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THE 3rd Annual HUMMINGBIRDS ARE COMING 12.12.12 ****UPDATED******

4 Dec

The final 12!!!!!
Hummingbird Awards 2012
#12 Rose Elinor Dougall
#11 Fear of Men
#10 The Weeknd
#9 Nude Beach
#8 Class Actress
#7 Johnathon Boulet
#5 Hey Sholay
>#4 Alt-J (∆)
#3 Jessie Ware
#2 Grimes
#1 Toy

Editor Picks Best of 2012: RE’s 2012 Picks
Staff Picks Best of 2012: Arizona Turk’s Incredible List for 2012

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Did you know we predicted James Vincent McMorrow, Other Lives, La Sera and Widowspeak!

No Better Bands Then The One's Who Wear the Hummingbird

No Better Bands Then The One’s Who Wear the Hummingbird


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Did you know we predicted Best Coast, Sleigh Bells, Perfume Genius, Lord Huron & Tennis!

No Better Bands Then The Ones That Wear The Hummingbird

No Better Bands Then The Ones That Wear The Hummingbird


Where will she land? Tell us your favorite 2012 New Band and we will add them to our list!

Bitch is back — Band of the Day (6.20.11) Sun Airway

20 Jun

Sun Airway is to music as beer is to summer...f'n perfect!

Band of the Day (6.20.11)

We’re buried in bands and electronically buried in MP3s. So many tracks, bands and albums to wade through, we really don’t know where to start. Arizona Turk had a mild stroke with our hiatus, but we’re back and the bitch is ready to burst with some tracks and bands that will blow your mind. Let’s begin with our schedule for this week. Starting tomorrow we will be counting down the Top 10 Band of 2011…SO FAR. We’re also celebrating our 1 year anniversary so as a gift to our loyal readers, we’re “Giving You the Bird”…literally, the playlist for download. Let us know your email and the playlist will be in your inbox. Happy listening and thank you for being here for the ride.

Our Band of the Day Today is Sun Airway. If you’ve followed our little blog since 2010, you’ll know we had a little band crush on Lord Huron. Actually we still do…but he’s so big now, we’ve sent him off to the masses for their enjoyment. A happy graduation of sorts. We compared Huron to the layered “Pet Sound” for the Little Mermaidians. That oceanic version of Animal Collective. Well Sun Airway is like being on the ship that sails over Lord Huron’s underwater dream. Click here to hear a little Huron. Sun Airway is the comfortable pun intended blanket of sunshine that envelopes you when you hear great summer tunes. It’s relaxing layered psych pop that makes for a great Saturday afternoon in the heat of summer. I love Sun Airway and they will hopefully get past the hipster union and make a name for themselves. Enjoy the tracks below, because we’re in love…again.

Hometown: Philadelphia-based project
Members: ex-A-Sides Patrick Marsceill and Jon Bathmus
Sonic Soulmates: Lord Huron, Animal Collective, Here We Go Magic (Featured on NBD 3.25.10)
“Waiting On You” – Love the summer sound

“Oh, Naoko” – From their original EP, and as Pet Soundy as you can get. Great track

“Swallowed By The Night” – Here is my description…the soundtrack to a bearded hipster Carnival Cruise line to Ensenada

Band Official Site

Editor Picks Top 10 Gems (Songs) of 2010

31 Dec

The 10 Most Incredible Tracks of 2010

So these are my picks of 2010. We posted the Top 20 Bands of 2010 and gave them The Hummingbird Award, we posted Arizona Turks favorite gems from 2010, now I’m posting my Gems, the songs, the ones that will forever stay on my shelf to admire. You listened to a ton of our tracks from the best new bands, but these were your faves as well. I challenge you to find a year where there were 10 tracks better than this!!! Wow.

10. “Run” – Sweet Bronco

9. “Mouthful of Diamonds” – Phantogram

8. “Carolina” – Girls

7. “Blessa” – Toro Y Moi

6. “Waterfall” –The Fresh & Onlys

5. “All Summer” – Best Coast, Rostam and Kid Cudi

4. “Modern Drift” – Efterklang

3. “Crown on the Ground – Sleigh Bells

2. “The Dreamer” – The Tallest Man on Earth

1. “Heavens on Fire” – The Radio Dept.

