so pure and so clean […]

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