Band of the Day (9.23.10) Tamaryn

23 Sep

BOD (9.23.10) Tamaryn

Sometimes life does a funny thing. You ask the universe for something and it delivers. I was thinking that I hadn’t heard a band recently that just kicked my ass. A band that changed the way I looked at the day. I also commented a few days ago how the The Fresh & Onlys have officially brought back the SF music scene. Well, now the universe delivered the greatest gift of all. A band that blew me away and they’re from NBD’s homeville, San Francisco. Tamaryn is gazy, airy and most of all, sonically similar to the best album of the 00’s, My Morning Jacket’s At Dawn. Tamaryn met Rex John Shelverton in NYC, they relocated to Rex’s hometown of SF, kicked the goth crap and rooted themselves in a fast forward sound. It’s not as purely brilliant as MMJ’s early work, but it’s damn good. Tamaryn brings her best Mazzy Star and this album, Waves, will be a dominant force for many many years to come. I will even venture to say that Tamaryn could be NBD’s Band of the Year.

“Sandstone” – It’s makes me feel the same as when I heard “Heaven or Las Vegas” by Cocteau Twins

Download —> Tamaryn – “Sandstone”

“Love Fade”

Download —> Tamaryn – “Love Fade”

Made by Rex John Shelverton & Tamaryn

Live Show:
Jonah Buffa: Bass
Matthew Bajda: Drums
Rex: Guitar


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