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UNCORKED™ – Best New Bands of 2012 (5.14.12) Kids on a Crime Spree

14 May

Why we love you? Because you’re just like us, from the East Bay and all full of fuzz. Kids on a Crime Spree

UNCORKED™ – Best New Bands of 2012 (5.14.12) Kids on a Crime Spree

There was a time when new bands were pouring out of our pockets. It’s that the bands dried up, it’s just that good ones have. We’re like fine wines here at NBD, we like to chill with our music in oak barrels and enjoy the finer parts, not just post a band for the sake of posting. Too many shitty blogs create expectations that force them to feature bands they don’t love. Well screw them, we love our NewBandDayians! They are lovely and they are starting to get noticed. We’ve enjoyed our East Bay brothers and one sister for some time now. I think it was May of 2011 that we first heard “I Don’t Want to Call You Baby, Baby” and we’ve begged for more shows, more songs and more love from them. We’re finally sharing our secret stash of bands…here you go.
Hometown: Oaklandish, CA
Mario Hernandez
Bill Evans
Becky Barron
Sonic Soulmates™: Girls Names,
“Dead Ripe” Do you like the Play Button from Spotify??? Please tell us

“I Don’t Want to Call You Baby, Baby”

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Best New Bands of 2011 HUMMINGBIRD AWARD: #4 EMA

20 Dec

California dreaming with post punk love music from Oakland, CA's EMA

Best New Band of 2011
#4 Hummingbird Award – EMA

I had a very hard time choosing this spot. There are about 10 bands that deserve to be in our Top 10 Best New Artists of 2011, but truly, we can’t fit them all. The Hummingbird Award is special. It’s for those bands that make a dent in the universe. Do something extraordinary…create a stellar record, great series of singles, great live artist, whatever it is, the artist needs to make an impression, much the like the loveliest bird on Earth, the Hummingbird. EMA made her mark early in the year. She’s a little bit country, a whole lot of 80’s industrial goth and a layering of folky noise that will make you regret falling in love with her. I think she’s the type of woman that just makes you feel regret, but addiction at the same time. You know what I’m talking about. We just adore EMA here at NBD, and by the way, I’m writing this on BART as I pass by her exit here at West Oakland, so take that EMA.

Hometown: West Oakland … originally from South Dakota
Members: Erika M. Anderson, Nicole Anderson, Nicky Mao, Leif Shackelford
Sonic Soulmates™: Zola Genius, Sleigh Bells, Early Hole
“The Grey Ship”

“Milkman” – My favorite track by her!

Click here to listen on your iPhone or iPad
EMA – “The Grey Ship”


Original Post: Band of the Day 5.4.11

2011 Winners
Hummingbird Award #13: Lana Del Rey
Hummingbird Award #12: WATERS
Hummingbird Award #11: Suuns
Hummingbird Award #10: La Sera
Hummingbird Award #9: Sun Airway
Hummingbird Award #8: White Denim
Hummingbird Award #7: Dirty Beaches
Hummingbird Award #6: Widowspeak
Hummingbird Award #5: Charles Bradley

Band of the Day (5.4.11) – EMA

4 May

90's dirty basement rock, Sleigh Bells vocals and a new record...GOOD STUFF!

Band of the Day (5.4.11) – EMA
EMA – Erika M. Anderson, former lead of the California noise-folk band Gowns, a band she led with her BF, brings a celebratory record. She was the darling of SXSW this year and she is the darling of our eyes. By the way it’s been over 20 years so it’s safe to use Nirvana chords without being ridiculed, but now it’s cool. She cleverly creates self harmonies, layered with those 90’s rock riffs, piano notes and snare drums. She makes me feel so dirty with “Milkman”, but soothes me and clears my guilt with “Breakfast”

It’s cool shiat and I think you’ll find her busting through on 2011 best of lists.

