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Best New Bands of 2011 HUMMINGBIRD AWARD: #8 White Denim

13 Dec

"Street Joy" is such a good track, that you'll have to hear their whole collection - White Denim

Best New Band of 2011
#8 Hummingbird Award – White Denim

Yeah we don’t really give a hoot that they’ve been playing music since 2006. A couple of records under the belt and D finally gives them a break-thru moment! The new record D is rock your socks off good. “Street Joy” is 2011’s “Bittersweet Symphony” or something like that. It’s so good, you’ll want to Spotify the bands first record. I just used “Spotify” as a verb. Crap…I was so irritated when I actually had to accept “text” as a verb, now that kid at the 7-11 is gonna say “Dude just Spotify me the song.” White Denim is like our faves here at NBD, Tame Impala. If that gives you any indication of their sound then why the hell are you reading this post, get listening.

Hometown: Austin, TX
Members: Josh Block (drums), Steve Terebecki (bass), and James Petralli (guitars, vocals)
Sonic Soulmates™: Tame Impala, Boyish U2, Shabazzzzzz
“Street Joy” – So so so so so so GOOD!

“Drug (BJorn Remix)”

Click here to listen on your iPhone or iPad
White Denim “Street Joy”
White Denim – “Drug (Bjorn Remix)”


Original Post: Band of the Day 8.23.11

2011 Winners
Hummingbird Award #13: Lana Del Rey
Hummingbird Award #12: WATERS
Hummingbird Award #11: Suuns
Hummingbird Award #10: La Sera
Hummingbird Award #9: Sun Airway

Band of the Day (8.23.11) White Denim

23 Aug

White Denim in Austin, TX is like wearing cowboy boots in LA. Fashion Police...

Band of the Day (8.23.11) White Denim

Two words solidify my love for White Denim, no not Meghan Fox no the two words that leave my mouth every time I hear White Denim…Hummingbird Award. Yeah that’s right, they are that good. Yeah and I don’t really give a hoot that they’ve been playing music since 2006. Five years is enough time for a band to really hit their shit. And I swear their new record D is rock your socks off good. I love the diversity of the 80’s deep bass rock, similar to early U2, and the droniness of 2011 found on “Street Joy” like that of Girls. They get all fuzzy at times like our faves here at NBD, Tame Impala. If that gives you any indication of their sound then why the hell are you reading this post. Listen and follow brother. And by the way, you tell me, but I think this qualifies and I do think I declared that 2011 was the re-birth of rock…..

Hometown: Austin, TX
Members: Josh Block (drums), Steve Terebecki (bass), and James Petralli (guitars, vocals)
Sonic Soulmates™: Did you see that I trademarked it…Tame Impala, Boyish U2, Shabazzzzzz
Trackables™: Trademarked that shiat as well.
“Drugs (PBJ Remix)” – My present to you.

“Street Joy” – Prob the best track from them

Official Site

Band of Day (8.8.11) YOUNG GIRLS

9 Aug

I found this band from a Google search...Young Girls

Band of Day (8.8.11) YOUNG GIRLS

As the Turk told me last night, “Don’t Google search these dudes…” well I did and I got what I expected. Knowing that these Houston lads had a strong single floating around the intertubes in “Mexico In December”, my search was made much easier. The threesome garage rocksters bring happy summer sounds with a 60’s flare and a peaceful warrior approach. I love the echo harmonies, reminds me of KROQ circa 1985 when the first wave literally crashed into the garage punks. Harlem from our 2010 NBD collection is a quick reminder of their sound, but I give the Sonic Soulmate nod to Surfer Blood. Houston isn’t a hotbed for surfers, but I hear that the dudes from Surfer Blood don’t surf either, so here’s to Texas’ surf rock…yeehaw dude!

MEMBERS: Charlie, Luis Carlos, and Pete (SEND ME LAST NAMES PLEASE)
SONIC SOULMATES: Surfer Blood, Cooler than but Vampire Weekend, Fang Island
“Mexico in December”

“Six Pack Back Stab”

Buy it
Book em

Band of the Day 3.7.11 – Slovak Republic

7 Mar

Shoegazer from Houston - As good as they come!

