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Best New Bands of 2013 HUMMINGBIRD AWARD #7: Holograms

24 Dec
Stockholm mates bring social unrest anthems to your Hummingbird ears. PHOTO BY: Juliette Henrioud

Stockholm mates bring social unrest anthems to your Hummingbird ears. PHOTO BY: Juliette Henrioud

Best New Bands of 2013 HUMMINGBIRD AWARD #7: Holograms

It’s Christmas Eve, so we thought it would be appropriate to give you our rock/punk band of 2013. Holograms burst onto the scene in 2012, with their solidly produced self titled effort that reminded us of the Dead Kennedys if they’d had some solid studio time and better musicians. When I hear Holograms, I hear that same anger that we heard from Bono’s Irish unrest that was delivered in the early 80’s with War and Boy. Their moment is now and I feel a few of their tracks have been captured as anthemic molotovs shower unexpected crowd. Their music is an anthem for social unrest and their timing on the scene is perfect!

Founded: 2010
Hometown: Stockholm, Germany
Andreas Lagerström, Anton Strandberg, Anton Spetze, Filip Spetze
Sonic Soulmates™: U2 (the early years), Dead Kennedys, Joy Division (but better), Misfits, Savages
Trackables™: Forever is a classic mid-80’s mod-punk classic
Listen to “Flesh and Bone” & “Lay Us Down”

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Haerts Captured Tracks to purchase Forever on LP Website

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UNCORKED™ – Best New Bands of 2013 (1.22.13) Palma Violets

22 Jan

Are there garages in Lambeth? If so, Palma Violets rocks theirs

Are there garages in Lambeth? If so, Palma Violets rocks theirs

UNCORKED™ – Best New Bands of 2013 (1.22.13) Palma Violets
You readers may have missed the stellar list our contributing music stalker posted back in December. Well it included Palma Violets one of the bands that turned our heads yet again. Just perfect bone crushing punk harmonies. It’s not surprising that these closet garage rockers hail from Lambeth outside of London. Hell we might be too late. NME already crowned them with their song of the year with “Best of Friends” hear below…but we might just catch the jetstream and claim that as something brilliant to keep an eye on! Their debut album 180 hits the street on February 26, 2013!

Founded: 2011
Hometown: Lambeth, London, UK
Members: Sam Fryer (vocals) and Chilli Jesson (guitar), Pete Mayhew (keyboards)
Will Doyle (drums)
Sonic Soulmates™: U2 Boy era, The Libertines?? maybe…Arctic Monkeysesque
Trackables™: “Best of Friends” – It’s catchy and the lead comes off like a combo of Sid and Bono —- Boy era Bono.

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Band of the Day (8.23.11) White Denim

23 Aug

White Denim in Austin, TX is like wearing cowboy boots in LA. Fashion Police...

Band of the Day (8.23.11) White Denim

Two words solidify my love for White Denim, no not Meghan Fox no the two words that leave my mouth every time I hear White Denim…Hummingbird Award. Yeah that’s right, they are that good. Yeah and I don’t really give a hoot that they’ve been playing music since 2006. Five years is enough time for a band to really hit their shit. And I swear their new record D is rock your socks off good. I love the diversity of the 80’s deep bass rock, similar to early U2, and the droniness of 2011 found on “Street Joy” like that of Girls. They get all fuzzy at times like our faves here at NBD, Tame Impala. If that gives you any indication of their sound then why the hell are you reading this post. Listen and follow brother. And by the way, you tell me, but I think this qualifies and I do think I declared that 2011 was the re-birth of rock…..

Hometown: Austin, TX
Members: Josh Block (drums), Steve Terebecki (bass), and James Petralli (guitars, vocals)
Sonic Soulmates™: Did you see that I trademarked it…Tame Impala, Boyish U2, Shabazzzzzz
Trackables™: Trademarked that shiat as well.
“Drugs (PBJ Remix)” – My present to you.

“Street Joy” – Prob the best track from them

Official Site

Best New Bands of 2010 Hummingbird Award: #2 The Pomegranates

28 Dec

It's All Yours Pomegranates, go get the Hummingbird

Best New Bands of 2010 Hummingbird Award: #2 The Pomegranates

Seriously, in November we all thought the #3 best new bands were set. The Pomegranates had a nice single hitting the college radio charts and so we profiled them. Then I spent a few weeks with the new album One Of Us and I was impressed. I spent time with them on my headphones on BART, on my car stereo, on my home stereo. Every time the shuffle pulled up one of their tracks, I stopped to check who it was. It hit me on a trip to Columbus, I listened to “Prouncer” and realized that these guys are worthy of the #1 spot for our Hummingbird Awards. What about The Radio Dept? What about Jim Jones Revue? Well The Pomegranates hit #2 and we’re confident in saying that they are that good. The album is a collection of fuzzy surf sounds, 90’s Brit Rock and early 80’s new wave. They’re Surfer Blood mixed with Blur with a dash of U2 Boy. These guys are GREAT and they are one of the Best New Bands of 2010.

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
Band Members: Joey Cook – Vocals, Guitars/Keyboards, Isaac Karns – Vocals/Guitars/Keyboards, Jacob Merritt – Drums, Daniel Lyon – Vocals/Guitars
Sonic Soulmates: Blur, Oasis, U2, The Radio Dept. and of course Surfer Blood
Tracks of the Year:

“One of Us” – Spacey, shoe-gaze love track. Might be my fave. A little U2 bass line

Daytrotter Session: HERE

Original BOD Post: 11.4.10


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Band of the Day (11.4.10) Pomegranates

4 Nov

BOD (11.4.10) Pomegranates

Fuzzy surf rock is the best description I have for our band of the day, Pomegranates. Cincinnati, Ohio is home to this fab four, not a huge coastal city, so the surf is only because the other self-proclaimed non-surfers Surfer Blood sound very similar to the Poms. The best part of the Poms is that as you dig deeper into their new album One of Us, you start to hear a deep brit-rock influence. Maybe a little Blur, the searing guitar riffs of early Oasis and even a tab bit of Boy U2 bass lines. They remind me a lot of our early 2010 fan fave The Radio Dept. Not as synthy, more guitars but very similar track structure with again…more guitars. Great guitar work on this record. Thank you Arizona Turk and glad to hear the baby is home safe.


“One of Us” – Spacey, shoe-gaze love track. Might be my fave. A little U2 bass line

The boys did another Daytrotter session…haven’t been to Daytrotter yet? Why? Well go now

Joey Cook: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Isaac Karns: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Jacob Merritt: Drums
Daniel Lyon:Vocals, Guitars


Band of the Day (8.20.10) Gauntlet Hair

20 Aug

BOD (8.20.10) Gauntlet Hair

Lafayette, CO is not the original home of South Park, no it’s the official birthplace of your new favorite band Gauntlet Hair. Andy R. and Craig Nice, who began making music together when they were 15, seem to have found a groove and we are so very lucky to be able to hear their success. They have The Pet Sound, but they are so much better than the others who attempt it. They are two guys who make layered guitars sound amazing because they add ummmph. Yeah, they make music with power, not sleeping pills. I think they’ve created a whole new approach to today’s sound. They have more of a New Wave approach then the Animal Collective bunch, which gives them an early U2 Boy sound. At first sound, they really have a sonic similarity to Surfer Blood, but there seems to be more depth and I think you’ll be glad you came to NBD today. I’m so glad I stumbled on these guys, because I think you’ll love em. Give em a whirl down below.

“I Was Thinking” – I’ve read a good load of blogs about GH and it’s alarming how many people love this track. I admit it’s pretty darn good.

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Buy the new EP on Vinyl here