Band of the Day (1.20.11) Boy Friend

20 Jan

Austin, TX thank you for delivering our new fave Boy Friend

Band of the Day (1.20.11) Boy Friend

I think we’ve mentioned before that this is the year that female leads will dominate. Another XX/XX duo. We’ve already profiled 5 this year and Boy Friend might be the front runner. Their space age, chill wave is very 2010, but it’s the moments when Moon Safari takes over and the
chill turns into a nice groove. Really love the new EP and I appreciate how deep the Arizona Turk had to dig to find this Gem of a band. The vocals of Christa Palazzolo and Sarah Brown (formerly of Sleep∞Over). Playing together since tweenage-years has led the two ladies to this current project, started in December of 2010. New album is coming this year. It’s the track “Spirit Burner” that is the clincher…

Vitals: Hometown: Austin, TX
Members: Christa Palazzolo and Sarah Brown (formerly of Sleep∞Over)
Sonic Soulmates: Air, Sleep∞Over, Beach House, Cocteau’s Elizabeth Frazer
Must Hear Tracks:
“Spirit Burner” – Just a beautiful track. WOW!

“The False Cross” – I remember early Siouxsie Sioux and I think the ladies of Boy Friend do too.

Buy the new EP on BandCamp:

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