Band of the Day 3.7.11 – Slovak Republic

I’m sitting on a flight to NY on Virgin America with my headphones on listening to a bunch of new bands. Great stuff coming for this week. I’m in a particularly dreamy mood, writing a business plan and thinking about emotional stuff. iTunes was in a weird mood on the flight and my shuffle played three shoegaze tracks in a row. The first two sounded the same, then Slovak Republic played and I couldn’t help but stop working to discover the track. I put the entire album on and I was impressed. Slow moody shoegaze tracks, coupled with melodic self harmonies, then blasted with drums and soft pianos. My favorite track “Alexandria” is amazing. Digging into the band, I see that they recently changed their name from Slovak Girl to Slovak Republic…okay…I am 50% Slovakian so that does help in today’s selection and an extra bonus point for the name change. Derek Lang leads this self produced, unsigned dreamy band. Czech out their two tracks below, then head over to BandCamp to grab the album.

Hometown: Houston, TX
Members: Derek Lang
Sonic Soulmates: Tamryn, Smashing Pumpkins (Without the Corgan whine), Mathemagic
Must hear tracks:
“The Netherlands”


Grab their new album Summer Pills @ BandCamp

Follow Slovak Republic:

Band of the Day 3.2.11 Mind Spiders

2 Mar

Fort Worth Boys do it right - Mind Spiders

Band of the Day 3.2.11 Mind Spiders

Collective XX/XY melodies coupled with heavy guitar conjure up Edward Sharpe and Magnetic Zeros, but it’s primarily that resurgence of Garage punk that keeps us interested. We told you it’s the year of rock and we’re not letting up. Arizona won’t stop so why should I! It’s that folky garage rock sound that will help Mind Spiders rise to the top. These boys from Fort Worth, Texas are SXSW faves and they easily draw the comparisons of the late Jay Reatard and they’re on Dirtnap Records. These Garage rockers are so good and they’re new record is good, good, good. Hear three of our faves below:

Buy the self-titled album from Mind Spiders – Mind Spiders on vinyl now
Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
Members: Mark Ryan, Mike Throneberry, Stephen Svacina, Gregory Rutherford, Daniel Fried
Sonic Soulmates: Jay Reatard, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Dead Ghosts
Must Hear Tracks:
“Don’t Let Her Go” –

“No Romance”

“Going Away Tonite” – By far the track that will take them to the top!


Band of the Day (1.21.11) Black Pistol Fire

21 Jan

Rock is back and it's under the name of Black Pistol Fire

Band of the Day (1.21.11) Black Pistol Fire

Ahhh yeah, two rock bands in one week. Maybe just maybe we’re onto something. Rock music is dead and it’s time for a revival. Jack White tried, Tame Impala was lead dog in 2010, but I think this might be the year. I read that the only rock band to even have a Top 10 Hot 100 Billboard track f’n TRAIN. Just garbage. What happened to our rock bands? Well 2011 is Rock Heaven. The Austin, TX via Toronto, CN duo of Black Pistol Fire, rock just as hard as Meg and Jack. Black Pistol Fire features Kevin McKeown on Guitar/Lead Vocals and Eric Owen on Drums. Kindergarten bros have been crushing it for two decades. They’ve got the chops, the guitar riffs, the country swagger and the blistering drum beats to make this summer one to remember. I love these dudes and I hope this is a 2011 trend. It’s time for the GODS of ROCK to rise from the ashes and let Black Pistol Fire be your first.

Hometown: Austin, TX via Toronto, CN
Members: Black Pistol Fire features Kevin McKeown on Guitar/Lead Vocals and Eric Owen on Drums.
Sonic Soulmates: Kings of Leon, The Black Keys, Creedence Clearwater, The White Stripes
Must Hear Tracks:
“Your Not the Only One” – We’ll let the typo slide…because this is the best ROCK SONG OF THE YEAR! Kings of Leonesque.

“Sort Me Out” – These dudes can do the blues similar to The Black Keys.


