The Week in Review (8.7.10)

8 Aug

10 Tracks/5 Bands/The Week in Review is Here.
I love new music, A week of three LA bands, more Canadians, revivalists, sad stories and an artist that will be massively huge. I’m trying to put all of the tracks into one set so you can listen to them together. Maybe your new favorite band is here? Let me know. Enjoy the music.

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Monday (8.2.10) Lord Huron By far the most eccentric band of the week, month and maybe even year. He’s an LA dude with very little information available. He will be huge and he is one of my favorites. I assure you that you’ll love him.
Tuesday (8.3.10) JOGGER Jogger are Amir Yaghmai and Jonathan Larroquette, from Los Angeles, CA with a sound that is so diverse that at one moment your spacing out to a Ratatat beat, then pulling back your headphones from death metal mayhem then you cruise in for a smooth landing with Erland Oyesque vocals.
Wednesday (8.4.10) Land of Talk Metric meets Butch Vig in a back alley in Montreal and they create a record so pure and so clean that you’ll fall in love instantly. Land of Talk is a seasoned Canadian band and they deserve US love.
Thursday (8.5.10) Fitz & The TantrumsLA based Fitz & The Tantrums are good ‘ol revival rock with an authentic analog sound and vocals that come from the heart.
Friday (8.6.10) Perfume Genius Perfume Genius, Mike Hadreas, is no exception to this rule. He is a Seattle native with a soft, fragile voice backed simply by a piano and lo-fi echoes. His songs stammer in minor chords and reflect on suicide, depression and loss. The amazing thing is that through the gray, you see his ability to spray one ray of sunshine.

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