Hometown: West Oakland … originally from South Dakota
Members: Erika M. Anderson, Nicole Anderson, Nicky Mao, Leif Shackelford
Sonic Soulmates™: Zola Genius, Sleigh Bells, Early Hole
“Grey Ship”

EMA Official

Band of the Day – 2.15.11 Howlin Rain

15 Feb

It is Howlin Rain and you will be too when you hear the new EP

Band of the Day – 2.15.11 Howlin Rain

The rules are the rules, but sometimes you have to break them. Our tradition is to focus on bands that are near the beginning. A record or two at the most, but we can’t deny one of our faves Howlin Rain the glory of Band of the Day. Howlin Rain is a native San Francisco band, formed in 2004, released two LPs and now…a glorious EP. It’s brilliant and it’s time they hit the road and got their just due. We’ve been fans for years and we’re so glad to share them with you. The first time I heard them I thought I sent back to 1968 listening to Radio Luxembourg or DJ John Peel. That underground culture was fueled by zines like IT (International Times) and OZ magazine. It’s not too different than today. The market has been disrupted and the bloggers are fueling today’s music revolution. There are so many new bands and the good ones need your love. Listen to Howlin Rain.

Hometown: Formed in Oakland, CA
Ethan Miller – Vocals, Guitar
Joel Robinow – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Cyrus Comiskey – Bass
Raj Ojha – Drums
Sonic Soulmates: Rod Stewart, Faces, Dead Meadow, Dungen, Traffic, Cream

Must Hear Tracks
“Burning The Midnight Lamp” – Rod Stewart 70’s wailing coupled with psychedelic guitar

“Hung Out in The Rain” – Just a perfect 70’s style love tune. Might be their best track.

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Band of the Day (2.11.11) Love Axe

11 Feb

Bi-Coastal Buddies create a long distance indie folk anthem - Love Axe

Band of the Day (2.11.11) Love Axe

After years of playing in multiple bands, Chris Hatfield and Heath Johnson collaborated on this years folk anthem album of the month, maybe year. Love Axe feels like a passion project that took years to create and after reading their bio, it’s very true. Chris Hatfield lives in Oakland and Heath Johnson in Charleston, SC. They met back in 2000, formed a band named Army/Navy, broke up, moved to opposite coasts, but kept creating. They wrote the album over several years, finally meeting in SF to record. Phenomenomenons’ is that record they created and it’s part Jack Johnson, part Jayhawks, part indie folk. The album is anthemic with explosive folk codas. The songs drag a little, a few lag over 6:00, but they’re not repetitive, good diverse sound that pulls in electric guitars just at the right time.

Hometown: Oakland, CA USA (WOOHOO) & Charleston, SC, USA
Members: Keyboards, Bass, Vocals – Chris Hatfield & Drums – Heath Johnson
Sonic Soulmates: Jack Johnson, Bad Books, The Monday Mornings
Must Hear Tracks:
“Don’t You Ever Change”

“Hundreds of Knives”

Buy Phenomenomenons: Name your Price on BandCamp

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Band of the Day (11.15.10) MNDR

15 Nov Photo by Bek Andersen

BOD (11.15.10) MNDR

So the holiday is over and life has changed for New.Band.Day. A new XX/XY duo was officially wed in Kansas and life has never been better. So with that we celebrate another fantastic XX/XY duo MNDR, pronounced Mander. Forming in 2009, Amanda Warner and Peter Wade have two EPs under their belt and hopefully a full length on the way. Warner is a fellow Bay Area resident, having moved to NY to get her music career on the right trajectory. Hey we might be the only MUSIC BLOG based in Berkeley, but we know where bands break.

They’ve toured with Yacht and Deerhoof and now with Chromeo. With a resume like that, you’d think MNDR would have a gigantic following or at least a full length. Never-the-less, MNDR’s Warner sounds like Berlin backed with the most minimalistic of electro-clash sounds. She may sound like Santigold, she has a trajectory not supported by MIA, but rather Mark Ronson and the entire Bay Area and New York. We love the sound and we want MNDR to be your new favorite band.

“I Go Away”

Download –> MNDR – “I Go Away”

“Fade to Black”

MNDR site Grab a free MP3 here too