Band of the Day (1.20.11) Boy Friend

20 Jan

Austin, TX thank you for delivering our new fave Boy Friend

Band of the Day (1.20.11) Boy Friend

I think we’ve mentioned before that this is the year that female leads will dominate. Another XX/XX duo. We’ve already profiled 5 this year and Boy Friend might be the front runner. Their space age, chill wave is very 2010, but it’s the moments when Moon Safari takes over and the
chill turns into a nice groove. Really love the new EP and I appreciate how deep the Arizona Turk had to dig to find this Gem of a band. The vocals of Christa Palazzolo and Sarah Brown (formerly of Sleep∞Over). Playing together since tweenage-years has led the two ladies to this current project, started in December of 2010. New album is coming this year. It’s the track “Spirit Burner” that is the clincher…

Vitals: Hometown: Austin, TX
Members: Christa Palazzolo and Sarah Brown (formerly of Sleep∞Over)
Sonic Soulmates: Air, Sleep∞Over, Beach House, Cocteau’s Elizabeth Frazer
Must Hear Tracks:
“Spirit Burner” – Just a beautiful track. WOW!

“The False Cross” – I remember early Siouxsie Sioux and I think the ladies of Boy Friend do too.

Buy the new EP on BandCamp:

Band of the Day (9.20.10) Sweet Tea

20 Sep

BOD (9.20.10) Sweet Tea

Ahhh what Austin City Limits brings it takes away. Sweet Tea debuted back in June of 2009 on ACL and it’s been over a year since we’ve heard from them. Friends Alex Maas (Black Angels) and Erika Wennerstrom (Heartless Bastards recorded their amazing takes on classic country. A single released earlier this year from Fat Possum included the first single, the studio version of “If I Were A Carpenter,” and the Ray Price classic “Crazy Arms.” Oh Heartless Bastards, please hand Erika back to our good man Alex so we can get an album from these two….PLEASE….listen to the single below and download “If I Were A Carpenter”

Alex Maas – Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
Erika Wennerstrom – Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Jesse Ebaugh – Bass, Pedal Steel
Dave Colvin – Drums

“If I Were a Carpenter” – In their best classic June and Johnny Cash duet form…

Download —> Sweet Tea – “If I Were A Carpenter”


WATCH IT: (7.14.10) HARLEM – Official Video for “Someday Soon”

14 Jul

WATCH IT: (7.14.10) HARLEM – Official Video for “Someday Soon”

Thought I’d add some visuals to the BOD.

HEAR IT: (7.14.10) HARLEM – “Someday Soon” & ” Friendly Ghost” & “Caroline”

14 Jul

HEAR IT: (7.14.10) HARLEM – “Someday Soon”

The Pixies, maybe, I just like the feeling I get when I hear this track. Just spend 2 minutes with it and you’ll be begging to hear it again. Quick drum beats and spectacular hooks.

A tribute to Casper the Friendly Ghost….seriously, just a fun f’n track. “I want to disappear all the time…” we all do.

“Caroline” comes from the Free Drugs 🙂 record. Gives you the sense that were still good before they signed the big Matador deal. 1:50 good…

Just try not to love this band. It’s impossible. Even liking the band…nope, you’ll love em. Trust your friend and give em a try.


Band of the Day: (7.14.10) HARLEM

14 Jul AZ, TX Harlem boys done good

BOD: (7.14.10) HARLEM

Today is a big birthday day for me. My music inspiration turns 30 something and I am in a fantastically ecstatic mood. I wanted to introduce you to happy, kick you in the ass, get out of the house, celebrate summer music…sooooooo it’s Harlem. Just hearing this Austin trio scream and wail…”Whatever happened to me making you happy…” from one co-dependent to another, that’s not a healthy relationship, but I hear it another way…BE F’N HAPPY, go outside and enjoy yourself, don’t kill my happiness. If that’s not the perfect track for my beloved birthday girl, then I don’t know what is. She might be the happiest person on Earth so don’t kill her with your negative garbage…just be happy. This band is for her and you to enjoy. This might just be your next favorite band.

“Someday Soon”
“Friendly Ghost”

“Someday Soon”

Follow these Austin Boys on:


Download the new album Hippies NOW!!!