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Band of the Day (10.6.10) Moon Duo

6 Oct

BOD: (10.6.10) Moon Duo

San Francisco is a hot bed for new music. I’m not kidding, see Tamaryn and The Fresh and Onlys. Don’t believe me, we don’t care, because we’re here and there is a sound forming. Moon Duo is the finest of what SF has to offer. Their a wall of spooky sounds and their wall includes a shoegazey horrorific approach that keeps you listening. Our friends at the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride were looking for new music for this year’s event and we at NBD suggested Moon Duo. Sanae Yamada and Ripley Johnson formed Moon Duo in the City in 2009 and their latest EP is kraut driven and it reminds us of BRMC with a mix of Royal Trux and a dose of Turbonegro.

“Escape” – Surf rock for the night dwellers.

Download – Moon Duo – “Escape”

“Motorcycle, I Love You”

Download – Moon Duo – “Motorcycle, I Love You”
Sanae Yamada
Ripley Johnson


Band of the Day (9.22.10) – The Black Ryder

22 Sep

BOD: (9.22.10) The Black Ryder

When Arizona Turk gets excited, my ears perk up. He sent me some new tracks from Australia’s finest rockers The Black Ryder. Sitting on an airport Wi-Fi to download three songs is absolute torture, but when they finally started playing, eleven minutes and thirty seconds later, I was in. Three tracks that blast you away, but they all sound completely different. XX/XY with a twist, they have a ton of guest artists and they really rock. Some tracks drone a bit, but the diversity is stunning. I love “Grass” because it really has the BRMC vibe due to the Leah Shapiro and Peter Hayes guest appearances. Oh and if you love Brian Jonestown Massacre with a mix of BRMC, then you’ll love the sounds of The Black Ryder. See them live now with The Cult….


“Let It Go”

Band Members:
miss aimee nash
scott von ryper

archi read (rocker)
miss kimi recor (black flamingo)
miss jules ferrari (los sundowners)
ricky maymi (b.j.m)
leah shapiro (b.r.m.c)
peter hayes (b.r.m.c)
rob potts (hell city glamours)
kate wilson (the laurels/the holy soul)
luke o’farrell (the laurels)
adam edwards (ex-wolf + cub)
graham bonnar (swervedriver)
tim powels (the church)

Official Band Site