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Best New Bands of 2010 Hummingbird Award: #10 Lord Huron

16 Dec

Best New Bands of 2010 Hummingbird Award: #10 Lord Huron

I’ve never been more proud then when I read the year end reviews of Lord Huron. We’ve been spreading the Lord Huron love since the summer. We’ve seen him all over LA and we’re even on his MySpace page as the originals to spread his work. Leading our Top 10 Best/Most Important Bands of 2010, is our favorite hometown crush Lord Huron.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Interesting note: Huron Lake shore, in Presque Isle, Michigan
Sonic Soulmates: Ariel of the Little Mermaid meets Grizzly Bear and they create the best summer soundtrack ever!
Buy the EP: Buy it here.
Tracks of the Year:
“Into the Sun”

Lord Huron – “The Problem With Your Daughter”

Original Band of the Day Post 8.2.10

Follow Lord Huron:
His site

2010 Hummingbird Awards
Hummingbird Award #20: Crocodiles
Hummingbird Award #19: Miniature Tigers
Hummingbird Award #18: Gamble House
Hummingbird Award #17: Tame Impala
Hummingbird Award #16: Paper Crows
Hummingbird Award #15: Perfume Genius
Hummingbird Award #14: The Fresh & Onlys
Hummingbird Award #13: Tennis
Hummingbird Award #12: Memoryhouse
Hummingbird Award #11: Karkwa
Hummingbird Award #10: Lord Huron

The Week in Review (8.7.10)

8 Aug

10 Tracks/5 Bands/The Week in Review is Here.
I love new music, A week of three LA bands, more Canadians, revivalists, sad stories and an artist that will be massively huge. I’m trying to put all of the tracks into one set so you can listen to them together. Maybe your new favorite band is here? Let me know. Enjoy the music.

If you’d like to receive MP3′s from our “Week in Review” via email, please sign-up to receive our email updates. Send me your email address or use the submission box on the right hand side of this page. Thanks for following us and we hope you’ve found your new favorite band.

Monday (8.2.10) Lord Huron By far the most eccentric band of the week, month and maybe even year. He’s an LA dude with very little information available. He will be huge and he is one of my favorites. I assure you that you’ll love him.
Tuesday (8.3.10) JOGGER Jogger are Amir Yaghmai and Jonathan Larroquette, from Los Angeles, CA with a sound that is so diverse that at one moment your spacing out to a Ratatat beat, then pulling back your headphones from death metal mayhem then you cruise in for a smooth landing with Erland Oyesque vocals.
Wednesday (8.4.10) Land of Talk Metric meets Butch Vig in a back alley in Montreal and they create a record so pure and so clean that you’ll fall in love instantly. Land of Talk is a seasoned Canadian band and they deserve US love.
Thursday (8.5.10) Fitz & The TantrumsLA based Fitz & The Tantrums are good ‘ol revival rock with an authentic analog sound and vocals that come from the heart.
Friday (8.6.10) Perfume Genius Perfume Genius, Mike Hadreas, is no exception to this rule. He is a Seattle native with a soft, fragile voice backed simply by a piano and lo-fi echoes. His songs stammer in minor chords and reflect on suicide, depression and loss. The amazing thing is that through the gray, you see his ability to spray one ray of sunshine.

LISTEN to the NBDList NOW!

Follow the bands:
Lord Huron
Land of Talk
Fitz & The Tantrums
Perfume Genius

Band of the Day: (8.2.10) Lord Huron

2 Aug

BOD: (8.2.10) Lord Huron

The sun is out today in Berkeley. I rifled through some new music and found the perfect track… Lord Huron’s “The Problem With Your Daughter”. I seriously can’t get enough of the song. It’s a great blend of layered self harmonies, a simple guitar track, clapping hands and a frickin’ harp. I listened more intently this time, realizing that this one man show has a lot to say. His subtle changes take you on a journey, with a toe-tappin’ beat, moments of airy sound brought home with some clever songwriting. It’s bubbly underwater sounds, could be the soundtrack for the next Wes Anderson film? It’s perfect submarine music.

Lord Huron is a Los Angeles dude, but that’s all I know, I am intrigued because I’ve only heard three tracks and I’m so so so so dying for a full-length album.

Lord Huron is clearly in a space of his own, his sound is unique and alluring. I’ve listened to his 3 song EP about 10 times and I still can’t get enough. It was recorded on Huron Lake shore, in Presque Isle, Michigan.

Buy it here.

Here is one track to get you as hooked as me.
Lord Huron – “The Problem With Your Daughter”

UPDATE: One more track for your listening pleasure “Into The Sun”

Follow Lord Huron:
His site